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  1. solitudinem added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    So let me get this streight, ppl are mad because they were too lazy to take a few seconds to log on each server during events that just required log in?
    Everyone had the same opportunity to do so, stop being mad and crying about how unfair it is, it is 100% fair and legit
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  2. solitudinem added a post in a topic Language specific channels (Mainly for EU)   

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  3. solitudinem added a post in a topic Petition to re-open Character Creator.   

    It does not need to be on line, please simply update this so it can be permanent, and offline, simply for character creation, and editing
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  4. solitudinem added a post in a topic Improving PVE gameplay and Monster AI   

    I played the CBT2, and really enjoyed the game, I've played quite a few, Diablo, 1,2,3, Guild wars  1 and 2, hellgate London and hellgate global-RIP, I can tell you, I felt a lot or diablo II nostalgia, because of the skill tree, character skill building, also in the environment, the imps especially, anyhow, I saw 2 of the world bosses, and they seam mostly static, as in they don't really move? Honestly, this is unacceptable, I want world bosses that terrify me, , think about the fight against diablo in the chaos sanctuary, this monster felt intelligent, it was scary it would track you down and murder you if you allowed it, a world boss, SHOULD be an awesome force, it should scare the players, it should be very mobile, for example the mudman, should maybe turn into a pool of mud and suck players under, and recovering from this could have many options you can consider, also, maybe give it the ability to petrify people , turn them to stone, for a duration of time?, should also pick up players and throw them, or crush them, a static boss that just stands there is super boring, if you want to see a scary boss to reference, just look at, Diablo from diablo II, or most bosses from Hellgate, also the game really needs end game content other than just questing, some dungeons, team co-op harder than normal areas can be on land or underground I really don't care, with some puzzle room mechanics, that maybe take team coop to complete to move forward, with rewards like a currency to buy weapon and costumes maybe unobtainable otherwise, and maybe also upgrade components account bound on aquire, so its only for upgrading your own gear, but yeah, monster AI is really IMPORTANT, I am disappointed, also i think skill reset, should be obtainable from boss drops, or from some quest worthy of such a reward, maybe doing special requests from the skill merchant, to reset one line even, or x number of points to refund
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