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  1. SilverR added a post in a topic Patch Notes - November 23rd   

    whats everyone gaem client version? mine seems didnt got an update, anyway it says
    It didnt get any patch today
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  2. SilverR added a post in a topic 50 Stacks & Quitting   

    lol, i got 161 ap/230 dp in 1 and half month with new character(musa) a lot time after musa class appeared, as I did stop playing, and that char was a fresh start, jsut got few mem fragments from my original char xD. Got some fails etc.. but lol.
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  3. SilverR added a post in a topic Level 56/57 - HP and MP?   

    health level also increases mp/sp, but it seems ppl got diferent hp cause of class.
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  4. SilverR added a post in a topic Halloween Events   

    lol, same here, thought I missed smthing important on that, but seems its another bug xD.
    So, do a ticket or just wait?
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  5. SilverR added a post in a topic Halloween Events   

    cant get ficy in heidel worshop to give me quest, 0 quest avaible at him, cant do event quest.
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  6. SilverR added a post in a topic "Farewell to you all"   

    @CM_Tytyes  Edit: Sorry to hear u are going from here, but life is like river, and as well as you were here, you could be anywhere, no matter the speed of river of the volume of the water. And stuff happens just cause its life.
    Good farewell, and be as cool as always .
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  7. SilverR added a post in a topic Max carry weighsdfg   

    i was sarcastic xd, I indeed know that is as p2w element.. But still there are diference with that and archeage for exapmle as archeage got diference with cabal ^^.
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  8. SilverR added a post in a topic Max carry weighsdfg   

    obviuosly cash, training strenght at level 30 only gives u 42 weight points, buying from chas 100 weight  points is 10 euros, and if u buy all weight expansions at the shop to their limit u would gain  exactly 600 weight points. Nice isnt it?
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  9. SilverR added a topic in General   

    Explorers and travalres packages get free invetory slots, but none apearing in my account.
    So that packages get some inventory expansion slots after buy, explorers like 8 slots, but when i got into my account management dont see any inventory slots option, not used not posible to use. And I remember there werent any offer like this, to expand inventory. Will they give us  that or its only for new players?
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  10. SilverR added a post in a topic Is bdo p2w?   

    thanks to that suposedly p2w update got  some nice expensive outfits and now can enjoy class i wanted to play at launch, Musa. Very greatfull for that patch and experience weekends buffs.
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  11. SilverR added a post in a topic Sever Popularity (POLL)   

    jordine was the most popular server during first month after launch at least, but now dunno who got less ppl in eu.
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  12. SilverR added a post in a topic What the hell daum   

    dont see the problem, wanna pvp? go conquer some nodes. Wanna gank? Take the responsability.
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  13. SilverR added a post in a topic Fishing sucks now!! IM BROKE!!   

    dafuq, go kill some mobs, u nub
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  14. SilverR added a post in a topic Problem with sages memory and blizard   

    well for me it only works as a combo(shift+rightandleftclikc) and it dont work when i use it from hotbar.
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