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  1. Tut-anian Dude added a topic in US Guild   

    looking for guild
    im looking for friendly adult guild focuses on every aspect of the game, i dont care if the guild use discord or teamspeak but must be chat active so when i ask question or whatever i get an answer (dont come to tell me we didnt see your text cus we mostly focus on discord), my english is not perfect so dont want rude bully people.
    if you have any question feel free to ask
    thank you
    • 5 replies
  2. Tut-anian Dude added a post in a topic Lazy, fat, old pets!   

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  3. Tut-anian Dude added a topic in Guides   

    horse breeding
    guys i tamed a horse tier 2 female and i bred it so i got another tier 2 female (foal) and of course she is in stable but when i right click on her icon i dont even see breeding button and she is breedable 1, also another related issue i have tier 1 male breedable 1 i bred him twice but everytime i get no foals nothing!
    please help meeeh
    • 3 replies
  4. Tut-anian Dude added a post in a topic Flying Mounts   

    if you want flying mount go WOW, bad idea.
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  5. Tut-anian Dude added a post in a topic Suggestion about creating your new character!   

    that was really helpful topic, thank you for taking the time to write it down.
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  6. Tut-anian Dude added a post in a topic Spanish Tongue   

    i know lol, i live in new york and i know A lot of "spanish" people from everywhere and they claim that they originally from spain so i just call any spanish speaker spanish  and no you werent rude at all.
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  7. Tut-anian Dude added a post in a topic Crafting bugs   

    thank you very much
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  8. Tut-anian Dude added a topic in General   

    Crafting bugs
    hey guys, i have problem with crafting, i have all the materials in my warehouse but when i go crafting manage is shown like i dont have the material and also yesterday i had the materials and its shown in crafting manage but when i hit start work it says you can`t assign task to worker anymore.
    any idea whats going or how to fix this?
    • 2 replies
  9. Tut-anian Dude added a post in a topic What does High-End mode do exactly?   

    i turned it on and then my keyboard stop working, whatt do i do ?
    help help help
    nvm its working now
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  10. Tut-anian Dude added a post in a topic What does High-End mode do exactly?   

    my FPS 15-16 is this good?
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  11. Tut-anian Dude added a post in a topic Ranger Male   

    good ,thanks for letting me know, guess I'm going to orwen then to avoid some "extra" drama from guilds whales cus I don't wanna hurt nobody eh
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  12. Tut-anian Dude added a post in a topic Ranger Male   

    serendia? I thought there are only two servers edan and orwen
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  13. Tut-anian Dude added a post in a topic Pre launch was ruined for me :(   

    AGREED I'm so -----ing pissed off after I had to re download and still waiting. ... -----kkkkkk
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  14. Tut-anian Dude added a post in a topic Ranger Male   

    boobies  are good I love boobs , how's the game so far btw I went sleep for couple hour after I had to re download the game and when I got up there was an error so still waiting and still undecided which server aswell, any additional tips, informations whatever? 
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  15. Tut-anian Dude added a post in a topic Ranger Male   

    OK my bad I had some confusion most likely
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