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  1. Vandenhar added a post in a topic Anyone else has this problem?   

    Ya, having this issue as well I also have a razor naga so that might be the cause 
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  2. Vandenhar added a post in a topic <NA> Last Watch <PVX><Discord>   

    I sent you a PM Nadan but if you find it easier to talk to me in game family name is same as forum name :3
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  3. Vandenhar added a post in a topic Glowing box???   

    Pretty sure it's glowing because your penguin is on top of it, might have done a slide emote, and stoped there, and you just see the end result. 
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  4. Vandenhar added a post in a topic Is it possible to play without the abusive p2w pets?   

    I played for about 6 months with only the 1 free gave us and I did just fine   but then again I was never in a rush to be at end game or be part of the top player base. If you don't mind not being 100% efficient then you can play without them
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  5. Vandenhar added a post in a topic Different sitting positions? (Probably the most stupid question of today)   

    If you press Q while sitting, it will cycle through sitting positions your character can do, some spots only have 1-2 options while others have more.
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  6. Vandenhar added a post in a topic How many bids does it take to get new Pearl Items?   

    I have had some items take up to 200+ bids before I finally get it, and that's throughout the week, I know better then to try camping on weekends when game population is doubled lol.
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  7. Vandenhar added a post in a topic How come ranger has the best female outfits?   

    Sorc eckett best female costume imo. :3 Everything else is meh at best to me. 
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  8. Vandenhar added a post in a topic Total Cost of BDO   

    I have barely spent 100 on this game and i do just fine, idk why everyone keeps saying you gotta spend all this money
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  9. Vandenhar added a post in a topic taking bets on how many times i disconnect before bdo is playable   

    I had the exact same problem but I solved it by switching to a new set of servers. NA Velia channels were the cause of my problems, didnt matter which one I picked, so randomly picked a serendia channel, game loaded up fine for me, no lag at all. If I go back to the Velia channels though, the problem comes back and I dc like crazy
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  10. Vandenhar added a post in a topic Blue Reagent(Alchemy)   

    I think there was another topic about this somewhere, but yes, this is stupid and makes alchemy not worth the time anymore.
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  11. Vandenhar added a post in a topic Soloing a Guild   

    If you can get a friend that will work wonders but do what my guild did, we got an afk fisher so my friend and I can do as many guild quests as we want. Love being in a small guild, no drama, and I'm social enough so I  still get to do most things in-game. It just takes a little bit of effort at first to get it going. :3
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  12. Vandenhar added a post in a topic Forest turning into Grindspot!   

    Haha! This happened to me a few days ago, was chopping near southern guard camp getting pines, saw someone chopping so I went in the opposite direction. Guy saw me chased me down and tried to pk me. Afterwards he whispered saying those were his trees. I just laughed at him and chopped some trees a little farther down.
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  13. Vandenhar added a post in a topic Decorated Christmas House.. do you have one?   

    Good luck getting ranked on that house, I was before merge and now i lost my ranking :< but this house looks amazing! when i log back on i might add yuo so i can check it out :3 Oh and my in game name is same on as forum name. and I live in the same house as yours. Should of asked this before though, you play on EU or NA?
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  14. Vandenhar added a post in a topic Santa has Arrived in Heidel!   

    Had a lot of fun!!!! We should have more community events like this :3
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  15. Vandenhar added a post in a topic Possible to organize a strike? (✿◡‿◡)   

    I back this up 100% :3, to bad no one cares about us life skillers :< it's pretty obvious at this point. More power to you if you can convince everyone not to list t5 or higher horse's though!  
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