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  1. FILLLLLLLL added a post in a topic My Tamer just got back from asking if there was anything for her in the Patch... I tried to tell her not to go...   

    @Kukiko the reason the tamer playerbase is salty is because without any sort of communication, the developers keep taking and taking without giving anything in return, all the while the tamer struggles to keep with the other classes.
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  2. FILLLLLLLL added a post in a topic How come tamer is so weak?   

    I'm not sure I understand your logic. Easiest class to grind with? Compared to what? And what does "easy" mean next to the efficiency of Witch/Wiz/Sorc who all out clear us with ease?
    And I agree that Tamer is superduper complex, but yet again, it's irrelevant when what you're looking for is results meaning fast clearing of mobs and players while doing so safely.
    It's no secret we're lacking in both of those areas compared to aforementioned witch/wiz/warrior. And regarding the damage output and defensive capabilities, you are surely referring to small scaled fights and or 1v1's, (and that's fine - but it's not what everyone wants to do - and some classes have those capabilities as well as being threats in large scale) because we sure as hell don't have the kit to match up and perform in a 100v100 scenario.
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  3. FILLLLLLLL added a post in a topic How come tamer is so weak?   

    But what about all the other classes that out grinds/ out sustains/ brings more utility/ has safer combos than Tamers? Isn't the definition of being underpowered, performing worse than the norm under the same circumstances(read gear score)?

    Also, I completely agree with needing to nerf witches. And wizards. And warriors.
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  4. FILLLLLLLL added a post in a topic Surging tide is broken   

    Joining for special potato club \o/
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  5. FILLLLLLLL added a post in a topic Hey which one is better for pve only musa or tamer?   

    @Danjiano It was in reference to on demand sustain ie Musa Spirit. I should've been more clear on that. Good catch.
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  6. FILLLLLLLL added a post in a topic Hey which one is better for pve only musa or tamer?   

    Another faulty statement by Lenerlink.
    Musa has higher scaling abilties, moves faster and built-in sustain.
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  7. FILLLLLLLL added a post in a topic :(   

    Such a healthy gaming experience, having these damage scalings on 50% of the player base. 
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  8. FILLLLLLLL added a post in a topic Pre-Awakening PVE dmg too low! Help!   

    Glad to help. For MP recovery one can use flash with MP addon and Jolt with MP addon.
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  9. FILLLLLLLL added a post in a topic Pre-Awakening PVE dmg too low! Help!   

    SHIFT-lmb and hold for two punches(keep holding lmb down), then move thumb to spacebar to make Legendary Beast Power-cancel, then remove thumb for two more punches.
    That's the moneymaker.
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  10. FILLLLLLLL added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 8th   

    Ignorant -----wad. You think the state of the game is good when shortswords have little to no place in sieges and "competetive" large scale?
    You think it's all good when literally every class can do a shortswords job better than the shortsword?
    -----ing joke you are man. -----ing joke.
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  11. FILLLLLLLL added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 8th   

    Shortsword classes rework when? Nerfhammer to warrior/wiz/wit when?
    Waaa, this company is a meme, waaaaaaaa
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  12. FILLLLLLLL added a post in a topic Kunoichis finally getting SOME love! [KR]   

    Negative Nancy's comment aside;one of the biggest issues with the awakening is slow and clunky-like the abilities joins together. 
    This looks really promising!
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  13. FILLLLLLLL added a post in a topic What If I tell you, I found a way to bypass the Desync in the game.   

    @rximmortal I'm tuned AF. When's the big reveal?
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  14. FILLLLLLLL added a post in a topic Rating a tamer   

    PvE: 5/10

    Enjoyable playstyle but really, really bad damage and movement between packs compared to the other awakenings I've played.
    1v1: Most fun class to play IMO. 
    Desync turns me off something fierce.
    The lack of knockdowns is a pain when people "V" out, but that's only ever so often.
    The semi-iframes and half-SA all make me furious but who knows, maybe the developers and the balance team will get their heads out one of these days.

    GvG: 3/10
    No ranged attacks, high risk-low reward, unreliable defense, outshone in every possible role on the battlefield... No thanks; leave this to the Wiz/Witch/Zerk/Sorc and Warrior.
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