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  1. Leggerless added a post in a topic [Mediah Update] Optimized, low CP Node Network   

    Hi all; just giving an update.
    More frequent updates on the map are underway, as I'm slowly working out the fishing hotspots into the optimized route as well. It'll cost a bit extra CP (currently at ~90 total CP as of posting this!) and is on another map (where the red lines are lines not in the node network connecting to hotspots).
    Shoutout to @maomaoprince for a bit of help on that.
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  2. Leggerless added a topic in General   

    Official Black Desert Community Discord

    TL;DR? Join the Community Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/0Zttqnp75M0n0mZE
    Hello all, Leggerless here making an "official" post about the Black Desert Community Discord, as a moderator of the Discord. As of posting this, we currently have 2000 registered members on the server and averaging approximately 550-600 active players throughout the day. The Discord accommodates NA and EU players from all servers and provides a platform for every person, regardless of current affiliation, to meet, converse, and have a good time.
    There's more rules in #rules on the Discord, but here's a quick overview:
    Most of the rules you will find on the subreddit will apply here. Namely:
    - No flaming or badgering
    - No trolling
    - No spamming (we have #streams and #screenshots for your stream advertising and screenshot sharing needs)
    - No excessive swearing or language (feel free to rant in #nsfw)
    - Do not ask for 7 day passes, please use the reddit mega thread
    - Please keep non BDO related topics to #general
    Bottom line: be nice!
    People who have no ranks or joined recently.Blue
    Regular -- They have access to a private chatroom, along with the ranks/colors below. Blue rank indicates an active user.Yellow
    Veteran -- Moderators agree they're helpful, active, and won't cause too much trouble.Green
    Contributor -- These people build community websites, game materials, and create acclaimed and popular guides. They may also be YouTubers, Streamers, spreadsheet masters, known theorycrafters, or VIPs.Orange
    Daum/Pearl Abyss -- These are confirmed employees of Daum/Pearl Abyss working on BDO. If someone says they work for Daum/Pearl Abyss without this color, they're lying.Dark Silver
    Bots -- Bots implemented within the Discord. Don't abuse them, please.Purple
    Moderator -- Discord Moderators are light purple and Reddit Moderators are dark purple/indigo. They enforce the rules, work with bots on the server, and help the community out.Red
    Server Owner -- Deity. When they do things right, you won't be sure they've done anything at all.Channels
    These are channels you will not see upon first joining the Discord. To join, you whisper the Black Spirit Bot set up in the server with "!join (channel)" (no quotation marks!).
    You'll have to rank up and be active to access these
    Who do we want most?
    Contributors and Daum/Pearl Abyss employees!
    If you work for Daum/Pearl Abyss, please send me an PM here on the Official Forums if you wish to be a part of this as well so we can get your verification squared away and your rank on the Discord.
    If you're a Contributor, join the Discord and send me--the moderator handling that stuff--proof of material you're created, such as websites, calculators, streaming channels, and BDO guides. Do note that whatever material you send will need some acclaim and popularity behind it; your average guide maker isn't going to get this. Some work examples of what gets you the Contributor rank: Black Desert Foundry Website, BDOTome website, Bdfisher map, Maomao Prince Fishing Community Manager, Horse Calculator, etc.
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  3. Leggerless added a topic in General   

    Celebrating Autoloop with a Community-made event
    Here's the image in question. Have at it.
    NA and EU friendly, do it in any channel or server you wish. It's an interesting take on AFKing, if you ask me, and gives you an excuse to set up an inter-guild event in a safe location

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  4. Leggerless added a topic in Guides   

    [Mediah Update] Optimized, low CP Node Network
    Looked at the current node network on BDFoundry maps, did some math, and came up with the low CP map for the upcoming Mediah Patch. Only costs 67 CP to connect all the current towns and the new, expected towns. Two things below: first one goes to the GDoc with the work and right below is the actual map with the node list (it's a large image--approx 3800 x 2300 pixels large). Hardest part was splicing together the map.
    Google Doc (Published Link)

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  5. Leggerless added a topic in Suggestions   

    Suggestion: Adding a bane to the Ghille Suit's boon
    I thought about this when thinking about Camelot Unchained's Bane/Boon system; for every X points of boons you have, you need X points of banes to counterbalance.
    So what if... the only change to the Ghille Suit that's needed is this:
    Toggling the "Hide Name" option flags you for PvP
    Keep the name hiding in effect and everything else the same, but just add that one little condition.
    I'd like to think it could help prevent people from putting on ghille suits and then immediately taking them off right after they score a PK or damage the player. In exchange for hiding their name with the costume, they have to flag for PvP.
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