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  1. Lynk added a post in a topic Demostration of how you can hit behind you target's block with Spirit Hunt.   

    That's the first thing i tried after getting awake, but i'm sure alot of people are unaware of this
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  2. Lynk added a post in a topic Invisible skill on DK awakening   

    After relogging I ran into the same issue again... I guess I can fix it by resetting it again but doing that everytime I log back in... ehh  
    When I was playing around with my setting I found what was causing this bug!
    Make sure you have "Hit Effects" turned ON in your screen setting this fixed it for me, good luck!!

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  3. Lynk added a post in a topic Invisible skill on DK awakening   

    Got it to work!
    Only resetting your screen settings is not enough you actually have to reset ALL
    Thank you Asinith!
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  4. Lynk added a post in a topic Invisible skill on DK awakening   

    Resetting my screen setting in options had no effect
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  5. Lynk added a post in a topic Invisible skill on DK awakening   

    It doesn't need a target and no it does not work even with a targer

    And i'll try to reset my ui now and se if that works
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  6. Lynk added a post in a topic Invisible skill on DK awakening   

    I reinstalled my game during downtime if this patch but i can try the repair
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  7. Lynk added a post in a topic Invisible skill on DK awakening   

    Yeah, doesn't fix it
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  8. Lynk added a topic in General   

    Invisible skill on DK awakening
    After unlocking the awakening on Dark Knight i noticed that the skill "Seed Of Catastrophe" and "Flow: Root Of Catastrophe" are completely invisible for me. It seems to work fine for all the other people I've asked so I'm sure this problem is on my end.
    I've tried to change the graphical setting and the effects are turned on.
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  9. Lynk added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

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  10. Lynk added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 8th 2017   

    Drift King awakening when?
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  11. Lynk added a post in a topic The Exodus Company - Experience Perfection (Selective recruitment).   

    Great guild & great community! Glad to be a part of it.
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  12. Lynk added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance June 29th   

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  13. Lynk added a post in a topic Maehwa compared to sorc?   

    I feel like noone here knows how to play maehwa, everyone says Maehwa is a bad Sorc?
    Maehwa beats Sorc in every aspecs: CC, dmg, aoe, block etc.
    You can literally charge in a large group, kill 2-3 Wizards and peace out.

    I feel like everyone is taking the easy route and just spams a single ability and judges the class from that single ablilty.

    But thats just my opinion
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  14. Lynk added a post in a topic Best chase cancel   

    You are right, WW+LMB with chase 2 gets canceled midway which will lead in more WP and stamina cost for the same distance.
    WW+Q using chase 1 makes your travel slightly faster and consumes less WP and stamina for the same distance, with this method you won't cancel Chase midway.
    I haven't test out the difference on Chase: Ultimate yet.
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  15. Lynk added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 22nd   

    This makes no sense because awakeing weapons are not out yet....
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