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  1. Sheld added a post in a topic Male Ranger in 2017   

    "It is hard to give a concrete answer to this matter because we are always trying our best to create a truly fun and innovative character, rather than copying an existing one, with a sex change. Creating the same class, but a different gender, takes almost the same amount of resources as creating a completely new class. This has changed the overall direction of class development towards creating new classes, which will provide an entirely new experience for players. Currently, there is no plan to create a male version of Ranger, Sorcerer and Tamer. We might however provide a counterpart that offers a similar look and feel such as Valkyrie vs. Warrior with slight adjustments to fit its nature."
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  2. Sheld added a post in a topic Can you hide the cape on the Anemos?   

    yes u can
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  3. Sheld added a post in a topic Hey which one is better for pve only musa or tamer?   

    If u go to akman then tamer is better
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  4. Sheld added a post in a topic celestial bo-staff training?   

    I maxed it but ive over 1800 sp. When ur ap is really high u can delete pirates with just that skill
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  5. Sheld added a post in a topic How come tamer is so weak?   

    nah bigandshiny was standing in a corner and as soon as I jumped in with moonlight and did all the combo (which all my cc failed to connect) he turned around and almost 1 shot me,
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  6. Sheld added a post in a topic Launcher black screen   

    has anyone found a permanent fixed for this? disabling and enabling the gpu is annoying it should be like that....
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  7. Sheld added a post in a topic Surging tide is broken   

    For a while surging was completely bugged. Like heilang wouldn't even do anything, now at least he does something but the chances of him actually aiming to ur target is smaller than getting a pen. 
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  8. Sheld added a post in a topic How come tamer is so weak?   

    I find it hilarious when i c bigandshiny Ring on rbf. I tried to kill him the other day with 246 and did nothing, then he did 1 skill and 90% of my hp was gone and he says "I'm going afk for a sec". I turned around and left for an easier victim
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  9. Sheld added a post in a topic Pre-Awakening PVE dmg too low! Help!   

    Pre awaken tamer is the best grinding class of all pre awakening class. Ranger would be second. 
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  10. Sheld added a post in a topic Disconnecting issues.   

    im having problems too but it doesnt matter how many tickets i send they just dont wanna help.
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  11. Sheld added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Getting dc
    Ive been getting constant dcs for about a week. I send a ticket and i was told to f myself. wtf am i supposed to do?
    Please help.
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  12. Sheld added a post in a topic ManUp manhandles Cuckcode 60v90+. Cuckcode officially a t1 guild   

    I really don't think 97 of barcode members were there (I wasn't,  kakao didnt let me log in for 20 hours) 
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  13. Sheld added a post in a topic Is Tamer still taking double damage from magic attacks?   

    Well my friend did 80% of my hp with 1 skill with 132ap that's all I'm saying and he just had normal buffs. We duel while waiting for nouver. Is that OP and stupid? Imo it is and I bet 99.99% of the ppl will agree. Even my friend told me our magic defense its sad.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
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  14. Sheld added a post in a topic Unable to play due to disconnects.   

    Im still unable to log in. fix this shit please. thank you for nothing. bye.
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  15. Sheld added a post in a topic HOW DO YOU PEOPLE DO IT? Enchanting high risk?!   

    I spent 7bil on my tri ogre. Just don't give up and chill. 
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