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  1. Xaqq added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    Considering what ranger was the literal first 3/4s of this game's existence in NA, I think u guys deserve some sit down time.
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  2. Xaqq added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    Simple, because graphics and game engine capabilities. If we were to just evaluate bdo simply just on polish in terms of world design, detail, and combat system (not gameplay itself), bdo has a lot of potential to offer, so much so that it sometimes eclipses it's endless gameplay flaws. I always think if bdo had better gameplay it could have been the mmo of the decade but alas, it went typical grind route.
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  3. Xaqq added a post in a topic I really want to get back into BDO, but...   

    Lmao just play bdo on and off, don't make ur "aim" to be "competitive" in an MMO. It just doesn't make sense to have your enjoyment in MMO's solely rely on the fact that you're "competitive" and "top in the server". Trying to be competitive in an mmo is like trying to go hardcore mlg on an RPG. 
    Just play at your own pace and make bdo a side game. Your main game if You ever want to be competitive should be in games that have an esports community where skill and talent is the currency. Try playing for honor or something, maybe that will take u off the mmo grinding edge.
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  4. Xaqq added a post in a topic How long until people realize the DP "buff" is actually a buff for Wizards/Witch/DK   

    ye people on the kr server are really hyped about this rn. If only bdo pvp felt more like For Honor pvp... hmmmm....
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  5. Xaqq added a post in a topic Prepare yourselves for the meta shift and choose wisely   

    well i was expecting a thread on how DP is actually gonna be viable with the new shift in stat balancing, seems like this turned into another shitpost.
    What should have been said here is how now they're shifting towards a more stable gameplay style that's less based on who gets first cc/hit and rather who plays consistently better than the other player, enough so that you land on average more successful CC and hits to win rather than a flip of a coin everyone glass cannon-ing like retards.
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  6. Xaqq added a post in a topic 2nd Awakening & New Class Confirmed   

    yep, I kept saying that they were planning to buff pre awakening substantially along with DP. The devs has been saying this all along that they were not happy with the 1 combo insta-kill mechanics of the current meta and strongly felt like pre-awakenings were becoming irrelevant especially on warrior. I've been telling people this for the longest time cuz the KR server knew this for ages but kids on NA prefer the current meta so they desperately tried to deny the truth in it.
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  7. Xaqq added a post in a topic Striker Teaser Trailer (New class)   

    if you wanna visit china's best place that is away from any form of pollution and still has it's actual ethnic minorities intact, you HAVE to visit Yunnan, it's warm 70 degree weather all year round (except on the mountains). Basically you'll land in Kunming (nick named the spring city cuz of teh perfect weather all year round) and from there you can head towards all the tourist sites all the way to the legendary shangri La and the old preserved ancient chinese villages that are still preserved well today and have people living in them like LiJiang: 
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  8. Xaqq added a post in a topic Striker Teaser Trailer (New class)   

    as an asian mix from several asian countries and having lived in china for years, let me break it to ya, japanese manga is like prevalent in all asian culture on a surface level so yes they are influenced by it if you're still wondering. and because the concept artists are the ones who make these characters, you can be sure they will 100% bring japanese manga influences into their work. "manga" and "anime" arent even a "thing" in many asian countries, its jsut a style everyone in asia Draws in. In america it's a novelty, in china/korea/other east asian countreis, even memes are in anime style.
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  9. Xaqq added a post in a topic Striker Teaser Trailer (New class)   

    if it's a ball of light its a hadouken, but if it's a beam..... oh boi, we got some next level shit. Dat kamehameha doe.
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  10. Xaqq added a post in a topic 2nd Awakening & New Class Confirmed   

    i love how brutal this class moves are. and then there is this legendary move:

    Well the translation here this time is pretty damn direct and clear.
    I know a shitton of people on other servers, especially ex-warrior mains (before warrior turned into its 1-button GS shitshow) is super hyped about playing warrior the real way it's meant to be played again.
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  11. Xaqq added a post in a topic NA & KR Stream Schedule **OFFICIAL** (ENG)   


    we haven't turned into Tera Online yet!
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  12. Xaqq added a post in a topic kamasilve part II + Monk class will be reveal on the 8th   

    I swear I'll flip the shit if it's female, people on other servers are also worried it might end up being a female class again.
    the last thing that bdo wants to do is end up being another Tera online.
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  13. Xaqq added a post in a topic Latest PvP change in kr   

    lmao i called it. no one believed it at the time, I knew the devs were looking into increasing DP stat usefulness (cuz they actually explicitly stated the concern) ever since they released awakenings on kr. None of the devs like the 1 shot/1 combo mechanics the game has been driven into. 
    nice changes, too bad its only on the private server atm. But it'll definitely be nice to see extremely long drawn out battles that require a complete domination to actually get a kill.
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  14. Xaqq added a post in a topic Calpheon is based on an Italian City named Assisi   

    well this statement is still relatively debatable. For a game like BDO, research is required since it is a game stooped in a certain level of realism. But in the end good design can be dictated in terms of purely stylistic and aesthetic values, or pure practicality/plausibility values. This in the end comes down to what kind of game or movie you are making. (it all depends on whether it is realistic, cartoony, or stylized. Genre is a huge deciding factor) 

    here's an in depth break down if you're interested:
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  15. Xaqq added a post in a topic Calpheon is based on an Italian City named Assisi   

    well the architecture is 100% Mediterranean/Italian. Ancient Roman architecture is nothing like what you see in calpheon, ancient roman takes from Ancient Greece in terms of architecure with the big pillars and such.
    calpheon is absolutely not Roman in any way except maybe character personalities at best. Architecture is all high Renaissance Italian. Read above post.
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