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  1. Rounic added a topic in Suggestions   

    Trade with friends guilds and randoms!
    I along with many players want a better person to person trade system. I have a few thoughts i would like to share with you and get your options. With my Trade system players will be able to trade all gear and items. Weapons, armor, rings, food, fishing rods anything and everything! Now i know that hardest part of player to player trades is how do we make this a fair system. I have a pretty good answer to this (if you ask me  )
    We will use the Market Min Max system in trades. For example Player 1 uses World chat to say he is selling a Pri Ring of The Crescent Guardian. (Current market value NA Min:103,671,432 Max:126,709,528) Player 2 Says he will pay Max for the item. The two players set up a meeting place, and meet up in game. They open the trade window. Player 1 adds the Ring to the trade window. Players 2  trade button at the bottom becomes gray and unable to be clicked. Player 2 adds 1 1000g bar and 3 100g bars =130M. The Min price was met and the grayed trade button is now clickable for the trade to be completed! Both players are happy (no market RNG no pre-order buyouts!) Now i know the trend atm is offing pearls to make players want to trade items.
    So lets make pearls have a bigger role in BDO! Pearls will now have the ability to be traded!  Instead of (or with) silver and Gold bars! For Example 1000k pearls will be worth 100M (silver) player 1 wants to sell and Dandi Box. player 2 offers 3k pearls. They meet and trade. The pearls value is greater then the min price of a +0 dandi for his class. The trade is successful and both player and happy and no player was worried about getting scammed. Now BEFORE YOU ATTACK ME! Lets talk pearls and why. Many players and asking for pearls before a item is listed on the Market Place. I do not see that changing with the Silver Gold system i mentioned. Allowing players to trade pearls in place or with currency makes the players who want cash shop items for personal use happy and players who have spear pearls able to use them. WAIT HOLD YOUR FLAME P2W CRAP. Yes this makes and issue very apparent. People could pay 200-300$ and get full Tet gear. We could make pearls hold a value = to EST price per real currency I.G 2900 pearl outfit= 29$ therefor 100 pears =1$ (1000=10$) meaning 1K pearls = 10M and the rest be covered in gold bars or silver. Making player 2 come up with a majority of the cost to buy the item. OR pearls hold no value but can be trade in player to player. (I'm fine with any of these options)
    OR we could rid BDO of gifting entirely and make it so items can only be traded for silver and gold. Pearls can not effect value or trade. This would also open Market place pre-orders to not be so high on value items. Give me your thoughts and ideas lets come up with a system that is fair and makes players happy know that can 100% get that item they have been looking for and not with Bidding Pre-Order RNG.
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  2. Rounic added a post in a topic Help me Pick   

    I'm working on trying the 3 out, DK seems strong. (Even at a low lvl) and zerker just a tad slow for me thus far (lvl 48) I never played warrior lol. Thanks for your all input. On topic of DK are they squishy and glass Cannon? Would they insta die in node wars?
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  3. Rounic added a topic in General   

    Help me Pick
    I am looking to make a character for the sole purpose of killing other players. I'm thinking DK/Zerker/Warrior. I want to do node wars and openworld PvP. What are you experiences with these classes? Do you have any other ideas of Player killer classes? 
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  4. Rounic added a topic in General   

    Market Min-Max Expansion?
    Why is it that an item like TRI Liverto Amulets are being sold for 252,xxx,xxx but the min list price is 258,xxx,xxx. Shouldn't the lowest listing price be equal to or less then the current lowest price? It makes no sense that I (or others) have to wait for a high ticket item to sell ( many of) or wait for them to all expire and try to relist later. If i want to under cut others to sell my items off sooner why can't I? It makes it feel like we have no control over the market and are stuck with a bad system. (i'm 1/2 salty i cant sell my items [i'm quiting sorc] with out going for tet [not happening] or dropping to duo just for a sale in a realistic time frame. I'm 1/2 concerned that we players have no control on how the market is operated. we would be able to undercut and drive prices up or down.)
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  5. Rounic added a topic in Off-Topic   

    <3 fishing
    Much yellow Such Silver!

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  6. Rounic added a post in a topic Possible trade?   

    Items no names
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  7. Rounic added a topic in General   

    Possible trade?
    So just wondering why cant we trade materials like logs or stone? What if there was a trade option but only withing members of your guild? Why cant i help my friend? Can we trade but pay tax 10% tax on the min of each item? What do you guys think?
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  8. Rounic added a post in a topic <Nox> UNO - Competitive PvP - [Sieges] - [Fish] - [KR Experienced] - [Cool AF] - [Teamspeak]   

    Just wondering is recruitment still open? i submitted and application but if it closed like to know to know get my hoped up.
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  9. Rounic added a post in a topic <RedFace> Edan Recruiting quality active players. - EDAN   

    Expected Main Class:Ranger
    Start Class: Ranger
    Past MMO Experience: AA(archage) since alpha held many castles. GW2 2years WvW commander for Maguma 5v5 team placed in top 200. (alot othere here and there)
    Past PvP Experience:See above. I live for pvp
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  10. Rounic added a post in a topic <Risen> Recruitment is CLOSED TEMPORARILY. | Led by 1 yr+ KR Veterans | Solid Core | PvP and Siege Focus |   

    Submitted and application hope hear back soon!
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