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  1. Azsharion added a post in a topic P2Wer's be like...   

    Super stupid argument. The analogy of your example would be that the Guild Sovereign buys a good player, like me, especially me, from Guild VII and therefor pays 100million Silver per final wars. The thing now is that 1 player can make progress by not training or doing anything but paying more money. So the analogy would be that Pogba does not go to training for 5 hours a day anymore, but sits at home watching netflix, getting fat and then buying drugs or prosthesis for his legs to run faster and win the game without going the way of earning or achieving it.
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  2. Azsharion added a post in a topic Collective attempt at preventing p2w in BDO   

    I just heard that our GM got banned from the forum for being against the new changes and believe me, he is a very rational and good person, who did not flame or insult in any way. I read lots of things about censorship and everything and it is definitely real, I now know it from first hand. I don't know, I really feel overwhelmed by what is really happening, something you otherwise just hear in the news happening on sensitive topics around the globe.
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  3. Azsharion added a post in a topic Open Letter to PW2 Haters   

    I hate microtransactions and the concept of f2p with ingame shops. It is a horrible invention to make a lot of money based on luring humans into a supposed free thing and then cash-grabbing those with a weak mind through psychological traps. There will always be people who fall into such traps and buy their way to the goal to avoid taking the hard and real path to achieve it. Companies in modern gaming industry use that to create more money than they would with normal and fair subscription models, since a small amount of big whales and all the mid-cashing people tend to spend more money than in a healthy system. Companies don't take responsibility for what they are doing to those people. They don't care if those people waste all their money like in casinos, on drugs or whatever and maybe perish due to their low psyche and their vulnerability to such things.
    In my oppinion, it is a no-go to do that and use humans to make more money while accepting them to suffer from this. Even on the educating side, companies in modern gaming industry don't care about a good education for people, which they could. Giving people the possiblity to reach something for real money without going the way and achieving it through own work, they offer a devils gift to just instantly get what you want. But what is it worth then? Those people buying something without achieving it will gather increasing emptyness around what they did and who they are. The achievement of earning something gets lost and thus the feeling of being proud of it. There are many people searching for an alternative or an escape from problems in the real world, finding them in beautiful virtual games where they can embrace a different world. Using their vulnerability and anxiousness to make profit is an easy and wealth-maximizing concept for entrepreneurs, who don't care about doing anything good in the world. They grab cash from those people knowing that they just use them for there own goals and don't care for the negative effects their actions imply.
    That's why a b2p-model with monthly subscription is a model I prefer. I want to pay and support a company that does a good job. But in a healthy and fair way. My motivation is destroyed when I know that 10 hours of work ingame can be purchased in 2 minutes by another person. It destroys my feeling of achievement and also of the otherperson. The possiblity of this is enough for my motivation to be destroyed. If someone in life finds something, what he really wants to do and puts his time, effort and passion into that, like for example this game, then this person deserves to be good in it (Leaving out variables like talent and such). I do not see the reasoning behind giving someone the option to reach as much as this person for paying money. Why? If someone practices football every evening for 5 hours, why should I stand the side and think "hmm, I'm working so much, I have money but I don't want to spend my time with football so much, give me an option to be as good as him". And why should this person than get like drugs to enhance his fitness or any mechanical advices on the legs that make him faster for money so that he can be equally good? Why? Everyone chooses his goals, passions etc in life and puts his time in those things, he needs or/and wants to do. If I don't have the time for a hardcore - grinding mmorpg, why do I still want to have it and pay money to be as good as those who play it much and leave other things for that, just to destroy the complete way to the goal and just get it. Why does such a person not play a game that fits the time and ambition? There are plenty of those on the market! Like Diablo 3 , Overwatch recently. And so many more.
    Stop being weak in mind and giving in to such stupid mechanics that destroy the way of achievement and give easy access to something that loses its value without the process? That is a psychologic trap to use the weak human mind into paying for something he should play for himself. It will destroy every feeling for achievement and therefor your own character. And while it does that, it also destroys the motivation of people around you who play for something and feel awesome when achieving something, because their value is reduced. Not for themselves directly, because they still played for it and did a good job, but especially in a competitive pvp game the doings and achievings of others will always be taken into account by the own mind. I accepted the change into microtransactions partially in the modern gaming industry, but with all the changes happening, we now have a system of buy2play, a monthly premium subscription of 16€ (which is more than in complete subscription mmos), a tremendously expensive cashshop and now the option of selling real money items for silver. It's not the recent implementation that's the problem for me, but the whole system we have now.
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  4. Azsharion added a post in a topic You worked for your gear? Ummm No. But I did WORK for my money!   

    Why playing a game you don't have the time for ? Leave one of the last time-intensive games for people who have the passion to put much time and effort into it. Go and play Diablo 3, Overwatch or whatever you like that is not too time-consuming. What is your achievement in buying those things and not going the way to achieve the goal in the game? You work, that is your life decision and you put time into it. Others put more time into sports and get good at it. No need to buy steroids then to be able to play against them in sports. So why buying those things for a game you seemingly do not have the time and passion for?
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  5. Azsharion added a post in a topic The hypocrisy of QQing about the cash shop update   

    For me, it's not only the actual implementation. It's the dimension of the cash-system in BDO as a whole after all the implementations and changes. This is summarized as followed:
    Buy2Play - You pay for the game
    Cash-Shop - BDO has a cashshop with very useful items like the ghillie, normal costumes with their advantages, loot pets, lucky underwear etc. The prices of this shop have also been critically discussed, since they are tremendously high (29 € for a skin f.e.).
    Premium Subscription - The valuepack has been added 3 weeks ago and is a premium subscription for 16€/month, which is more than you pay for a complete subscription/b2p game
    Selling of cashshop items on the market - Now you can also sell things you buy for real money in the auction house for ingame silver. The amount is important, yes, but even if it is low, it has an impact.
    And that's the problem for me now. When I started BDO, the cashshop was critical, but I made the decision that I can live with the model and pay for those things that I want to have. The changes of the past month completely overhauled the system and made it to a very big monetization machine, that includes EVERY aspect of subscription, b2p, free2play cashshop elements and tremendous prices. This system as a whole is not okay, in no way. All those elements combined create a system, that is not healthy and fair.
    And the more money you can put into a game on so many aspects, the less every achievement you get in the game is worth. The more possibilities of buying things for money instead of working towards them ingame, the less rewarding a game will be for you and the players around you. If you achieve good gear because of work and time in the game, you feel rewarded and feel like you achieved something. If you get the gear of the auction house this element is destroyed. Many humans will choose the easy way to be happy in short-term, but will lose interest in using the things they did not achieve. The way is an essential part of the goal.
    And yes, I am kind of a competitive player. If someone can easily buy things in a game where I work towards them and get them after doing much for it, it affects my gaming experience. If people don't have the time or the passion to play the game and work for it, maybe those people should play other games that are more casual, since there are plenty of them. There are way more casual and working/family friendly games on the market than difficult ones. So don't blame the people who want to have a more difficult game, because those are lacking on the market. Those people want a difficult game without possibilities to just buy everything for someone who does not have the passion for an intense time-investment on one hobby/game.
    If you play football each day, you also get better. No one should then come up to you and say "It's not fair that you are better and fitter just because you have the time for it and I have to work in night shifts, I want to have the ability to be just as good as you". Should there be mechanical tools for his legs which he can buy so that he can be as fast as the one who practices all the time and puts time and effort into it? I don't think so. His life decision is to use his time to play football because he loves it. Maybe he works less and gets less money, but is happy with his free time that he can spend in the hobby he loves. And if he does so, he deserves to be better in this. Of course, there are more variables and differentiations, but I think the thought in general should be understood. If someone decides to invest the time of his life in BDO, then he deserves to have a good time and may be better geared than those who do not invest so much passion and time for it. But those are therefor better in something else, maybe they do sports, maybe they earn more money due to more time in their career and  whatever. Why does someone who has not the time and not the passion to invest the time he has need to have the ability to pay for everything others work for? That does not make sense. Overwatch is a cool casual game, WoW is a very casual-friendly game. Diablo 3 Season 7 has begun and is a cool game for people who do not have too much time.  Why not playing those instead of deciding to play a game you do not have the time for?
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  6. Azsharion added a post in a topic People crying P2W need to get a JOB!   

    You are still not bringing any argument, yet you stay to your insult that people who don't want the implementation. You insult EVERYONE who critisizes the new feature without any differentiation or reasonable argument. And you can't even nearly write in english properly, so if I would be like you, I could think about what kind of job you have and what kind of person you are, but I DO NOT want to bring the discussion on such a level.
    I personally can say that I have the money and already paid a good amount within the cashshop of this game when it was still bearable. And for me, it is not this one feature that makes me rejecting the implementation. It's the whole financial system we now have. There is a cashshop with tremendously high prices for things that definitely already gave advantages for players paying like the ghillie, normal costumes, loot pets and breeding resets f.e. Now we also have a 16 euro monthly premium subscription model which is even more expensive than an actual b2p-game with a monthly fee (which are generally 13 Euro a month). And now we ALSO get the implementation of selling cashshop items on the marketplace for ingame silver. This package as a whole is absolutely a NO-GO.
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  7. Azsharion added a post in a topic Stop blaming Kakao/Daum for P2W   

    The problem is that microtransactions are always somewhat terrible. You see a cash-shop and the financial model of a game and then you decide, if it's worth playing in a normal way or not. I personally had a very critical discussion about wether to start BDO or not. Due to the lack of other games and the good game that BDO definitely is, we decided to start it and accept to buy a costume/ghillie and some pets.
    The problem now is: With the value pack they added a 16 € subscription premium model and now they even add the possibility of selling real-money items for in-game silver. The whole system now consists of a monthly premium subscription of 16 €, which is more than complete subscription b2p-games cost, an ingame shop with extreme prices like 29 Euro for a costume and the upcoming ability of selling cash-shop items for ingame silver.
    This system as a whole is not okay. In no way. Without the valuepack and the new implementation it was somehow bearable but already very critical, but this new complete system of finance is absolutely not bearable.
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  8. Azsharion added a post in a topic People crying P2W need to get a JOB!   

    Wow, this topic is still on while others get deleted? While the anti-p2w-campaigns go against the mechanics that will be implemented on wednesday, this thread attacks people personally. Why are you not argumenting on the facts of the implementation, but personally against humans? Calling them out as no-lifers and they should get a job etc. You are attacking people who are not okay with the cash-shop implementation directly and personally instead of bringing arguments why and how the new feature makes sense or can be positive.
    THIS thread should be deleted and the OP should be banned for personally attacking people instead of reasonable argumentation.
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  9. Azsharion added a post in a topic Should BDO cash shop items be available for sale to other players for in-game silver?   

    You are paying a monthly fee for the value pack of 16 Euro per month. AND you have the cash shop items in the game. So you don't need to decide, isn't that nice?
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  10. Azsharion added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Very bad decision. Just as some of the decisions before, but even worse now. Even from the financial sight, I think your goals are to short-termed. You could have had a good and running long-time investment with this game, since it has real potential and could be one of the best on the market. But the decisions, the PR, the Marketing, you screwed it so hard...
    I will not spend any money in this game anymore if this change gets through. I will still play it and utilize your servers. Till now, I paid for many things in this game providing you with a solid amount of money for my playtime. But your decisions make my decisions really feel bad and I have a very bad taste playing the game now. And a very bad taste if I would ever buy anything again.

    TL;DR: Bad decision, will never buy anything of you again. Might stay or leave the game, don't know yet. Bad feeling with the game and especially you as a publisher. You destroyed every possible future investment from my side, since I will never buy anything again from your company. The quality of the game is nice and you just sold a raw diamond for 100 bucks instead of polishing it and getting millions instead.
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  11. Azsharion added a post in a topic Alustin and Croxus Node War Tales.   

    I know, Shackel Was not meant as an expression of an overall alliance, but for the specific fight on saturday <3 I know you were young and needed the money $$$
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  12. Azsharion added a post in a topic Alustin and Croxus Node War Tales.   

    Wishing you the best to get the guild going again. I dislike seeing so many nodes and regions uncontested due to the lack of guilds / alliances that are motivated and strong enough. Hopefully more guilds will find ways for higher tier participation and alliance-building. Sad to see the cool Node- and Siegewar concept getting boring at so many uncontested nodes/regions just due to a lack of participating people. Gogo guys! Fix it up and I'm looking forward to see you guys on the battlefield again!
    Congratz to the Alliance of Oldskool, Revolt, XenoTavern and Sovereign not only to the castle, but more for putting up such an epic and long pvp-action against the strong-standing ToxicTeam, Fanatics and Vikings. Was watching the stream and it was really nice to see, while I was grinding pirates with my mates due to the completely uncontested other 3 regions... And then just getting a T3-Node on Sunday completely uncontested again. The Weekend was complete bullshit pvp-wise for me

    Come on players and guilds on Alustin! Don't be afraid of not winning a node or a region, participate for the cool pvp and banging action! The way is more important than the goal, since achieving the goal without resistance gives the occupation of nodes/regions a very bad taste.
    And keep the drama, shittalk and extraordinairy events going! That's what keeps us alive, not the 24/7 every day "everything is normal and nothing unexpected happens" boredom of everyday life. Good to have a solid basis, but its the special moments that make things worth fighting for.
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  13. Azsharion added a post in a topic Gilde VII - Gemeinsam Legenden Schaffen!   

    Puh, die Server sind down. Endlich habt ihr kurz Zeit eure Bewerbung auf http://gilde-vii.de/ auszufüllen. Schnell! Nur noch 2 1/2 Stunden bis die Server wieder da sind!
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  14. Azsharion added a post in a topic Which Class would you like to see in the future   

    Should be at least a ranged class, like alternative mages or whatever. Too many asssassin-classes on too low variation in those.
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  15. Azsharion added a post in a topic Thoughts on a server merge? (Croxus-EU)   

    I would love to see a server merge to get more action and fresh wind into the situation. Alustin and Croxus sounds reasonable (I'm on Alustin). We have too little guilds competing in Node- and Siegewars ending in multiple Nodes and Regions conquered without any fight or contest. That's just sad and boring.
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