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  1. Adrianic added a post in a topic Exchange.   

    That's what I'm looking for.. Where is the exchange person? I can't find one anywhere.. Only one I know is how to register items at the warehouse.. I can't find anyone else that I click which gives me the Exchange window.
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  2. Adrianic added a topic in Off-Topic   

    How do you use the exchange? Everything always says "expired" when I view from the item exchnage button in my map mode.
    I know how to list things... Just not where to buy them.
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  3. Adrianic added a post in a topic Looking for something kind of different.   

    You are good by me sir.
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  4. Adrianic added a post in a topic SDD vs HDD   

    I also have access to Star Citizen.  
    Alpha access baby. 
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  5. Adrianic added a post in a topic Looking for something kind of different.   

    no I totally get it. Thatis what they should be doing.. I see it as we are cutomers.. Is their job to sell their guild to us.
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  6. Adrianic added a post in a topic Enchantment 16-20 discussion v2   

    well if everyone were Rambo some dude would want to take it up a level to Chuck Norris...
    Then everyone would want to be Chuck Norris. That's how it goes.
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  7. Adrianic added a post in a topic Observations, and suggestions to maintain a cohesive & immersive game   

    I feel like its totally untrue that fanciful or "tasteful" armor/cosmetics will sell better. Not even remotely close.. Nor does the majority see the perspective I've seen laid out here in general. Just another post trying to change the truth because the truth hurts.
    Sex sells, anything else sells less. Is it pathetic? No not really.. Culturally sure it sucks i get it. In the end however the truth is what it is..
    Honestly people have no idea what they want at all. When they get what they want but don't end up liking it they complain that the very thing they asked for was what was wrong with the game. Plus no one will EVER accept blame in any form.
    Anyways there is too much to say here about this. Long story short: You're all wasting your time in this post from what I've read. 
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  8. Adrianic added a post in a topic Looking for something kind of different.   

    I feel like these guild leaders who are posting... Are missing the point.
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  9. Adrianic added a post in a topic Looking for something kind of different.   

    Unfortunately yes...  Maybe not quite as much now... But when I started gaming online the average player was teens to early 20's... Late 20's was very rare in comparison. Even now games are child dominated obviously though gamers in their mid 20's and up are more common.. But that is due to the generation gap being different I think. I think 25 is a reasonable cut off age for both potrntial maturity  and % of the population.
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  10. Adrianic added a post in a topic The third time's the charm, right? [IRL Self thread]   

    Just another bearded stranger.

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  11. Adrianic added a post in a topic We're all authors   

    swam around the
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  12. Adrianic added a post in a topic Looking for something kind of different.   

    im sure it happens. I don't think we are talking about a totally exclusive guild here.. Just one with others around our age generally..  If a kid wants to act 30 he is welcome to join I'd say as long as everyone else agreed. I don't know how this all is going to turn out. I just want to create an environment where you are comfortable... 
    "Hey are you going to be on tomorrow for a guild match?"
    "No, well maybe, but its unlikely I have a thing tomorrow."
    "Oh, alright, good luck with that by the way whatever it is."
    No hate or troll or bs behind their back because they aren't oonline ever for whatever it is we have to do. A casual place people can come and go as often as they like with people they recognise and enjoy talking to even if they don't play together.
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  13. Adrianic added a post in a topic Looking for something kind of different.   

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  14. Adrianic added a post in a topic Looking for something kind of different.   

    Alright this is actually shaping up more as time passes. I will look into making a guild as soon as the game launches. Being the CBT 1 & 2 won't last more than a few days it doesn't make sense to make one during the beta for so few. That is if you guys are interested at all.
    My own dad said he maybe playing the game but also he may not be buying into the CBT'S with cash. I would probably let him make the guild and be its leader as we have potential members here of 40+ it seems more appropriate to have a guild leader who is also as such.

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  15. Adrianic added a post in a topic Pets in BDO   

    Yes, you're absolutely right about that. They probably will have a great many of those kinds of pets if not just a dragon hatchling at least.
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