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  1. TheOnlyPhantom added a post in a topic Orwen Warrior seeking Semi to Hardcore PVX   

    Bump :3
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  2. TheOnlyPhantom added a post in a topic Thinking about cancelling my Pre-Order   

    I think I'll keep my packages and see where the cash shop goes. I want to love this game soooo  much. I mean look at how much feedback I got from this one post. Most of it was good and constructive too. None of us are here to hate this game lol. We want it that is unrealistic. I just hope that they will bend on the prices. Again, I'm not asking for 15 Dollar costumes or 10 cent dye packs. but even a 20% decrease in prices would still land the cash shop prices higher than in most games and that would be fine with me. 
    Thanks for your feedback TNinja :3
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  3. TheOnlyPhantom added a post in a topic Thinking about cancelling my Pre-Order   

    I heard that there is cash shop armor that hides your player name and makes you more difficult to detect in pvp. Is that true?
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  4. TheOnlyPhantom added a post in a topic Thinking about cancelling my Pre-Order   

    I wouldn't be cancelling because of the costumes. It's the cash shop current state in general. After talking with some of you all though, I am beginning to think it would be better to keep my purchases and just see what will happen. Who knows they may lower some of the prices. And if not, I just have to change my playing habits for this game. Nothing is perfect after all.
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  5. TheOnlyPhantom added a post in a topic Thinking about cancelling my Pre-Order   

    When did I say it was P2W? O-o
    "It's NOT quite P2W but it certainly isn't fair to your audience that doesn't have 96 USD to shell out on top of the 30-100 USD that they already paid you."
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  6. TheOnlyPhantom added a post in a topic Thinking about cancelling my Pre-Order   

    Kay. Not liking your speech now. I wasn't using it as an excuse. I can afford to buy this game. But any parent (good parent) wants to give to their kids before themselves. That's why I said I couldn't justify it.  Understand that and don't make assumptions about someone you don't know. Kthx
    That is a good response and idea. Maybe I will wait to see what happens and then do as you've suggested if nothing does. Thanks :3
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  7. TheOnlyPhantom added a post in a topic Thinking about cancelling my Pre-Order   

    I have no problem with the cost of the pre-order packages. The problem starts after that.
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  8. TheOnlyPhantom added a post in a topic Thinking about cancelling my Pre-Order   

    I would say that possibility is valid, if not only for other games that are larger and require more upkeep and have been running for years.
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  9. TheOnlyPhantom added a topic in Suggestions   

    Thinking about cancelling my Pre-Order
    I purchased 3 preorder packages for myself, my wife, and a friend to play this game. (Explorer's packages.) I am 99% sure that I'm about to cancel all of those purchases. I purchased them before CBT2 and I have been busy with work so I haven't had the time to play in CBT2 but I'm glad now that I didn't. I play a LOT of F2P games, and I'm used to having a cash shop with P2W items and $25 Costumes to look pretty in. I have never played a B2P MMO. I have a lot of friends that do, and I know a fair amount about B2P MMOs. I loved the Idea of this game so much that I broke that trend and was not only willing to pay for the game, but I even decided not to buy the cheapest package so that I could support the Dev Team. 
    I missed the Beta so I figured that I'd just look up how it went and what people thought. OMG Those Cash Shop Prices.... $32!!! Are you kidding! I just spent $150 Dollars to get 2 more people to play this game. $32 is more than the game costs! I come from F2P Games. There is little to no reason that I should be spending 1.5x the cost of vanity items on F2P Games when I payed $50 Dollars for this game. I'm not saying that the items should be dirt cheap but 32 dollars is too much. I would be fine with 20-22 Dollars. I understand that the game needs funds to stabilize after initial purchases so that content can be continually added. 
    I feel like I'm being ripped off. Mostly because the prices were hidden until after you void your 14 day return period. That's kind of.....scummy... Like something a loan shark or illegal retailer would do....It is really ruining the purity of being a part of this world for the first time, for me. If it means not ruining that...I will return my purchases and not play until I don't think it is a problem any longer. And if that never changes, I'm not sure what I'll do...They implied that the pricing for the cash shop would be different. While it is true that the items themselves are less expensive than they are on the KR servers. You can't adjust a price in comparison to the price in another currency and economy. Economics do not work that way. You are not selling this product in KR...You are selling it in NA/EU, and your top competitors in this market are what you should be adjusting to. 60 USD on KR to 32 USD on NA is not a price drop. I've never been a part of the KR Market. I don't live in KR. I don't make money in KR. I'm not involved with KR at all. These are some of the Highest prices I have seen in an MMO. And what's worse, is that some items have perks that will give a player benefits over others. It's not quite P2W but it certainly isn't fair to your audience that doesn't have 96 USD to shell out on top of the 30-100 USD that they already paid you. Everyone should have access to these items if you're going to give them perks. Vanity Items are one thing, but now you're making it so that the 14 year old who loves this game and fought to convince his mom to give him 30-100 Dollars for a game that she doesn't approve of him playing, can't play on equal grounds. 
    TL;DR: Is anyone else feeling swindled? Like this is just a money grab disguised as a heartfelt project? Like you're being forced to pay more money than you should if you want to enjoy the game to its fullest? I just can't justify or even imagine spending 150+ USD on a video game(when I have kids and bills to take care of.), JUST to be on equal footing as anyone else. By then, I won't want the unnecessary items that make the game more enjoyable.
    I am not trashing the Dev Team, I am not saying that they are crooks. The way they are making me or others feel may have truly been unintentional. After all, they have children and bills to take care of as well. The point is that we need to find a balance where we can both do that and enjoy this beautiful game as a collective.
    No children or animals were harmed in the filming of this topic. 
    EDIT: After Consulting the community I have decided to keep my purchases and see what the game becomes. I will cut my losses and enjoy the game as much as possible if the cash shop is not adjusted and only buy what I think is necessary. If that means I only enjoy it for 3-6 months so be it. I may end up not even being bothered by it.  Thanks for all the feedback guys and gals. You all (Most of you) have been very helpful and I appreciate your responses. I Look forward to playing with you.
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