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  1. Gengar added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance - Extended   

    Great now servers come up right when I have to leave for class...
    No time to get another pair of horses breeding...

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  2. Gengar added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

    Nimble on a wagon.
    Drawn by the same horse as picture 3.Nimble on a boat.
    Not my boat....but a boat.
    Nimble on a Horse.
    Horse is named Buttercup  

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  3. Gengar added a post in a topic Server transfer coupon   

    Please do add this. I really would like this option.
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  4. Gengar added a post in a topic NA Server Character Placement Issue Resolution   

    This is a pretty unsatisfying response. 
    That "compensation" you are thinking about better be GOOD. That time lost is PRICELESS to the kind of gamers that buy 100$ conqueror's packs. 
    I woke up at 3am to play. Got under 2 hours of gameplay in then got booted out. Waited another 2 hours to hear this.....
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  5. Gengar added a post in a topic Unable to Switch channels   

    I get that. True. I just wish they would say something.
    Twitter/Forums have no information about the issue. Maybe an ETA? Maybe a plan? If neither of those exist then they should close all servers down for now...
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  6. Gengar added a post in a topic Servers need to go down NOW   

    The lack of communication is pretty unsatisfying. Nothing on twitter about this? Nothing here?
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  7. Gengar added a post in a topic Unable to Switch channels   

    Same here. This is annoying, I'm gonna fall asleep if this keeps on.
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  8. Gengar added a post in a topic Bring down servers...   

    Bump. This is unfair bring 'em down.
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  9. Gengar added a post in a topic [NA] Server and channel? (OCC)   

    I will be playing on Orwen As it seems to be the more diverse of the two servers.
    Very excited to see where the RP community ends up. My vote is channel 3 
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  10. Gengar added a post in a topic [POLL] Are you married?   

    I voted "Yes" but I'm actually engaged right now. 
    My fiancee doesnt mind if I play games really though. She likes her own games.
    She made most of my BDO characters for me in the character creation tool. Lol
    I tried to get her to play but she is more into single player games (Fire Emblem Fates right now)
    Still there will be many days where she will request my undivided attention and I will comply. 
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  11. Gengar added a post in a topic Dear Tamer Players   

    I wish I had the time to sit on these forums all day like you throwing out 100s of posts and reading entire threads Kappa
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  12. Gengar added a post in a topic Put pvp back at lvl 50, lvl 45 too early   

    Hmmmm. Yeah that is really weird. 
    Now I feel like maybe they just threw it in there to see how we would respond? Or on accident? 
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  13. Gengar added a post in a topic Dear Tamer Players   

    I answered "Fix" on the poll then commented on why just like the OP said....I didn't say anything malicious...so chill...
    And nah I'd rather not read 4 pages of other people saying why they voted the way they did. I'm here to kill time but not that much time haha.
    So I'm sorry if I offended you in any way I guess 
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  14. Gengar added a post in a topic Dear Tamer Players   

    I'm going to main Valkyrie and 1 other class (Tamer, Ranger, or Sorceress) because I always pick at least 2 every game.
    Right now I'm leaning away from tamer ONLY because of me being told about these issues.
    Please fix these issues I would be so happy. So so so very happy.
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  15. Gengar added a post in a topic Put pvp back at lvl 50, lvl 45 too early   

    I personally feel as if 5 levels of difference isn't that huge when it's so easy to level in this game.
    Let's play the game as intended for now and pick at it later.
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