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  1. Xaqq added a topic in General   

    "new awakening" rumors from the taiwanese server
    I've been playing mostly on other servers aside from NA recently and interestingly, on my time in the Taiwanese server there has been response from the publishers/devs there that they are not happy with the current balance of the game and are willing to change it.

    They are trying to bring a "new awakening system" to some classes by revamping pre-awakening skills and making them relevant again on certain classes.

    This in my opinion is so very much needed and appreciated, cuz let's be honest here, awakening skills on most classes are complete faceroll easy 1-button shit that only retards would actually enjoy. All the awakening skills seemed to basically do a 180 on the original intent of the "action combat" system which was make combat feel more skill based, but with how stiff and inflexible the awakening skills are, it's just 100% gear based now. 
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  2. Xaqq added a post in a topic Witch/wizard awakening is way too OP. Nerf or tuning needed.   

    it doesnt need to be nerfed. just need deeper mechanics. half teh classes in this game turned to shit after awakening. but then again, this is a game where you have retarded "cc immunity" stats and a thing called "accuracy" and "evasion", which basically throws all shit out the window anyways.
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  3. Xaqq added a post in a topic Best MMO of 2016 (Vote)   

    ESO does have a shitton more meaningful legit quest content that's AAA single player game worthy compared to BDO. BDO just has grind and better visuals, that's it.

    Playing ESO for the first time this year made me rethink how MMO's should be made, it's the first time that i felt like there was s hitton to do besides getting to level cap, and the actual questing itself was fun and in fact I felt like i didnt want to even level up/i wanted to level up even slower cuz of the things you could do.
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  4. Xaqq added a post in a topic Warrior Class Survey   

    Dayuummm u triggurrred. following me through every thread. Is it cuz i called you a weeb ;).
    No one ever streams bdo cuz no one watches that shit. Nice try though. I do invite you to a dota match if u'd like :D. Or maybe starcraft if you prefer?
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  5. Xaqq added a post in a topic Warrior Class Survey   

    i assume we're talking about 1v1s.

    Otherwise how are u measuring difficulty by class when ur fighting against parties of multiple people in owpvp.
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  6. Xaqq added a post in a topic Warrior Class Survey   

    medium difficulty:

    easy as ----- difficulty:
    every other class.

    the end.
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  7. Xaqq added a post in a topic Warriors are op   

    warrior is an easy as ----- class, yes. But all these salty weebs are too scared to admit it hahahaha.
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  8. Xaqq added a post in a topic PSA awakened block super armor   

    i do play valk. except ninja is much more rewarding.

    LOL and look at all these salty comments above coming from a -----ing weeaboo. When they can't admit their class is easy now they try bringing in personal insults hahahaha. Ya'll grind cuz u can't actually play a skill based game. Did you little boys get rekt in starcraft and then come here to pretend you're good at games or something?

    I'll share my discord if anyone wants to Dota, starcraft, or play some Quake where things are actually 100% skill based and we'll see how any of these Warrior bandwagoning gear hards do.
    it's cuz i have a life btw.

    No one outside of bdo will care about how well you grind or how good your gear is. If you're serious about gaming and want BDO to become serious then you'd not even equate gear with effort.

    BDO is a game, not a -----ing job. get over it.

    But if you insist that BDO is just an MMORPG. then you should probably throw skill out of any conversation ever again. So the next time you beat someone in your mind it should just be: "yep my gear won that match". 
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  9. Xaqq added a post in a topic PSA awakened block super armor   


    Ive been playing more and more ninja lately. it brings me back to the old pre awakening days, but nothing beats that deep thrust shield charge grapple groundsmash chopping kick SS SS chopping kick SS SS combo. Those were the good days.
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  10. Xaqq added a post in a topic PSA awakened block super armor   

    do u enjoy playing gs? do u honestly think GS is actually more "fun" than SS was. Just answer that for me and you'll understand where i'm coming from.

    there used to be fame, glory, and respect for playing warrior. Now, no one gives a shit and we're treated like shit. 
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  11. Xaqq added a post in a topic PSA awakened block super armor   

    lmao u do realize i play on kr now right?

    say it to those kids. CUz i know more people who actually care less about their gear than people here cuz u guys just grind mindlessly wihtout knowing what getting gud means.

    anyways: gitgud>

    oh and PS: we have much more meaningful discussions there about balance than we do here. If u think GS is not the crux of the issue with warrior here then we can end this convo here and now.
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  12. Xaqq added a post in a topic PSA awakened block super armor   

    the sign of a low skill cap class. It's like pre awakening Ranger all over again.

    ----- u daum for ruining this -----ing class.

    I want complicated mechanics that takes shitton of effort, research, experimentation, and skill to pull off so we can mend those "gaps" u mentioned, but the -----ing GS mechanics are complete shit compared to all the secret hidden mechanics warrior had back in pre awakening.
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  13. Xaqq added a post in a topic PSA awakened block super armor   

    heh. i actually like this. Maybe finally noobs will gtfo of my class and end this bandwagon era of warriors.

    over 90% of the warriors have no idea how to make full use of their class nowadays and instead spam chase when there are more effective ways of mobility. (ahemm S&S ahemm)
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  14. Xaqq added a post in a topic They can't nerf warrior.   

    No one who cares about being skilled takes OWPVP of any sort seriously.

    I only care about how well u can prove yourself in the most controlled types of pvp where it's only u urself and ur skill. But of course here it's also ur gear but let's ignore that.

    And let's be honest here, gs skills are boring as ----- and repetitive as -----. It didnt have that kind of creative level of gameplay that SS had. It just allows noobs wtih gear think they're good at the game when in reality its been spoonfed to them. I've been hating the direction that Daum has been taking this game since they released the awakenings. They seem to prefer people to grind over having people spend time learning their class mechanics. Not to mention the direction they're taking the gear grind which seems to be leaning towards HUMONGOUS dmg over long skill based matches where no one can die in 1 cc.

    The power creep is real. The water downing of mechanics is real.
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  15. Xaqq added a post in a topic They can't nerf warrior.   

    First of all- I main warrior.
    And, NO warrior needs to be nerfed. GS needs to be nerfed to the ground so the bandwagonners can either learn how to play the harder part of the class (sword and board) or gtfo. I see too many kids who think they dont need to learn how to use S&S cuz they got the gear to never use it. It's tremondously stupid.

    All the devs need to do is up the dmg on a few SS skills and maybe add a frontal block/Super armor on a few of the skills and we're ready to get back into it, this time with the real shit: Sword and shield. Cuz let's be honest here- no one gives a shit if u win with GS. it's not impressive and the skill cap is -----ing low as hell compared to what SS had. 

    We need to go back to the days where warrior was a class for the mechanically elite. For those who are willing to put in the time and effort to gitgud. Cuz right now It's a -----ing 1 button class with an ult that's so ridiculous u can even "accidentally" kill with it.
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  16. Xaqq added a post in a topic The Philosophy of BDO   

    cuz i dont play or participate in the grind. Maybe you should try it sometime.
    U talk about this as if it's your life or your job to play bdo. Most people have other more important things to do than do "work" in a goddamn video game.
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  17. Xaqq added a post in a topic The Philosophy of BDO   

    man. u obviously have not played an actual good game ur entire life.

    I can respect the idea of the journey over the destination,
    but If u call this "journey" fun. plz. think again.
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  18. Xaqq added a post in a topic DID the server location change?   

    server still in cali. Can confirm cuz i play from, NYC and LA.

    (LA perfect connection, NYC shit connection, both verizon fios)

    LA connection is like being 50 ap stronger
    NYC connection is likely suddenly -3 attack speed/cast speed/movement speed/animation cancel speed AND -50% accuracy.

     Fact is: the closer u are to the server, the easier you have it, people underestimate this constantly. I'd even dare say that connection gives u a bigger advantage than gear/level.

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  19. Xaqq added a post in a topic Why did they force us into awakening weapons?   

    I totally agree with the @OP.
    the power creep has been so real since they released awakening.
    warrior is the best example of this. I used to main warrior because it was hard to play, and if u weren't good you'd either quit or complain that "warrior" wasn't strong- but the truth is that those people were simply scrubs who couldnt handle the learning curve and the super long chain ani cancel combos. Warrior was that kind of class that had such a high skill cap to the point that only the mechanically skilled elites could play it. 
    Boy, but now any -----ing scrub can pick up warrior and think he's good at warrior with a bit of gear and a bit of button mash. All awakening skills on warrior are simple as ----- 1 button function skills that don't require any fancy key combos or animation cancels, Greatsword basically gives u a 1 button skill for something that previously required you to combo 6 different ani cancel skills, making it shit easy.  
    Most warrs on the NA server don't even know that in order to maximize potential of the class u have to learn ur sword and shield movement ani cancel chains. But they don't bother learning and instead just play this stupid ass gear grind to make up for the lack of skill since  the OP great sword is easy as ----- to play and learning ur sword and shield mobility combos don't seem like a priority WHEN U CAN JUST GRIND LIKE A DUMBASS.
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  20. Xaqq added a post in a topic Equalize PvP   

    lol u take this game too seriously.
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  21. Xaqq added a post in a topic Equalize PvP   

    bruh that just means the game lacks content. Stop being kakao's ----- and open ur eyes. 
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  22. Xaqq added a post in a topic Equalize PvP   

    it's why everytime I log in to bdo I log off 30 minutes later to play Starcraft where being actually Gud at the game matters.
    this is an e-peen ego boosting pvp game for those who got rekt in real competitive games with an actual esports scene. Y'all shud just join me and play Starcraft, it's not much fun but it sure as hell takes skill :). 
    that's why u shud join me and use bdo as a nice wallpaper in the background while u play Starcraft.
    Join us
    leave these scrubs behind :D
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  23. Xaqq added a post in a topic Dark Knight releasing soon, male counterpart being "considered"   

    BDO Gods almighty plz give us a Bruce lee fighting class. We already have warrior for this blade shit, i just want the next class to be male, and it has to be pure fists, weapons should be gauntlets or some shit.

    But plz.
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  24. Xaqq added a post in a topic Warrior nerfed again?   

    you just wanna play -----ing weeaboo ass waifu classes you -----ing dirty weeb. People like u are the reason why MMO's die, just look at Tera Online.
    Us asians -----ing hate you. GTFO BREH.

    Now that this betch is out, I can definitely say that warrior is fine as is. It's gear scale that needs to be changed. Now everyone needs to just stop QQ'ing about class balance when gear always plays a role in this game. 
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