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  1. Krustydog added a post in a topic There is no pleasing everyone here, it's time to pick a side, if you want to drive away all the TOP guilds continue transforming the game into a carebear-paradise.   

    People still playing this game? Wow. You guys are hardcore. After the billionth mob I killed I was so over this game.
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  2. Krustydog added a post in a topic o7   

    Massive Multiplayer Online....go check the Guinness world book of records and see who holds the record for most concurrent players ever on an online game.
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  3. Krustydog added a post in a topic o7   

    So using your logic we should have just ignored racism and sexism and never spoke up? You have to speak up to get the powers that be to address your concerns.
    spend the money and make the game 100% server side. Like World of Tanks, the largest mmo in the world. There's a reason it's the largest. Problem is DAUM only gets a slice of the pie and it's not enough to afford said servers.
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  4. Krustydog added a post in a topic o7   

    If they do we shall return.
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  5. Krustydog added a topic in General   

    Me and my friends are out. We do not cheat therefore find BDO an unsuitable environment for our hard earned dollars.
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  6. Krustydog added a post in a topic Daum is actually HIDING cheaters and exploiters!   

    Me and all my friends stopped playing this game until this is fixed. This has happened with all to many games the last couple of years and we feel the game is a waste of time until it is addressed.
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  7. Krustydog added a post in a topic Turn soft cap into hard cap, and cap gear at +15   

    Actually World of Tanks is my main game-you know-the biggest game in the world. It caters to casuals AND hardcore. It does not require casuals to be hard cores -----es. All I hear you "hard cores" screaming is let us kill everyone anywhere we want and take their stuff. Good luck with that.
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  8. Krustydog added a post in a topic Turn soft cap into hard cap, and cap gear at +15   

    Same problems here as every other failed game the last couple of years. Hacking (spell cool down), gear disparity, and in general douchery by the players. Seems to be developing into another basement dweller ruled Mmorpg. On the bright side eventually someone will get it right. I will still play to see how it turns out but for the moment I will not spend one more dime on this game.
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  9. Krustydog added a post in a topic Turn soft cap into hard cap, and cap gear at +15   

    I bought the game for node wars and sieges. But if they turn out to be the joke they are on Archeage then my bad. I was under the impression that skill was going to be a huge part of this game. Doesn't seem to be the case so far.
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  10. Krustydog added a post in a topic Turn soft cap into hard cap, and cap gear at +15   

    UO did it the best pre tram. Everyone running around in whatever they could scrounge and jibbing each other.
    Sooooooo.....in your opinion should 97% of us just leave the game? Cause I have a life dude. One I not willing to piss away for a video game.
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  11. Krustydog added a post in a topic All names are taken   

    Farcheesmo is available. I know, huh?
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  12. Krustydog added a post in a topic Can we increase the price of Livertos based on the demand and how much it's being sold for?   

    Just gimme my sh*t and let me pvp. It's a pvp game right?
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  13. Krustydog added a post in a topic Most retarded world bosses in a game in history   

    If this is the case and it continues and only a select few get to become gods and rub our faces in it...well...we'll just quit. No big deal. This aint my first rodeo and wont be my last.
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  14. Krustydog added a post in a topic What was your main MMO before Black Desert?   

    World of Tanks which I still play. Tried Archeage but driving a hauler for a virtual living didn't suit me.
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