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  1. Anhvu added a post in a topic Farming questions from a noob [Life-skill]   

    Awesome thanks so much for the information :D!
    Yeah I expected it to be less than the Calpheon Timber, but it seems like such huge chore with the amount of time I would need to keep going back to the computer to swap out different things to process. I'm glad with the farming I wouldn't need to do anything, until 6 hours in. I really enjoy fishing too, so I want to fit in afk fishing to slowly increase my level. If you don't mind me asking though, about how much are you making per week with sunflowers? And are sunflowers the best crop or should I add in strawberries to sell on the market as well?
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  2. Anhvu added a post in a topic Farming questions from a noob [Life-skill]   

    Will my crops die if I can't visit them within 5 hours?
    Yeah my only problem with the calpheon crate method is the processing of it. I hear that you need to process ALOT of timber every day and its only really effect if you have the maid outfit + a shit ton of weight capacity. I also am not a master 2 trader, and with all the nerfs I hear they made to trading it is even harder now to get it. Also, I feel like since processing is mostly done afking, I can instead replace that with fishing. Although I know that afk fishing wouldn't make nearly as much, I feel like its a better life skill to have down the road 
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  3. Anhvu added a topic in PVE   

    Farming questions from a noob [Life-skill]
    Hey everyone!
    I've spent the last couple hours researching possible ways to make money aside from grinding and a lot of people have suggested farming is a decent way to make money. I just started playing the game again after like a 7 month hiatus, so I've pretty much forgotten everything about the game and I didn't know too much to begin with.
    So I've never really farmed before and just have a couple questions for you farmers:
    1. Is farming still a decent way to make money while semi-afk? I don't have a lot of time in one sitting to dedicate to the game, but I am able to come back to the game here and there to tend adjust things in game.
    2. A lot of people suggest growing sunflowers and strawberries, are theses still the ideal crops to grow?
    3. How often do I need to tend to my farm? I hear that pruning/debuging is a good way (if you're lucky) to get money because of the chance to drop hard/sharps. But how often do I need to be pruning/debuging, and if I leave the farm unattended for too long, is there any negative effects?
    I don't expect to make an absurd amount of money from farming, but combined with afk-fishing I'm hoping to find a semi-afk activity that could potentially net me at least 100m a week. I'm not sure if that much is realistic and I don't expect to make that much right off the bat, but that's just my hope! Anyways, if anyone could help me out or give me any advice, it would be much appreciated
    Have a good day!
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  4. Anhvu added a post in a topic Disposable Heroes Recruitment: Open   

    Awesome, actually I'll either be on Anhvu or Thuong
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  5. Anhvu added a post in a topic Disposable Heroes Recruitment: Open   

    Hey! Thanks for responding to my thread. I really like the style of guild you're forming and would love to join! My in-game name is Anhvu (for the time being, while one of my other character is being deleted so I can try out a new class). I'll try to reach you in game as well
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  6. Anhvu added a topic in US Guild   

    Returning player looking for a guild
    Hey all!
    I originally got this game during release and stopped playing due to several reasons, however I'm excited to get back into the game. I just started a new character today, although I'm not entirely sure what character I will be playing. However, I'm looking for a casual guild to join. I have obligations in life that won't allow me to play hardcore, but I'll still be on frequently. Anyway if your guild is willing to have me just let me know! Thanks!
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  7. Anhvu added a post in a topic [NA][Orwen]Level 50 tamer looking for fishing guild!   

    Hey ! Join my guild! It's called Commerce and we are a fishing/gathering/trading based guild! PM me if you're interested
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  8. Anhvu added a post in a topic looking for a crafting oriented guild   

    Hey Commerce is a fishing and crafting oriented guild on the Orwen server. We don't use TS but we have a Discord, let me know if you're interested
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  9. Anhvu added a post in a topic Level 50 Looking for active guild <NA - Orwen>   

    Hey! I'm part of a guild called Commerce. Right now our focus is on the life-skills aspect of the game i.e. fishing, gathering and trading, but definitely will branch out into PvE and PvP as we progress. We're a small guild, but very active, last I checked at 12 guild members, but we just started 2 days ago so we're super new. The only guild skill we have currently is in Fishing, but we plan on maxing them all out eventually when we're a larger guild with more skill points. If you're interested definitely just shoot me a PM and we can discuss
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  10. Anhvu added a post in a topic [Orwen] Commerce || Fishing & Gathering guild   

    Added and updated-ish
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  11. Anhvu added a topic in US Guild   

    [Orwen] Commerce || Fishing & Gathering guild
    Hey everyone!
    I just made a guild called Commerce that will be focusing on fishing, gathering, trading and stuff like that! Plan is going to make it a relaxed guild where we can chat, play together, share tips and learn how to play this game! If you're interested in getting in on the ground floor, send me a message here on the forums or drop a reply here.
    We have a discord to share information and to chat. Currently we have 6 members as the guild is only 1 day old now, but we're seeking more people to grow!
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  12. Anhvu added a post in a topic [Orwen] player looking for fishing or life skills guild   

    Thanks for the reply! I'll definitely look into it May I ask which traits the guild is investing with its guild points?
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  13. Anhvu added a topic in US Guild   

    [Orwen] player looking for fishing or life skills guild
    Hey all!
    I was just wondering if there were any relaxed Orwen guilds with a focus on Fishing/other life skills recruiting. Send me a PM on the forums or post here if you're recruiting or interested in one just like me
    Have a good day!
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