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  1. WelshSteel added a post in a topic BDO: A Responsible *Competitive* Gamer's Nightmare   

    Uh huh.
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  2. WelshSteel added a post in a topic Please respond to YOUR community   

    Can't carry on without night vendor? how sad.
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  3. WelshSteel added a post in a topic Late release of already available awakening weapons - REPOST   

    Cluttering the forums again?
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  4. WelshSteel added a post in a topic Has ANYONE ever actually looted a HEBETATE TREE SPIRIT SCROLL?   

    Gladiator belts + tree scrolls? great scott!
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  5. WelshSteel added a post in a topic Is this Archeage 2.0 ?   

    No need for me to be touchy about it? the forums could be full of meaningful and insightful posts instead it is full of cheapskates and scrubs.
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  6. WelshSteel added a post in a topic A thread for Fond Farewells   

    Obviously the door didn't hit you hard enough, i wish i was behind it.
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  7. WelshSteel added a post in a topic Is this Archeage 2.0 ?   

    not nearly as bad? p2w doesn't exist on this game, if you played Korean mmo's in the past and you think BDO is in any shape or form p2w you should quit this game now because the mmo is not the genre for you.
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  8. WelshSteel added a post in a topic Dmg reducction   

    Kite Shied+15 damage reduction is extremely noticable vs a Vangertz.
    It appears to depend on what class you play, DP levels seem improved on Warrior/Valk but this could be due to damage reduction, which these classes gain passively in their skill trees synergising with DP.
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  9. WelshSteel added a post in a topic CM_Jouska vs. Warrior   

    Jordine, Marrs.
    You simple? Someone said "Vangertz is best in slot" and you don't think twice? get a brain and fast.
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  10. WelshSteel added a post in a topic CM_Jouska vs. Warrior   

    Kite shield + ultimate grunil + weapon core/seal(dp+10) is enough defense for warrior. PvE is easy switch kite shield to Axion
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  11. WelshSteel added a post in a topic CM_Jouska vs. Warrior   

    If you wear vangertz/shadow rings/witch's earrings you deserve this.
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  12. WelshSteel added a post in a topic State of Warrior   

    I grind Guardian Seal (new helms mobs) and group up mobs and kill in 10 secs.
    I solo Mutant Tree's in 1 min.
    I can solo Pirate island and kill the small mobs in 5 sec average then an extra 5-10 sec for the big mobs.
    But no one believes me and apparently we need awakened to match the damage of a classes such as ranger which offers almost zero utility and just pump out damage, logic.
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  13. WelshSteel added a post in a topic Late release of already available awakening weapons.   

    So basically you work strictly solo and you don't have at least a duo partner or any guild mates to help you secure areas?
    Buffed I have roughly 140 AP, I've solo'd helms mines (where you get necklace seal) for a week and i've had 3 solo and 2 more duo'd with a sorc so i've farmed there for a good few hours with those necklace figures! myself solo i round up 5-7 of the mobs that drop the neck and I clear them all in roughly 10 secs (If I don't get knocked back or knockdown by them).
    If you have a problem with Warrior thats on you and this will be my last post because most of you are stubborn arseholes, our clear speed is fine and you need to realise wizards/rangers get to the mobs first because of the range advantage (obviously!) but we have no problem clearing mobs at relatively the same speed once we meet the target.
    Cry about awakening some more, bye.
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  14. WelshSteel added a post in a topic Late release of already available awakening weapons.   

    Knockdown on mobs in pirate island is not reliable, only blader with ignore floating resistance is the reliable cc.
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  15. WelshSteel added a post in a topic Late release of already available awakening weapons.   

    I sense fustration but I am clueless as to why, if you have a lot of AP and you feel you are weak there are 2 things you should try : Be better mechanically or try acc because you clearly don't know enough about it.
    I have a 153 AP wizard in my guild he reks things in a split second but rangers and wizards get to things first OBVIOUSLY, spinning slash with equivlant gear with good ressetting is incredible damage and it's childish to ask for more at this point (like awakening).
    You can't shotgun pirate island in 1, it took at least 3 (based off 150+ap ranger) before yesterday's patch which clearly shows you have no experience at pirate island.
    If you are bored of warrior without awakening just say so and I know a lot of you children are itching to deal some deeps and be kurosaki ichigo and are tired of performing an "aggressive supportive role", just don't post crap like this when you don't have enough experience on you.
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