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  1. Darkhain added a post in a topic The current correct figures behind the cash shop selling system   

    People don't realise, low price costume on AH means lots of sells, means lots income coming from few rich (mostly) people.
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  2. Darkhain added a post in a topic Rise of the amount of chargebacks (p2w update)   

    It's like Twich donation, once people were trolling with paypal chargeback, now Paypal are taking action against it : https://motherboard.vice.com/read/twitch-troll-donations-paypal.
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  3. Darkhain added a post in a topic (feedback) *Seller Only* What do you think about current prices for pearl items?   

    What a waste of money, 30euros for 19M, wtf, is this a joke? !!!
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  4. Darkhain added a post in a topic Create p2w and Non-p2w serwer and allow players to choose their side.   

    Why not no-lifer server and casual server (you can't play more than like 12hr per week) then?
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  5. Darkhain added a post in a topic Looks like Daum is going after bot users   

    Lol, at some point in the documents, they miss wrote : "Blanc Desert Online", and "Blanc" = white.
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  6. Darkhain added a post in a topic Paid DLC post VAlencia 3!   

    Yeah great idea, I support it.
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  7. Darkhain added a post in a topic Subscription pricing~   

    Brexit poll.
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  8. Darkhain added a post in a topic Mathematical progression - Valk's Cry VS Value Pack   

    Lol, you get value pack with Loyalty, and then buy/sell what you want.
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  9. Darkhain added a post in a topic RIP ZERKER   

    This video is even before Valencia and +20 gear, such dissapointment.
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  10. Darkhain added a post in a topic I am having a hard time convincing myself to continue playing   

    RNG not gonna change when you come back. And i'm laughing at all people thinking Black Market will change their life, it's all RNG based, in Korea, it took at long time to get all gear from Black Market. And also laughing at people selling Hard/Sharp black crystal shard.
    This game is all gear based, never saw a game with such gear gap than BDO. If you like pvp, you shall quit. If you like pve, you shall quit. Game only about grinding and playing slot machine !
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  11. Darkhain added a post in a topic Populous   

    None all dead.
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  12. Darkhain added a post in a topic Level 30 to dig!?   

    lvl30 was the initial lvl to unlock pvp in Korea, back in the good days, so it make total sense for shoveling to be lvl30.
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  13. Darkhain added a post in a topic KR patch note 14th July   

    Not being able to drown, is carebareing, it's an easy solution, it's like they should remove heatstroke.
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  14. Darkhain added a post in a topic WARNING: 'new' griefing   

    Were you one of our victim from AA, who got his fishes/tradepacks stolen? 
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