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  1. Kilisiano added a post in a topic Hunting   

    Never really watched gameplays for Korean servers, could you refreshen me of this hunting you two are talking about ? Does it mean we are getting more animals ? 
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  2. Kilisiano added a post in a topic When are new costumes coming to the store?   

    They need to make more men nipple revealing costumes. I mean not because I like men nipples, but because.... uhhm they look more manly.  
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  3. Kilisiano added a post in a topic Character Names (Flexibility)   

    True, hahaha. Spent so long trying to think of a name for my Musa. 
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  4. Kilisiano added a topic in Suggestions   

    Option To Transfer Skills To Other Character
    I know my title is very weak, but I couldn't think of a good short title. The title may also sound confusing, but please hear me out. Some of you may agree and some may disagree. Everyone is different so we all have our own opinions. 
    Now that we finally have two new amazing classes, what do you think of an option to sacrifice one of your characters and all of your Enhancement, profession etc... will be transferred onto the character you wish to transfer it to. Example:
    Warrior              Musa              Musa     
    Level:55     à    Level:1     =    Level 55
    Breath:20   à        Breath:3   =   Breath:20
    I'm one of those people who play once and If i have to play the whole thing over again I won't. I played Musa for a little while and got up to level 17 and got bored of grinding the same things, so I switched back to my warrior. Like I said it's an option, so you don't have to choose to sacrifice your character just for another character.Let me know what you think down in the comments. If you want me to improve the post I'll do it.
    Have a lovely day or night to everyone and thank you for taking time out of your life to read my post.  

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  5. Kilisiano added a post in a topic Aesthetic Snobbery: Immersive Clothes & Hairstyles   

    We need a barber shop and hair salons.  
    We need a barber shop and hair salons.  
    We need a barber shop and hair salons.  
    We need a barber shop and hair salons.  
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  6. Kilisiano added a post in a topic Music for April 20th   

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  7. Kilisiano added a post in a topic Sit Emote / More emotes in general   

    I tell you what we really need. DANCING !!! First MMO without dancing emote. 
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  8. Kilisiano added a post in a topic Weather System Update Suggestion (And Question)   

    Agreed, flooding will stop people from parking their boats in the wharf's, But people also should have warning when the flood is coming. In Velia, I don't know if you noticed the bell that rings every 30 mins in game around Velia, but maybe they can add in 1 min before flood the bell will continuously ring until the flood ends. 
    vvv Just a casual day in Velia vvv (Note: Not even a crowded server)

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  9. Kilisiano added a topic in Suggestions   

    Drinkable alcohol
    We should be able to walk into the tavern, buy beer, Sit on chairs, and get -----ing drunk. Remove some of the NPC inside the Pub. Make room for real life players. 
    Effects of drinking: Screen will blur at times, Movement speed is decreased (Walk animation changes, kind of like GTA V - Image Below) WARNING: If you drink too much, you'll pass out, but it won't count as a death.  
    WHY ?We'll, because It'd just be fun to do drink with friends inside a game rather than real life. Also for role playing reasons. Ohhh and in WEED. It'd also be fun to smoke a blunt or pipe with friends. 

    Video I stole the gif from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3AjnqPSt9tc
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  10. Kilisiano added a post in a topic Locked genders   

    You made my day XD. 
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  11. Kilisiano added a post in a topic New Mechanics?!   

    Don'f forget food animations. I'm not satisfied with my cooking unless I eat it. :3  
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  12. Kilisiano added a post in a topic Romance system plus for RP   

    Does my hand count as romance, If so sign me up. New Animations confirmed  If you catch what i mean. 
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  13. Kilisiano added a post in a topic Custom Music System (Like Mabinogi)   

    This must happen. Like the good old LOTRO days. 
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  14. Kilisiano added a post in a topic A Male Counterpart for the future "Dark Elf" Class! [POLL]   

    All i got to say is "Dayum Pearl, back at it again with the slutty female classes" 
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