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  1. Ars0naL added a post in a topic Is there any way to get Freed Magical Armor?   

    no, you can get multiple dim magical armors, but only once per account will you be offered that to exchange to freed, and then offered to exchange to roaring.
    if you don't have a freed to exchange, there is no way to get another, short of submitting a ticket.
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  2. Ars0naL added a post in a topic Relics and Shard seem to be way off from what was in NA   

    you don't understand how RNG works, apparently.
    "If I see a change, it must because they changed something, not because RNG is not favoring me every time."
    i'm still getting 5-7 shards a day.  you just have bad luck.
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  3. Ars0naL added a post in a topic Anniversary Gratitude Event [Updated - 3/28/2017]   

    That's not the fame they're talking about, though I'm sure you're already there, it's your house score.
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  4. Ars0naL added a post in a topic Dodge   

    that skill is ONLY forward and shift.
    it's not the dodge, it's a special skill.  the dodge you're thinking of is called "Dusk" which is only shift+right, or shift+left, right+right, or left+left
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  5. Ars0naL added a post in a topic So back agian.   

    if by tank, you mean she has natural DP, she doesn't.
    she gets accuracy and magic AP in skill points, and has a block, so Valk/Warrior Q stance, and guard in S stance.
    you typically stack defensive stats for "tank" so look at your set bonuses.  Grunil adds some HP, but you lose it if you break the 2pc set, Heve with HP, Rocaba with Evasion,  , crystals have some varied stats. you build her how you want her to be, it's not innate, though.  
    she gets accuracy and magic AP in her "every class has the string of 3SP skills you can continue to increase a stat of.
    pick your poison.
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  6. Ars0naL added a post in a topic HP Regen and MP Regen for DK   

    Shift+Space is both MP and HP
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  7. Ars0naL added a post in a topic What green Weapon? Grunil or Heve?   

    gear doesn't matter, it's Yuria, Krea or Rosar as the top "non boss weapons"
    (enchant level +15, green all)
    Krea MH/OH @15: 84AP, 4DP, (+5Accuracy set bonus)Rosar MH/OH @15: 82AP, 19DP (+10% all resist set bonus)Krea MH/Saiyer OH @15: 80AP, 19DP (+5 accuracy, +2 evasion, +2 DR on Saiyer)Yuria MH/Saiyer OH @15: 80AP, 19DP, (+5 human dmg one socket on Yuria; +5 accuracy, +2 evasion, +2 DR on Saiyer)Rosar MH/Saiyer OH @15: 81AP, 19DP (+5 accuracy, +2 evasion, +2 DR on Saiyer
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  8. Ars0naL added a post in a topic What does E do?   

    here is it in game.
    I timestamped the video, but right at around 2:42 in the video you can see the mark.
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  9. Ars0naL added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    how is this NOT completely going to invite gold sellers back into the game?
    your staunch stance against trading and gold sellers will effectively be decimated.
    all hail gold sellers.  I bought the game thinking I'd finally have a way to avoid gold sellers, but now you basically invited them back.  Did you contact them directly?  will they share their profits with you - it only makes sense that you sued Pyx creators to broker a deal to re-allow it and take profits from their sales, right?  I mean, how would one ban trading among friends and guild members, but allow Cash for silver?
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  10. Ars0naL added a post in a topic PvEing and PvPers Killing me   

    contact Fiction (Family name)
    he's the guild leader.  He has said a number of times, and I quote (from a post he made):
    "We do not kill random people on sight. We do not declare guild wars without cause. We do not grief. We do not harass people. We do not cheat. We do not trash talk or bad mouth. But we also do not back down, and we're prepared to fight for highly competitive grind spots - you should be too.
    Quit mischaracterizing my guild because you don't understand basic game mechanics. We pale in comparison to the arrogance and condescension that comes from members of guilds like [redacted]. We're actually the good guys. If you have a problem with one of our members being a -----, message me (Fiction) or Gary in game on on here, and we'll make sure they're removed. We don't put up with griefing or bullshit."
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  11. Ars0naL added a post in a topic Where to level from 35 to 40 ?   

    refugee camp from 35-38, then north to Caphras Cave til 39-40
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  12. Ars0naL added a post in a topic I can't open my map.   

    i found my new characters needed to 
    esc>edit UI> (turn on minimap, life bar, location and time bar)
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  13. Ars0naL added a post in a topic Analysis of Pet CS cost   

    it was a joke.
    some people...
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  14. Ars0naL added a post in a topic Analysis of Pet CS cost   

    that's 208 days, 6 hours.
    just don't log off...ever.  it'll be September 25th, 6:00am PST (for conq)of this year to get the free pet.
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