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  1. Luv added a topic in PVE   

    Fastest clear speed at pirates with equal stats?
    DK vs. Wizard vs. any other class
    who has the fastest clear speed at pirates pre-awaken and awaken
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  2. Luv added a post in a topic What are your Golden Egg loots?   

    1. Cron stones 
    2. Armor stones
    3. Cron stones
    4. Cron stones
    5. Armor stones
    6. Ancient core belt
    7. Cron stones

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  3. Luv added a topic in General   

    Wanted to Congratulate Kakao on their business plan
    I've never seen a business plan quite like this in the history of gaming and I want to offer my sincere congratulations.
    Sources of income:
    1. Buy to play entry 
    2. Subscribe to play via Value Pack
    3. Sell items on market that reduce significant amount of time/effort to player
    4. Sell costumes that unlike other games are not tradeable once activated and may not be sold on market after activated (additionally they are character bound and cannot be deposited into a bank)
    Care to add anything else?
    • 7 replies
  4. Luv added a post in a topic Returning player!   

    fack u flexing on the forums
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  5. Luv added a post in a topic What Class Did You Retire To Join The Darkness ?   

    Wizard > Ranger > Berserker > Dark Knight > Wizard
    Despite my cash stack suffering I grew stronger with every reroll
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  6. Luv added a topic in General   

    Give value pack ability to sell item to black spirit for 75% of price
    There is a problem with the market place that could potentially be an easy fix. Players are unable to match the minimum prices of other players causing an unfair advantage. This is due to the mechanics of the game where when an earlier player sets his item at the minimum price and when that minimum price rises -- other players aren't able to match the price. It's one thing to continuously low ball the market, but its another thing when we aren't able to match our competitors pricing.
    A possible solution is to give value packs the ability to sell our items to the black spirit for up to 75% of the average price as opposed to the regular 85% (with value pack).
    This would save a lot of time for a ton of players who are experiencing this problem (just take a look at liverto's on market place) as we often have to wait for the one week cooldown on items being removed on market place until we can sell competitively.
    sorry for grammar mistakes -- wrote this on my iphone 
    • 5 replies
  7. Luv added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 19th 2017 *Updated   

    fix market place issues with unable to match minimum prices on market due to increase in minimums 
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  8. Luv added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 19th - *Extended   

    Please remove all items from market place. Some are selling under the allowable minimum and have an unfair advantage.
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  9. Luv added a post in a topic Cannot sell for true minimum price -- cannot play game   

    yea im trying to roll wizard1!!!!! 
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  10. Luv added a post in a topic Cannot sell for true minimum price -- cannot play game   

    Yea i rerolled guys -- couldnt suffer the agony of playing Ranger any longer  still waiting... i guess i'll go for TET
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  11. Luv added a topic in General   

    Cannot sell for true minimum price -- cannot play game
    Hey guys,
    Essentially I can't do anything until my items on the market sell. Problem is they won't be sold anytime soon because the price range has increased and there are 20+ of the same item sitting in the market selling for 5 million less than I'm selling at the current allowable minimum price.
    Anyone experiencing the same problem? I'd love to spend my weekend playing BDO instead of just waiting around and doing nothing...
    • 14 replies
  12. Luv added a topic in Berserker   

    Sometimes I feel like rerolling but...
    Why re-roll when you're the most attractive class

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  13. Luv added a post in a topic Sniping items off the marketplace tip request   

    LOOOOL i got those boots haahahahah
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  14. Luv added a post in a topic Known Issue - Beauty Album *Update   

    U wot m8?
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