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  1. Whargoul added a post in a topic Is there any reward? titles, gear ... anything at all?   

    Meh it died for me, 
    Cash shop was piss, Skill being irrelevant, everything falling down to how much PvE you did was piss.
    just not my kind of PvP.

    If you like spending a lot of money for constant PvE grinding, this is your game.
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  2. Whargoul added a post in a topic Whats the point of PvP in this game?   

    Pretty much,
    and with a game as grind intensive as this. people like to make sure the time they put into it, is productive to their growth or progression towards a goal. 
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  3. Whargoul added a post in a topic the state of end game pvp   

    MY experience with PvP so far.
    as 51, if you encounter a 54+ you better haul ass because there is little to no hope 
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  4. Whargoul added a post in a topic Whats the point of PvP in this game?   

    I'm all for having fun, can't say I enjoy this PvP as it is, but that's irrelevant.
    However; from my experience, every game with PvP that I have played had some form of reward or progression through the act of that PvP. 
    Excluding n64 classics.
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  5. Whargoul added a post in a topic Whats the point of PvP in this game?   

    well I can understand the mentality of wanting some form of reward or goal to work for in PvP. 
    due to, for now, outside of GvG it's solely penalties, you can try to overrun a lucrative spot, but nothing will prevent people from continuing to run back there until you're red.
    and within GvG, it has potential for fun hit and run combat, but if you run into a 54-55 ooooo boy you better haul ass. 

    so a lot of people are faced with "Why PvP  when I can AFK fish and make millions, or grind mobs for money/gear"

    an example of a potential PvP reward could be titles or other vanity items. Very well could be some implemented somewhere along the line.
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  6. Whargoul added a post in a topic PvP Game with Broken PvP ! Good Job !   

    If you're able and willing to grind excessively to 54-55, then it may be enjoyable being able to faceroll everything in your path, since anyone level 50-52 will have difficulty landing hits on you.
    Although I have encountered some really bad level 54s. 

    Not necessarily bad if you're into that sort of thing, I myself just have a hateful relationship with RNGesus, so the Gear grind is unsettling. 
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  7. Whargoul added a post in a topic Channel Switch cooldown is 1h15m?   

    No way, not to my knowledge at all. then again I wasn't here for whatever boss exploitation was happening.
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  8. Whargoul added a post in a topic Channel Switch cooldown is 1h15m?   

    this is the current screen I get.

    will check back in 15min 

    EDIT:: yeeeeah, it's over an hour.

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  9. Whargoul added a post in a topic Channel Switch cooldown is 1h15m?   

    have since logged off, so I may of misread. regardless I am positive of the initial hour of the cooldown.
    was pretty rough. 
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  10. Whargoul added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Channel Switch Cooldown is 1hour15m
    So unsure what caused this or if it's intentional, However seems everyone in my guild, myself included. have a cooldown of 1 hour and 15m everytime we change channels.
    other people outside of the guild have reported that theirs is still only 15minutes.

    any clarification?
    This is what the cooldown timer appears to be in game. waited 15 minutes in between shots. 

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  11. Whargoul added a post in a topic Channel Switch cooldown is 1h15m?   

    hmm so it's not intended then.
    Well that sucks.
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  12. Whargoul added a topic in General   

    Channel Switch cooldown is 1h15m?
    Was this a recent change?
    seems everyone in my guild has this cooldown everytime they change channels, when it used to be 15m or so.
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  13. Whargoul added a post in a topic Sooo never seen this on the server/channel selection screen before.   

    Is it recent that the cooldown is an 1h15m?
    used to be 15m or so.
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  14. Whargoul added a post in a topic Pet breeding? Money grab?   

    Seems like poor marketing if you're looking to attract new players, well I suppose it won't be as bad once it goes F2P. Just wait until we can sell cash shop items on the MP. Then the real fun starts 
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  15. Whargoul added a post in a topic Ladies and Gents we have a Cheaters in the house.   

    Uh oh..... 
    Conductor we have problem! 
    RRocket league lol 
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