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  1. mijorious added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 22nd 2017 [Updated]   

    We NEED P2P trading and guild trading is the best way to go.  An addition to the guild only trading could be that you had to be in a guild for a certain amount of time, like a week or so. NO Gold seller would stay in a guild for a week to get get paid, nor would a player pay money to some Korean and have to wait a week to get the items!
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  2. mijorious added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 22nd 2017 [Updated]   

    This is an issue for MANY of us who bound the flute to our first character we were trying out back in the day.  I've been sitting on the character since day one in the hopes they would unbind it so I can actually use it on the character I'm playing now.  They NEED to fix this!  That was a huge decision maker on why I bought the pre-order, and got screwed.
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  3. mijorious added a post in a topic black spirit will not go away?   

    Mine is that annoying Red Nose boss.  EVERY day I get one.  They are worthless when awakened at level 57.  So I have to take the quest and delete the scroll. Otherwise I'll end up with 5 or 6 of them taking up my inventory.
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  4. mijorious added a post in a topic Value Pack Snipping - almost 3 weeks, 5 days straight, accumulated trades gone from 29k ~ 33,8k and....   

    I have tried to get a VP for probably a hundred hours or so. I know I have bid on over 1000 pack and NOTHING!  At least I'm not the only one who feels it's impossible to get them.
    One idea to make it easier is to limit the purchase to ONLY 1 every 3 weeks or so per account.  Since they are 30 day packs, that wouldn't hurt anyone and more people would be able to get one to keep their account going.
    I call bullshit!
    Like I have said before, I have spent over a hundred hours and watched thousands of VP's get sold and I have NEVER got one!  I know others who cannot get any either.  
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  5. mijorious added a post in a topic black spirit will not go away?   

    But then he might have a good quest on a character?  We need to just tell him to not bother us for repeatable quests!
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  6. mijorious added a post in a topic Do you guys think we can get a PVE channel?   

    Nope, it won't happen because if we had a PvE channel or server BDO would be THE perfect game and we all know that Kakoa/Pearl Abyss likes to keep us pissed off.
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  7. mijorious added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 1st   

  8. mijorious added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 1st   

    I usually don't post about patch notes, BUT, this is THE most worthless patch I have ever seen since launch!
    First, "Serbianca’s Warranty Card item, in which two of these can be traded in for a single Log in Trent.":  WTF?  Only 1 single log?  It should be at least 50 or 100 to make a small dent in what we need! Absolutely worthless!
    Then, "Players may exchange their existing silver keys at the NPC named Morco, ".:  Huh?  We can already do that!  Since last patch, I already have 6 Gold Keys.
    Next, OMG! "Black Spirit’s Adventure sound can be turned on or off." :  That 2 second sound of dice rolling while rolling the dice is a game breaker for me! /sarcasm.
    So what was actually good in this patch? Nothing!
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  9. mijorious added a post in a topic Question about crafting beer   

    Not if you harvest it yourself and not buy it.
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  10. mijorious added a post in a topic Question about crafting beer   

    Wow.  Beer only costs about 160 silver to make, and if your cooking skill is high enough, you will make 3 or 4 of them for that cost. Plus procs also!  I have over 50k Beer in storage. Although I also have over 100 workers to feed. lol.
    Yup. There are 3 direct nodes off of Velia for Potatoes. I like to use Potatoes. lol.  Get workers on them OP and you'll never lack beer again.
    You don't really "grind" the mats, you put your slave workers on them. No effort on your part. It's not like getting Logs. lol
    You get a free worker in every city. Also, get used to using the "transport" function at the warehouses. I have things flying all over the place from city to city all the time.  You don't have to actually physically take things from city to city unless they are bound. Just send them. 
    Example setup for me:  My cook is based in Altinova and I have maxed storage ( 192 slots ).  ALL cooking supplies and stuff is there. My Alchemist is based in Heidel ( 192 slots ). ALL Alchemist mats are there.  All my Ores, Hides, and Woods are kept in Calpheon and thats where I have all my factories.  I have workers constantly gathering Potatoes in Velia. Honey and Wheat in Heidel.  Every few days I'll send everything they have to Altinova via Tarif.  I make all my tools and stuff in Calpheon and send them to wherever they are needed for manual gathering. Etc . . . . ect . . . . .ect . . . . ect.
    You should get the idea from this.  Have fun and good luck.
    The harvest will be stored in the storage of the worker's city. So I guess the long answer is yes you can. If they are connected, you can send workers from either city. Howver, the harvest will be stored in both cities. If you want it in only one city, you'll have to send all your workers from that city. But why?  It will just take longer work times. Just transport the stuff from one city to the other when you get enough.
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  11. mijorious added a post in a topic Forest turning into Grindspot!   

    Hehe.  Go ahead.  I hope you like the color Red?  We'll just keep coming back for our trees!
    You know, removing the death penalty was the greatest thing they did because it shows everyone who the rude jerks are in this game!
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  12. mijorious added a post in a topic Are there any fast ways to gather logs?   

    Elephants can carry more weight, are faster than wagons, and have more slots.  No need for horses.
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  13. mijorious added a post in a topic Can't stay logged in for more than 2 minutes without game shutting down   

    This was happening to me between about 3:00 pm PST and 10:00 pm PST yesterday and then suddenly stopped. Been fine since. 
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  14. mijorious added a post in a topic Are there any fast ways to gather logs?   

    Yes they are.  I'm talking about the personal ships. 
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  15. mijorious added a post in a topic Are there any fast ways to gather logs?   

    No. It means you need to chop up to 40,000 trees depending on your processing level. You'll need between 18k and 20k logs to get your 800 Standardized squares. So your gathering level AND processing level has a lot to do with how many Squares you get. But I would say with a high gathering and Processing level you'll still need to get at least 18,000 logs.
    LMAO!  I never thought of that.
    But it's a permanent ship with guns. And the fastest in the game and repairable!  Last and only ship you need.
    OR . . . . . .  We can forget the math because it's RNG anyway and just say it's a Sh_tload of Logs!
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  16. mijorious added a post in a topic Epherian Sailboat, estimated time   

    I thought the exact same thing until someone told me that I can have more than just 1 worker on it.  Now I have over 20 workers on the Plywood. 
    What are you talking about?  The OP already has the wood. He's talking about making the ship.
    What the hell are you talking about? You have NO clue what the OP is saying!
    You CANNOT make the ship yourself!!!!!  You must have workers do it.  He has all the material already.
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  17. mijorious added a post in a topic How to increase node production   

    It depends if you are in-game or AFK.  If you are AFK, then yes, Human or Giants are best because they will last longer while you're away.  But if you are in the game playing and can feed your workers often, then Goblins are best.
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  18. mijorious added a post in a topic 2 to 3 months minimum for a boat????   

    Huh?  50% chance of crafting it? Crafting is 100% and you cannot fail. What are you talking about?  Haven't you crafted anything before?
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  19. mijorious added a post in a topic 2 to 3 months minimum for a boat????   

    I always thought we could only have 1 worker per task. My bad.  Time to gather up my worker army and get this done.  Except the logs. I've been busting my butt gathering logs for days and I only have about 100 Standardized. Going to take me weeks for the Logs but I'll get there.
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  20. mijorious added a post in a topic 2 to 3 months minimum for a boat????   

    I didn't know we could assign more than 1 worker to each task.  Thanks a bunch for that.  But I don't understand about the ship plans. can we get more than 1 per day? I thought I was doing good with a plan per day. Wife and Son also have 3 plans.  How can you already have 9 designs when it's only been 4 days at 1 per day?
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  21. mijorious added a post in a topic It's a bit like the Stone Age!   

    I Agree!
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  22. mijorious added a topic in General   

    2 to 3 months minimum for a boat????
    I have been gathering the materials for my new ship for weeks now. I have everything except the logs.  Then yesterday I took 8 characters to Epheria with over 300 energy each to get the best workers I can find. I then burned almost all the energy from them and got 2 Orange and 2 yellow Goblin workers because they are the fastest. Then I started them on the Steel, Fabric and Plywood.  To my surprise all my workers were about an hour to complete 1 pass. WTF?  1500 Plywoods at an hour a pass is 62.5 days of NON-STOP working!
    BEST case scenario is over 2 months IF I work them 24/7 and never stop. So we won't see ANY boats for over 2 months?
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  23. mijorious added a post in a topic Please optimize the game so we get the same FPS that we used to get 6 months ago   

    I called this months before the server merge. I have been through 3 other server morges in 3 other games and they always say it will be better. Nope!  In EVERY case it got worse, as it did here also!
    Many people said I was full of it when I said months before the merge that we would see worst lag, more crashes, higher populated grind areas, and more bugs.  Well, immediately after the merge what did we get? More lag, more crashes, higher populated grind areas, and more bugs.  
    This afternoon I was kicked out. I can get back in but after about 5 minutes, to the desktop I go.  This has been happening the lest 5 or so hours.  Anyone know whats up THIS time?
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  24. mijorious added a post in a topic Just found the ruins of a city at the bottom of the ocean (Knowledge says The sunken shrine)   

    Nice!  I don't normally spend money in the cash shop but if Kakao came out with a diving suit that allows you to permanently swim under water, I'd buy it for times like this!
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  25. mijorious added a post in a topic Level 51, grinding money   

    I'm calling Troll on this one!
    The only way I know how to make good money is Grinding, Fishing, or Trading.  Nothing left.
    If there is, then please share and I'll retract my call. Otherwise, TROLL!
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