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  1. Havetoberealistic added a post in a topic Sandbox PvX Suggestion / Petition to Devs   

    A question.  Why would the primarily PvE player choose to flag themselves as open for PvP in this system.  I can't see there is necessarily as advantage to saying: "i am carrying valuable goods, and i would like to make the penalties for you less harsh to come and steal my stuff."  
    Now then, if you tell me that I can sell my goods on the other side at a premium price if I am flagged, then I have incentive.  Now i am figuring out how to get from point A to point B such that Outlaw can't find me, or I bring along some extra muscle for protection (not sure I know how exactly I can pay the muscle though, which is a whole separate problem).  Now this is where it gets exciting for the PvE player that flags, heart pounding in my ears, "wait did that bush just move" kind of stuff.
    Just like the PvP player needs incentive to play the pirate/outlaw - i.e. steal stuff, make money - the PvE player that flags for PvP should get incentive for achieving the goal at a disadvantage.  Sure if PvE player gets attacked and then survives they get the money/consumables the attacker was carrying, but shouldn't i have some advantage for opening myself to the danger?
    The flagging system loses a little immersion for me.  Why did the merchants travel through Nottingham forest?  Was it the quickest route and so they could make more money by making more trips?  Could they have gone around the forest and made a quarter of the profits?  Maybe the only way to Nottingham was to go through the forest and the danger made that trade route more profitable than the safer route to Leicester...
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  2. Havetoberealistic added a post in a topic [Updated v2.0] Bounty Hunters, Karma, and Flagging Discussion   

    Stalking this for a while and skipped a lot of the middle part, but here is my two cents.
    I'm primarily a PvE player.  Played lots of imaginary worlds.  Spent more time in EvE than just about anywhere.  Why?  It gave me a reason to PvE.  The more risk you take, leaving the safe zone, the bigger the PvE rewards.  The better you planned, the more likely you survived.  If I got PK'd, my fault - I put myself in harm's way.  The rewards on the 10 times I might pull off a trip into null sec or wormhole space without getting shot down made it worth it.
    And here's the thing, taking those risks would make the adrenaline fire, the heart pound.  More so than any game I ever played.
    The problem with EvE - too bad it's in space...
    You want to farm?  Give them a spot to do so relatively safely.  You want to hunt Diamonds?  You better believe the risks are greater, but I'll take it and the excitement it gives.  If I die for my bravado, I deserve to get looted.  I'll be smarter the next time.  Or maybe quicker to fight back.
    In summary, give me a good reason to go into a owPvP zone.  I may not be there for the kill, but I will be there for the loot.  And if I want to dig turnips in relative safety, I guess that's my choice too.
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