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  1. Sevox added a post in a topic Game Hangs and Crashes When Loading into RBF   

    Why is this not getting addressed?  There are several single-post threads about this same issue.  Please investigate.
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  2. Sevox added a post in a topic NA server down megathread | Update: Server should be up again   

    Ser1 also having bad issues.  Taking > 5 minutes to attempt a login after DC
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  3. Sevox added a post in a topic Share your DK creations!   

    Queen Amidala
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  4. Sevox added a post in a topic [Answers] FAQ about Grinding   

    Fair point! This should probably be moved.
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  5. Sevox added a topic in General   

    [Answers] FAQ about Grinding
    Hello toxic forum folks!
    I created a simple guide to help quench all incredibly frequent questions about grinding, and you can find it here:
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  6. Sevox added a post in a topic I did something wrong? i dont get trade exp for 1000 Ore crates   

    They nerfed the cheap crate thing quite a while ago.  To get any decent exp from cheap crates, you need to move them maximum distance (Arehaza) and trade them there.
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  7. Sevox added a post in a topic just how unfair and overpowered can wizard ulti get ?   

    So I read over a bunch of these dumb replies and here's my summary.
    Top 100 player (level 61 player on last awakened class) can one shot some folks with a level 61 pure damage Ultimate skill.AP + accuracy + DP build, 200AP and near 300DP + accuracyI highly doubt he regularly uses a TRI Red Coral Ring ;] probably closer to 215AP when he's got his DUO/TRI CrescentPeople fail to realize Wizard does only two things: teleport bomb and die, or stay in back and heal and deliver weak to moderate ranged dmg.People fail to realize in that original video, he died right after the tele bomb.Wiz/witch have the worst mobility in BDO, I'd reckon.  Even if tele isn't down, tele is interruptable and takes time to cast.He was incredibly lucky to have even got the full cast off. 7/10 times that isn't going to fly in a big group.Wizard awakening skills are not very ranged with exception of basic attack and one other damage skill.  Wiz ult has same reach as Sorc scythe charged attack (forgot name), roughly.Due to lack of range, wizard is essentially a close combat glass cannon with much worse survivabiltiy and mobility than other cannon-types.People get angry that a top 100 player on a glass cannon is exactly as described.BDO forum as salty as the dead sea.
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  8. Sevox added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Wizard post-Awakening skill + combo guides?
    Does anyone have a link or info regarding something similar to a guide or overview of wizard awakening skills and combos (with non-awakening skills)?  I have poked around quite a bit but find mostly gameplay footage or showing off the awakening skills themselves.  Looking for info on which skills are priority (both awakened and non) and which skills combo well with each other so I can plan out how many SP I'll need to target.
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  9. Sevox added a post in a topic Trade EXP Nerf?   

    Naw, data here shows it's still quite nerfed compared to previous levels, even near max distance.
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  10. Sevox added a post in a topic Trade EXP Nerf?   

    @GM_Dew any official response yet?  Would like to know what to do with the 15k crates I have and am continuing to create...  If I can stop wasting silver, it would be nice to know.  Thanks!
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  11. Sevox added a post in a topic Trade EXP Nerf?   

    Thanks for the sharing the data mate.  The formatting is a bit confusing.  Is it as follows?
    pro 3, 18% exp -> pro 3 94% exp (2500 crates @ 22% distance)
    pro 3 94% exp -> pro 4 27% exp (893 crates @ 41% distance) 
    pro 4 27% exp -> pro 4 82% exp(1800 crates @ 26% distance) 
    pro 4 82% exp - > pro 5 80% exp (2800 crates @ 41%)
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  12. Sevox added a post in a topic Trade EXP Nerf?   

    @GM_Dew any update on this today? 
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  13. Sevox added a post in a topic [Emergency] Patch Notes - October 12th   

    There are issues with the Attendance Awards.
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  14. Sevox added a post in a topic Here is Content that is coming the future.   

    Is there any knowledge of upcoming expansions / towns that you know of that will replace Heidel or Altinova as your main base of operations?  Mainly wondering cus I'm currently based in Calph but looking to move to Heidel or Alt if things will be stable there for quite some time.  I hate moving cities, so not looking to do it again (any time soon).
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  15. Sevox added a post in a topic Try a speed test before buying BDO   

    Pinging the SJ speedtest.net server does not successfully emulate pinging to BDO servers unfortunately. I live within 500km of SJ and I have 16ms and 190Mb/s download. This doesn't stop me from rubberbanding on certain channels in BDO, however. 
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