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  1. Yros added a post in a topic May 13th Musa & Maehwa Update Feedback   

    Already explained everything there I think. If someone needs a picture to make things even clearer :

    We're supposed to control people, but the actual anti-CC system destroyed that part. We're supposed to combo, but our skills are bugged, we don't have our i-frames, and we can't cancel correctly for most of the things. We're supposed to be maxed out in attack, so why are our damages so low even still ?
    Yep, I can live with a Musa or a Maehwa with the current DP, because we're supposed to be like that. But I can't live with one literally stripped off of its main strengths.
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  2. Yros added a post in a topic May 13th Musa & Maehwa Update Feedback   

    I'll summarize the thread : we do not care about the AP / DP buff (though it's appreciated). The issues on the class are not AP/DP related but GAMEPLAY related. When skills are not working as intended you don't start buffing the AP, you FIX THE SKILL. That's what we've been asking for over two weeks now. We want Chase II to be fixed. We want our i-frames back. We want our tiger blade buffs to work as intended. We want our CCs to be able to work in a row without having to wait 5 - 10 seconds while the ennemy is potting / running away while we can't do shit because of it.
    Those issues are NOT related to AP / DP and fixing them will be a lot more better for our viability and utility in BOTH PVP and PVE. So stop turning around the issue and please focus it head on. @CM_Jouska
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  3. Yros added a post in a topic May 13th Musa & Maehwa Update Feedback   

    @CM_Jouska : I think the AP/DP is "decent" for now but we really need some fixes on the spells rather than the stats themselves. I'm talking here about the i-frames, the chase II, the tiger blade issues, the CC issues due to the CC-immunity thing destroying the gameplay of the class, and so on. Honestly we don't really need more AP/DP for now " IF " we had those spells fixed and working as intended.
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  4. Yros added a post in a topic May 13th Musa & Maehwa Update Feedback   

    Can I ask what gems you got ? Mostly if you got some Cobelinus on it. Because honestly it's a bit absurd to see a level 55 with lvl 20+ in health and yet ONLY 1276 HP. I know that Maehwa and Musas are supposed to be glass cannons... But considering that Rangers are also supposed to be "weak" and yet can have up to 2400 HP... Yeah something's wrong. Most of the levels 55 I know are around 1800HP, if not more.

    Some people have tried it on PvP ? PvE viability is a start, but if it's to still not be able to combo / damage as we should in pvp it's still not enough (talking here about the CC issues that don't proc on our spells and else).
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  5. Yros added a post in a topic Musa + Maehwa DP + AP bugged + other issues (PVE+PVP) main thread   

    If you die in two hits with a tamer with over 200DP you're just bad. I have plenty of tamer friends with over 180+DP who are extremely tanky and efficient in PvP against every class, even sorceress or wizards or rangers.

    The fact that bladers/plums are supposed to be a highly skilled class, fine. But actually you can't do shit with it no matter the stats OR the skill. Why ? Because some of the spells are officially broken / not working as intended (or even at all like Chase II). The new CC-immune system also broke half of the gameplay of bladers/plums who are kinda based on a combo of CCs & small bursts, but now you can land only one CC & combo, and the rest just gets through. That's the reason of the complaints here.
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  6. Yros added a post in a topic Is 2000$ enough for 3 tier 3 pets?   

    You can get a T3 pet with 2 T1 from scratch if you're lucky (happened twice to me). But T4 pets are a lot harder to get.
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  7. Yros added a post in a topic Do you want "Armor remodel system/npc"   

    Technically, Deska isn't an employee of Daum, he is a Volunteer, which means he can't speak for the officials. That's a suggestion of his, which has been talked about since the very beginning of the launch on various topic so it seems it's finally getting enough attention to be brought to said officials' attention (Daum).
    Thanks for clarifying your first message.
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  8. Yros added a post in a topic Do you want "Armor remodel system/npc"   

    And for those who don't know what's going on ? Having an explanation is too much asking ? :c
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  9. Yros added a post in a topic Mediah Part 2 tomorrow.   

    Tomorrow = node wars, almost certain. Mediah Part II is already released ? (Altinovea ?).
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  10. Yros added a post in a topic Conqueror Pack Horse Resolution   

    Just so we are clear : are we talking of a T5 female who will ACTUALLY count as a T5 for breeding purpose ? Or another T5 horse that will count as well as a T3 like the first one ? @CM_Jouska

    Another thing : I'd like to know if you're gonna allow us to 'exchange' our initial T5 horses ? (meaning : using them for an instant breeding and have them disappear). Because so far we're stucked with it so we have to 'hide' it in an abandoned ranch.
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  11. Yros added a post in a topic Musa + Maehwa DP + AP bugged + other issues (PVE+PVP) main thread   

    Considering the scale of the issue, there will probably be an official announcement addressing this when it is fixed (if it is before the next update, hoping that it is for the next update at least). So there's no need to speculate on it being or not fixed (since it will be announced when it is).

    So far, the following issues have been reported in this thread :
    DP not working (at all ?). Tests where done in both PvE & PvP grounds and seem to confirm this.AP not scaling properly.Chase II seems to have no effect whatsoever, while Chase Ultimate doesn't cancel as it should.Tiger Blade spells not dealing the proper damages, not activating the awakened passives of the skills, and 'seems' the HP leech doesn't work as intended either.This isn't a 'bug' but I'm putting it here as well since it's related : the current CC-immune system breaks most of the Musa / Maehwa gameplay (based on the ability to connect a ranged CC -bow with stiffness or cyclone for floating-, then dash in, connecting a Knockdown to put the ennemy on the ground, and then connecting a burst such as dragon bit combo, or carver + blooming, or anything else.). The fact that, right now, the players can get up as soon as we reach them and then are immune to all following CC just breaks the entire gameplay of those two classes.
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  12. Yros added a post in a topic Musa + Maehwa DP + AP bugged + other issues (PVE+PVP) main thread   

    Is there anything planned regarding the gameplay of the Musa / Maehwa against the actual CC-immune system which, let's be honest, penalizes those two classes a lot (since they are based on chain-CC in order to control and burst an opponent on the ground). Do you think this is normal to see the 200% rage ultimate of the Maehwa getting avoided at 75% without the opponent doing anything at all ? (Tried in arena with a friend, I used the ultimate and he just gets back on his feets even before the second attack and without even trying to move just dodges the rest of the animation, and the damages).
    @CM_Jouska if I may suggest something regarding that CC-immune system, could it be turned into something more convenient for everyone such as : " After taking a CC, the player will get a +10% immune to THAT type of CC for 10 seconds. This buff can be stacked 5 times and also by-passes the 60% limitation in PvP. Each stack of buff are independent so the 10s cooldown does not refresh for every stack when you get a new stack ". This way you would still have a CC-immune, pretty effective if you want my opinion, but it would also greatly help players using variations of CCs (hence, being more skilled than those just spamming the same spells), and what's best is that it would work in both 1o1 - small-scale pvp, as well as large-scale GvG. Of course the 10% immunity shall be tested, maybe it's not enough (15% ? 20% ?), but the idea is there.
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  13. Yros added a post in a topic Musa + Maehwa DP + AP bugged + other issues (PVE+PVP) main thread   

    I must admit : in PvP, Musa / Maehwa feel rather useless since the CC nerf which completely destroyed the gameplay of that class (based mainly on that chain-control on the ground in order to be able to land some burst). At this point this is ridiculous how you just throw your CCs away in a perfect order and yet the guy just get up after 0.5s on the first knockdown and then is completely immune to the next two CCs and basically escape the main burst.

    This is even easier to see on a Maehwa (Plum) when you use the 200% rage ultimate : it is composed of a first Red Moon Chaos followed by a second with what seems to be a stronger animation. But currently, the opponent simply gets up even before the end of the first red moon, and completely dodge the second one and the main damage. This is absolutely stupid from my point of view and it must be addressed ASAP if they don't intend to ruin the experience of the players with those classes.

    I also noticed beeing extremely weak in PvE (almost got instant-killed while going to the Abandoned Monastery while having 140 DP and 1100 HP...). Though I usually spam Nemesis Slash as soon as possible to just fill up my HPs (a must-have for those who don't have it), I still think it's weird that my main ranger with LESS dp (115) takes LESS damages in comparison (while being ranged = less hit).
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  14. Yros added a post in a topic [Croxus] Liste des Guildes Francophones   

    Topic mis à jour pour les guildes listées.
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  15. Yros added a post in a topic Fail Stacks for Jewelry 'safe' enchanting   

    Made a MoS PRI at 14 fail stacks, then failed at 20 - 25 - 25 - 26 fail stacks. RNG is a complete -----.
    PRI is caped at 25 fail stacks which allows you to have around 50 - 55% chances of upgrade more or less. Don't know about Duo and above.
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