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  1. Xaqq added a post in a topic GS has "ranger-fied" the class a bit :/   

    u already out gear me by almost 80 points. U gotta understand. I'm that guy who doesn't have the time to break 120 ap. I rather jump in, outplay everyone, shittalk a bit and then go back to practice for the next SSB tourney.
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  2. Xaqq added a post in a topic GS has "ranger-fied" the class a bit :/   

    I think people are misunderstanding. Idaf if u think I'm "good" or not cuz games like starcraft and SSB melee are still my main full time shit, which all have a much much higher skill ceiling. If u play bdo as ur main shit ur probably not very good at games where skill is the main factor of who wins or not, which is why u come to bdo to gear up and pretend ur good at games. So let's just get all that shit out of the way.
    My point is that dmg from GS will 100% bleed through your shield if ur being out geared by 100 stat points. The way GS scales dmg is too ranger-ish (completely gear based).
    the way I see it, is if I play a perfect game, I should be able to beat a 200/300 warr with 80/200, but this game likes playing with the utility of skills with stats, this is the crutch of the game. Accuracy, evasion, and resist stat is in my opinion the reason why this game is so gear based. Gear imo should only effect dmg output, not utility of skills. Being more geared should not make u harder to hit. Being more geared shouldn't make ur block dura last longer. The way stats effect the utility skills is what triggers me so hard cuz that almost always mean that for every deep thrust, grapple, or any other cc skill I use, I have to land 5 of them before one even works while ur opponent can land one and proc one.
    I don't use deep thrust for mobility lmao. I don't have jump thrust. The way I still play is still lvl 56 so I only use s&s until my opponent gets cc'ed. The only moment I pull out my GS is for down attack dmg with grave digger. I play ultra high mobility with deep thrust ultimate after I get behind my opponent. 
    Jump thrust is useless just an FYI.
    i move around 24/7, making my opponent chase and try to make the first move so I can find an opening and counter by getting behind him and deep thrusting until my knock back CC procs, then I rush in with double shield charge cancel off of one of the fodder skills for a grapple, or if that's on  CD I double shield charge into counter cancel (double shield charge-->counter cancels the whole counter back step animation of u guys don't know already). Often that will not proc CC and most of the time my grapple will get immuned so I always prepare myself for that with a quick camera turn around 180 and backwards double shield charge away with my shielding facing the enemy or I simple turn around and chopping kick cancel out of grapple range from my enemy.
    very true, but I want to stay lvl 56 for now cuz the grind to 57 is not my thing. I have other games I need to play XD. The stub combo works if u have enough accuracy to land everything. I can tell u rn, 90% of my grave digger will not kd my enemy, even with him just standing still. I tested on most of my buddies and 5/10 times my shit will just miss. I'm not surprised cuz I'm using Agerian and they're all 2 levels higher than I am.
    I can def agree with u on that. The goddamn Iframes is so OP in large scale so we no longer have to rely on good gear for block dura to stay up. 
    Im easily able to get over 100 points every unlimited RBF I go to with just 108 AP and 245 dp.
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  3. Xaqq added a topic in Warrior   

    GS has "ranger-fied" the class a bit :/
    I remember pre awakening i was able to shit on other warrs with 150/220 as a 80/200 while being 2 levels lower. Now wiht how easy it is to build rage, that 100% GS rage just shoots thru the shield and everything in 1 hit. 

    I used to be able to get away with shit accuracy, a shit yuria, and a shit agerian, while shitting on everyone with boss gear, but since GS has been released it really just feels like a gear matchup, AKA ranger v ranger match.
    S&S had his kind of super high skill ceiling where i was easily able to cheat out of almost impossible situations by kiting really -----ing hard and deep thrusting all the way to hell until i get a CC in with my shit accuracy.

    Anyone else a little disappointed? The only reason i ever played BDO was for the 1v1 pvp and the combat system. I just wanted to make MMO kids feel bad by outplaying them even though they spend 10x the amount of effort grinding while i just grab my agerian and take a dump on their ass, now that joy has been taken away from me :(. 
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  4. Xaqq added a post in a topic Awakened weapon skills damage is affected by the main weapon's AP.   

    where did u get this information from. I heard people say taht +human damage off of yuria does not carry over to GS...
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  5. Xaqq added a post in a topic Bheg upgrading strategy?   

    jesus -----ing christ that sounds like a nightmare. repairing -----ign bhegs takes billions of silver. Idk how to -----ing grind that shit....
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  6. Xaqq added a topic in General   

    Bheg upgrading strategy?
    Yesterday i just got bhegs. And i literally got -----ign freaked out when it took 18 failstacks to +8. is the failstacks needed to upgrade boss different from blue and green armor pieces?

    what's the general strat on upgrading boss armor typically?
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  7. Xaqq added a post in a topic rosar as a liverto alternative on GS builds?   

    nice. I also just got bhegs yesterday and its my first yellow piece of equipment. Any advice for how to grind up bhegs? cuz it took -----ing 18 stacks to +8 last night and i got freaked teh -----e out.
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  8. Xaqq added a post in a topic got boss armor, how am i going to enhance this crap? sell or keep?   

    boy did u necro this thread. this was way back. and yes warriors didnt really benefit from liverto back before GS because the gain was not worth the effort. U were better off preparing for kzarka instead, just sayin' kid.
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  9. Xaqq added a topic in Warrior   

    rosar as a liverto alternative on GS builds?
    Ive been debating on whether i should just get a rosar instead of going thru the liverto grind. Since accuracy and only 45% of ap goes to GS dmg, isnt it a smarter alternative to jsut use a rosar+vangertz?

    If possible can someone test this out?
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  10. Xaqq added a post in a topic Bheg's Gloves + Kite or Axion?   

    MUAHAHAHAHA ya'll all be jealous when i only spent 1 mil on tri dp accessories after dp becomes viable >:)
    My tri shrine guardian and tri red coral is like my babies.
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  11. Xaqq added a post in a topic Bheg's Gloves + Kite or Axion?   

    I'm a meme.
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  12. Xaqq added a post in a topic Bheg's Gloves + Kite or Axion?   

    well jokes on him cuz im switching to rosar after i get bhegs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  13. Xaqq added a post in a topic Bheg's Gloves + Kite or Axion?   

    idk, are you in one the top 20% guilds in your server? if that's so then rosar may be a 50-50 not bad but not awesome choice, but if you think you're just in an average guild then go for rosar. I'm saying this cuz you may want to consider what other guilds your guild tends to war with, if you tend to war against the top guilds, then they most likely will be extremely geared and will have bheg gloves to render your rosar useless.
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  14. Xaqq added a post in a topic Axion x Vangertz with awakening?   

    But can we confirm if +human dmg on yuria carries over to GS?
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  15. Xaqq added a post in a topic Is your GPU good enough? New Chart ~   

    I can't seem to find my gtx 850m on the list.... Hmm oh well.
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  16. Xaqq added a post in a topic Arena PVP anyone? 3vs3. 5vs5 and stuff...   

    I've been begging for this since day 1 cbt launch.
    all I care about is skill based gameplay only.
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  17. Xaqq added a post in a topic Axion x Vangertz with awakening?   

    are u using bheg gloves or anything of that sort?
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  18. Xaqq added a post in a topic Bheg's Gloves + Kite or Axion?   

    Here is perfect anecdotal advice for rosar shield:
    All I know is some wars that I've fought against in the arena run rosar are literally not grapple-able. it pisses the ----- out of me cuz it makes them think that they're skilled cuz they can tell everyone that they're apparently "under geared" for not using  "the vangertz BIS" when in reality that -----ing rosar evasion is -----ing OP as hell against my yuria-vangertz-agerian.
    But suddenly when he fights a geared Kzarka dude he gets -----ing shredded even though I (with a goddamn ult yuria +15) rekt the guy with the Kzarka vangertz. What does that say? (besides the fact that the rosar kids are full of shit when they say they're undergeared for using rosar)
    rosar is probably super OP against the average geared player base that doesn't have bhegs but otherwise against the grind hards at equal gear you'll get shredded with it.
    and all u wars that are using rosar and trying to sell the bullshit to everyone that you're "under geared"- go ----- urself.
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  19. Xaqq added a post in a topic Axion x Vangertz with awakening?   

    no, wat I meant was I don't want to bother with switching main hands all over again. Might as well skip liver to and try to invest in a bheg glove instead for bigger pay off.
    and what do u think of going rosar vangertz instead? Especially since yuria's +human damage doesn't carry over to GS might as well opt out of it for the extra accuracy on a cheap rosar that can serve as a liver to alternative.?
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  20. Xaqq added a post in a topic Axion x Vangertz with awakening?   

    Lol this is depressing. I don't have the time to grind for a liverto... I'll just hope for bhegs instead.
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  21. Xaqq added a post in a topic Axion x Vangertz with awakening?   

    how about with tri vangertz, pri yuria and ancient weapon core set? 
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  22. Xaqq added a post in a topic Axion x Vangertz with awakening?   

    on a side note, is ult yuria vangertz enough acc or no?
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  23. Xaqq added a topic in Warrior   

    Awakening weapon Skill add-ons
    So which is considered the best set up that balances grinding/farming efficiency with pvp efficiency? I dont wanna spec completely for 1 or the other but rather find some kinda common ground here.
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  24. Xaqq added a post in a topic Warrior Awakening PvP Stunlock Combo Inven Translation   

    oh btw u can only do this with the Executioner buff otherwise too slow lololol/ 
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  25. Xaqq added a post in a topic Incredibly disappointed from the awakening   

    To the person who just said "try ninja if you want a challenge" in this thread,
    lmao u need to gitgud at esports fighters and then you'll know that Iframes>block any day. The more Iframes a character/class/whatever ha the better it is in any game/competitive play. Iframes are literally everything.
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