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  1. Frexie added a post in a topic EU <Leviathan> 460AP/DP Combined, Level 58   

    This is very true
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  2. Frexie added a post in a topic EU <Leviathan> 460AP/DP Combined, Level 58   

    Wait, you only make 5 videos a day?  
    soooooo, ummm bump
    Quite interesting
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  3. Frexie added a post in a topic EU <Leviathan> 460AP/DP Combined, Level 58   

    Leviathan actually recently cleared out the majority of undergeared people that are not progressing their gear in a rapid pace. hence why we are not having as many coming to nodewars etc.
    Guessing you are in one of them carpenting guilds?
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  4. Frexie added a topic in Guild Recruitment   

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  5. Frexie added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    Can you give us the DK awakening alredy? <.<
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  6. Frexie added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 29th   

    Pirates is piss easy tho. 
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  7. Frexie added a post in a topic Coming this Sunday....   

    I dont see myself here D':
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  8. Frexie added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 8th   

    DK awakening?
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  9. Frexie added a post in a topic Boss Event   

    This event is utter shit. just give us the stuff instead -.-
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  10. Frexie added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 15th   

    How were you aquiering these over there?
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  11. Frexie added a post in a topic Let us sell used pearl costumes   

    Yes please... ive got way to many costumes just laying about on old characters that i dont play anymore... would be great to be able to sell them and delete the characters sience i dont want them anymore but i dont want to delete them cus i invested actual money into them... <.<
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  12. Frexie added a topic in European Guild   

    [EU][Jordine] Excessum - [EN][PvPvE][GvG][Siege][Discord]

    About Us:
    Excessum is International Multi-Gaming Community. Our player base consists out of hardcore veterans that played with us since 2002 and new members that we recruited since then. Since then we gained countless achievements in pretty much every major mmorpg since. That gives us a varied group with massive experience in mmorpg gaming. Most of us are friends and like minded individuals, that value good fun and enjoys challenges together.
    Recruitment Status:
    Currently recruiting new members located in all regions to build upon our core of members from those area's for our 24/7 presence in Black Desert Online.
    Recruits we are looking for should participate in guild groups, Guild vs Guild or any other organized activities and be available on Discord if needed, aim to be best at what they do. Voice communication is fundamental for successful guild and community, that's why its mandatory for official guild groups for our members.Mature PvP Mindset is Required.
     Guild Address: http://www.excessum-gaming.com
     Guild Name: Excessum Server: Jordine Channel: Serendia J1 Guild Leader: Frexie FrexarianGuild Officers: Shiju, Akashiri, Cerynthia, Aileath, Sabiana, Khaox, Stoneay, Khebeln, RootzNon Aggression Pact: Impact, Restart, Razors, Varshen, ChaosVanguardGuild Main Focus: - PvP: Hardcore to semi-hardcore. Sieges & GvG. Gankage Groups. PK. PvP Events. Arena Training.- PvE: Hardcore to semi-hardcore. Grind Groups, Bosses, Crafting, Fishing, Guild QuestsGuild Requirements: - Apply at www.excessum-gaming.com/recruitment - Minimum of 55+ Level 5 Stat Accesories- High Daily Activity - Organized, Relaxed & Drama Free Attitude - 3d+ w/o proper note at #absence-notification = Your spot becomes open for new members      Excessum Community Social Media Sites
    WebsiteForumsFacebook Public GroupYouTube ChannelTwitch ChannelSteam GroupCommunity Gallery 
    Welcome and thank you for considering to join Excessum! We are a quality guild and require high standards from all of our members. Therefore we have a strict recruiting policy in order to create a first barrier our new potential members will have to overcome. Before applying, please read this post carefully, because it might just be the difference between getting accepted or getting rejected.
    - You behave in a mature and respectful manner. Not just to your guild members, but also to non-guild members.
    - You are pro-active, eager to participate on the forums and in voice chat and eager to discuss game mechanics.
    - You are a team player, placing the needs and goals of the guild before your own.
    - You do not easily get frustrated. We do not want our guild members to start crying if they get ganked 10 times in a row or if we wipe 10 times in a row on a raid boss.
    - You are reliable. Coming half an hour late for a raid, because your mother planned dinner at the time we planned to start the raid is not a good reason.
    - You have at least some interest in both the PvE and PvP aspects of the game.
    If you just read these traits and feel there is 1 or more with which you cannot identify yourself, please reconsider applying to this guild. It might save us both a lot of time.

    1. Discord-Voip - A working microphone is recommended & a copy of Discord is mandatory to be installed & ready to use by all members higher than Trial & Social member. Only exception to that are hearing-speech impaired members. While participating in any official guild party or raid the ability to communicate is mandatory. Its highly encouraged to use discord outside off the official groups & raids. Our community is voice oriented one so be aware of that.
    2. Recruitment - New members are in a trial period, during this period officers will decide if the recruit is of Excessum standards. This only applies if its in game recruitment. Pre launch recruitment trial can last as long as its necessary until we will know you.
    3. Disruptive Behavior - An excessive amount of complaining, non-constructive criticism, racism, arguing within the guild, etc., will result in removal from the guild. This does not mean that members can never complain, criticize or argue. The keyword here is "excessive", meaning that it reaches the point where it affects guild cohesiveness.
    4. Quality Players - Our community have standards of quality play that we intend to maintain. If any guild member is found to be extremely lacking in their skills and will to learn, they may be voted on by the Officers for removal from the guild. The important phrase here is "extremely lacking."
    5. No Cliques - We will not allow special cliques to form within the guild. Everyone in the guild should get to know all of the other guild members, and be equally helpful to all of them. For balanced grouping purposes, the Officers may have to adjust party or raids so that all guild members get a fair group when they play.
    6. No Idiotic Public Posts - If you want to act like a fool, we have private boards or discord for you to do that. Don't post on public forums & chats about the guild, how bad *** you are, or how we were foolish enough to add or kick you.
    7. Respect Your Guild Members -
    You are required to treat other members of the guild with respect. How you actually feel about them is not relevant, but your behavior is. Feel free to interact with anyone outside of the guild however you like, as long as it doesn't violate any of the guild rules.
    8. Forums & Website - All members are required to visit website regularly and be acquainted with all the necessary information that is placed in in the Guild sections of the games they are playing.
    9. In-Game botting - Members involved in use of any bot programs will be removed from the guild. If we find any evidence that you are involved, there will be no mercy!
    10. Absence - If you are going away for a long period of time and you don't want to removed from the in game guild after two weeks of being inactive, you need to inform us about that in the absence forum using template provided there. Browser games are exception, look for details in their forum sections.

    There are certain attributes that Excessum members must have, these are the following
    Skill: Members are expected to actively improve their skill and experience, this includes knowledge of every factor of your chosen class, knowledge of the surroundings, tactical awareness and your reaction time.
    Determination: Members are expected to have the stamina to reach the goals set by the guild if they are participating in any group activities. Whenever a member's army get wiped out, they are expected to get back up ready to fight, ready to win!
    Dedication: Our goal is to achieve top end game results and and promote dynamic community interactions. To participate within the ranks of the guild there is the expectation that you have dedication to the cause. Activity on the forums / voice / text chat comes and in game are all expected.
    Attitude: Members are expected to posses certain attitude traits. These include such things as the ability to take criticism, ability to work as part of a team and take initiative in community related activities.
    Maturity: Good communities are founded on maturity, tolerance and reasonable respect. By this we mean that you possess the ability to judge and apply your actions correctly depending on the situation and avoid conflicts and drama. You possess balanced and tolerant personality.
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