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  1. Xaqq added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    not the rng, it's the grind.
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  2. Xaqq added a post in a topic do you think a fighter character would fit into bdo?   

    doesnt have to be like that. in fact i want the class to be underpowered. I enjoy playing warrior back when ti was UP cuz then i can shitttalk so hard when i beat someoen with the class while being less leveled AND less geared.
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  3. Xaqq added a post in a topic Some guild battleship action!!   

    everytime i see the heals...

    jesus christ that is so -----ing immersion breaking its hilarious
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  4. Xaqq added a post in a topic do you think a fighter character would fit into bdo?   

    Everyone who's saying "we already have sorc" doesnt get it. 

    We're talking like Kung fu master, not magic. The only "magical" part of the class should be the fact that you can punch so -----ing hard and fast you set the air around you in Fire. 

    Just imagine -----ign Bruce Lee class.
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  5. Xaqq added a post in a topic do you think a fighter character would fit into bdo?   

    As long as it doesn't take from weeaboo anime cr@p I'm all for it.
    i hope they take directly from Chinese culture and try to create something truly unique instead of all the jaded stuff we see in video games nowadays. Maybe even some monkey king influence from journey to the west.
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  6. Xaqq added a post in a topic Anyone else stuck at 48%?   

    ye im stuck during my file check :/. gg.
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  7. Xaqq added a post in a topic What's the real reason behind merge?   

    game is not dying but it's definitely waning. lol most new people who join game and try it decide it's almost impossible to catch up to the competitive level so they kinda just dont log on ever again. 

    They seriously need to change the level cap system and just implement a level cap and decrease the grind. 

    U know what just turn this game into an open world esports pvp game. Classes turn into champions and the whole world is your arena. It's an "open world MOBA"  no gear. no grind.
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  8. Xaqq added a post in a topic Is PvP a major component of End game? If So, do you need 200+ AP to viable?   

    Aren't you irrelevant?

    heh. c wat i did dur.
    Ye i kinda realized. Most of the guys i know who are super geared now are the ones who got shit on in pvp a few months back when everyone was at around equal gear. 

    Most of the time it's the kids who suck at actual pvp and skill based games that come to games like BDO to play make believe with themselves. As for me I'm just happy to know they probably got shit on in overwatch, League, and most of all StarCraft which is why they go hardcore here. The only reason i bother logging on anymore nowadays is for the arena and that's about it anyways.
    Ye i can guarantee you this is not true. All i do is pvp in the arena all day and i can tell you right now as a 130 ap level 57, im beating way too many people with 200 ap lvl 59's under no pot 1v1 match situations. 

    It's a simple fact they spend most of their time grinding instead of actually getting gud. Spending time grinding is not spending time learning how to pvp, OW pvp/pk is not legit pvp because u can always rely on teammates for a backup. In the end your actual pvp skill increases: zero.
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  9. Xaqq added a post in a topic Is PvP a major component of End game? If So, do you need 200+ AP to viable?   

    Ye people keep saying games should only cater to "hardcore" players. Im okay if hardcore means "skilled" players. But in this case its "geared" players who, let's face it, most of them aren't very good at pvp itself cuz they've been leaning on gear since day 1. 

    The only solution is to make gear and levels matter much much less and turn multipliers wayyyyyy down and instead increase hits on skills wayyyyy up.
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  10. Xaqq added a post in a topic Is PvP a major component of End game? If So, do you need 200+ AP to viable?   

    well u kinda miss out on half the main game if u dont decide to grind or don't have the time. I haven't been playing much for weeks cuz i feel like Daum has fully catered to the grinding community rather than the E-sports Skill-based gameplay community. There's almost never anyone in limited rbf either
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  11. Xaqq added a post in a topic KR patch note for 10th November by Chopper85   

    they changed it cuz you cant grapple after using grave digging. now you can grapple with no desync after grave digging and continue doing a massive combo. this is an unnecessary buff actually imo.
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  12. Xaqq added a post in a topic •Server maintenance & Network improvement   

    It's actually true though... Korea has one of the most advanced and fastest internet networks in the world. It's the reason why they're so -----ing hardcore with gaming.
    america's Internet infrastructure is years behind and is in dire need of an update.
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  13. Xaqq added a post in a topic nerf warrior   

    Warrior gets a very small nerf in its ap buff from block/regular attack. (The two can't stack anymore). 
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  14. Xaqq added a post in a topic Rangers need Nerfed badly   

    Guys chill. It's been confirmed that they're getting one soon.
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  15. Xaqq added a post in a topic Why is the story so bad?   

    this guy gets it^
    Bdo lore and story is very similar to how dark souls presents their lore and story. It's there if u search for it and if ur interested.
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  16. Xaqq added a post in a topic rawr   

    lol's not stressy if you're good tho

    That's why i play dota 2.

    Edit: actually scrap all of that, moba's are for plebs. Nothing beats StarCraft.
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  17. Xaqq added a post in a topic constantly stuck on loading black screen before the main menu   

    i just cleared the cache folders and im restarting. lemme see the results.
    yep emptying cache hasnt changed a thing about the loading screen. still an issue even after file check.
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  18. Xaqq added a post in a topic Client crashing when travelling thru Calph   

    it wont really affect much or have huge consequences right?
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  19. Xaqq added a topic in General   

    constantly stuck on loading black screen before the main menu
    It literally loads for over 3 minutes on the pitch black screen after it says "pearl abyss" everytime i log on now before I can even get to the start screen.

    This started happening recently and I was wondering if this is because of the recent patch. I know the patch affects framerate but i dont quite understand how it affects loading time for something like loading up the start menu which is totally unrelated to rendering the world itself which takes time...

    Anyone know how to fix this or is this purely because of the autumn event?

    (i'm also suddenly getting an average 20fps. from my former 45 fps)
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  20. Xaqq added a post in a topic Client crashing when travelling thru Calph   

    im getting 2 fps everytime i get near towns now, does this solution fix the issue for all other highly play concentrated areas? 

    Edit: is it under documents>Black Desert>UserCache>(some kind of 5 digit number)>usercache 
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  21. Xaqq added a post in a topic Desync Problems after Patch   

    i dont know why but i'm also getting a huge load time before i can even hit the start button in the opening screen. frequent crashes and frame rate has dropped from 40 to 15-20. I can see the autumn event affecting my frame rate but I don't understand why i'm getting infinitely longer load times to get the -----ing start screen.
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  22. Xaqq added a post in a topic BEST PVP 1V1 CLASS ?   

    absolutely ninja cuz it has the highest skill cap, if ur not a typical MMO player and has had experience with competitive E-sports Fighters, this class is for you. Class with the highest skill cap Used to be warrior until they released awakenings.
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  23. Xaqq added a post in a topic "We don't add costumes that conflict with the medieval philosophy of the game" - Pearl Abyss   

    this game is already a -----ing weeb-fest. just look at all the people naming themselves -----ing kirito-haybusa-hichimoto-hiroshima-nagasaki.
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  24. Xaqq added a post in a topic Here is Content that is coming the future.   

    boi, i can't wait to watch you QQ when they go full on equalized and then you get -----ing rekt cuz u spent no time getting good in the arena and instead spent all ur time no-lifing at saus. |:^)
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  25. Xaqq added a post in a topic Here is Content that is coming the future.   

    it literally had the highest skill cap of all 1v1 pvp systems I've seen in any mmorpg game. Honestly it could have been a game on its own, more people would have played if they just sold it as a 3D fighter instead.
    every typical bdo player gear2win to pretend they're Gud.
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