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  1. Hywel added a post in a topic Feedback/Improvements from experienced players.   

    About the CC immunity thing, in my opinion it would be good, but only if it's not stat based - I mean, everyone should have the same immunity time(ex: after being stunned, everyone will not be able to be stunned again for 5 seconds, no matter what gear/level he uses/is.). Adding stats that affect PvP so much will only make this game more gear based in PvP than it already is...
    Adding it as a passive skills sounds better imo.
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  2. Hywel added a post in a topic game controls   

    Uh...  I guess you should try the RU version, since it's free? You'll see that the combat is not similar to TERA at all... TERA is way too slow, shouldn't even be considered action imho. I doubt there's a game that even compares with BDO combat system... C9 probably does, but it was made by old PA, so yeah.
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  3. Hywel added a post in a topic IP block depression   

    Yes ,WTFast is pretty good but... Will it work in NA/EU version? Also, it doesn't change your IP so that could make it easy for them to catch you, I guess. It's kinda risky for a piad game.
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  4. Hywel added a post in a topic IP block depression   

    Free ones are slow, unstable and laggy. The paid ones are monthly subscription based... So it kinda is too much extra to spend.
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  5. Hywel added a post in a topic IP block depression   

    I tried that in the RU version. Everytime I shut the VPN, i get disconnected, because it kinda re-starts my connection.
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  6. Hywel added a post in a topic IP block depression   

    Those are paid VPNs, aren't they? All the free VPNs sucks and are laggy as hell... Paying for the same thing twice kinda sucks... So you'd have to buy the game and then pay a MONTLHY subscription to use VPNs? Infinite money ftw  If you know any good free VPN let me know...
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  7. Hywel added a post in a topic IP block depression   

    Most of them think that there isn't a solution for the IP Block issue, so they just quit. Some think that VPNs are way too complicated (although its not) or doesn't even know about the existence of VPN. That doesn't imply that they're not a solid playerbase, they just do the natural thing that people do when they see no solution for an issue: they move on... It's not safe to say that these players that moved on wouldn't play the game for years. They just couldn't access it in the first place. 
    VPNs are a big no for me, too. The risk of being banned and all. Not to mention that free VPNs sucks and are laggy and unstable as hell. I'm not paying a monthly subscription to use a VPN to play BDO... I'm gonna try it tho. This kind of stuff pushes people away I guess.
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  8. Hywel added a post in a topic IP block depression   

    Can't asnwer the first question.
    As for the petition, mostly because it's hard to reach players. The petition was spread mostly through the forum, and if you think about it, the amount of signatures is a big deal, considering how hard it is to reach the players. Most of people found out that they were IP blocked once Black desert facebook page published the pre-order thing, and when they clicked on it , it said that the service is unavaible in their countries. Once they see that, the majority of them just stops following BDO, they don't look further deep into this matter, from what I've seen... They're like ''IP block bye'', as you can see in the comments. It's not easy to reach players. some people are saying that the petiton doens't have a lot of signatures (if everyone that was IP Blocked signed, I'm pretty sure it would be over 10k already), but the majority simply doesn't know about the existence of the petition, that's how hard it is to reach them. It's safe to assume that every player that signed would buy and play the game (why the hell would they sign it otherwise?)... And 4500 players is a good number, enough to change the gameplay experience. 
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  9. Hywel added a post in a topic Enchanting info and balancing~   

    Well, even though this health thing seems to be an issue, it's not an issue caused by enhance balancement is it ? So it still exists, and it might be even worse if nothing is done about the enhancement system... Imagine that tanky dude with op damage , that would be the current enhancement system ( I guess? Not that far into the game yet.). By removing enhance effects on PvP one part of this problem would be solved, making it even more skill based, rather than gear based ( He'd be tanky sure, but he won't 1 hit you, your chances to beat him are increased).
    About coding, i dunno how hard it would be. I mean, skills have different effects in PvP and PvE, so I guess it's not impossible, and it might not be as hard as it seems. I assume that they can do this, since they already did it in their old game, C9.
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  10. Hywel added a post in a topic Enchanting info and balancing~   

    Can you come up with a good reason why my suggestion wouldn't work? Or do you think it'd work as well?
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  11. Hywel added a post in a topic Enchanting info and balancing~   

    I wonder if they could do the same thing they did in C9 : enhancements don't work in PvP at all. The stat of a +20 weapon is the same as a +0 in C9's PvP. This is the best way to remove gear based PvP imo. 
    People would enhance anyways, as you said, it is a must to fight mobs further on, and they need to fight these mobs if they ever want to progress... So yeah... Even if they change the math, someone with a +15 will still have advantage against someone with a +0, so the gear based pvp would still be there somehow...
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  12. Hywel added a post in a topic PM Diary - Tamer release and more!!   

    Okay so now how can I resist NOT using VPN ?
    Daum you're making this hard for me ! If you were a girl, I'd marry the shit out of you.
    I'll try it even if there's a chance I'll get banned :3 
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  13. Hywel added a post in a topic Greatsword PvP video   

    It's pretty badass. Sorceress scythe is pretty cool, too...
    I wonder if  ther's an option to disable that blue/red glowing coat in your opponents?
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  14. Hywel added a post in a topic For those outside the Territory   

    I searched, couldn't find one. Please leave the link so that we can make the other one the main thread.
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  15. Hywel added a topic in General   

    For those outside the Territory
    Pearl Abyss just posted this picture in their facebook : 

    I don't know if this is good news or bad news for you guys. I have mixed feelings about this... Basically, this confirms that the blocked places will never be able to play in the NA/EU without VPN. Having our own server could be good, although we don't trust our publishers at all. I'm pretty sure there are good publishers in some places outside of the Territory, but where I live, there's none. I just hope they do something similar that they did with NA/EU version... I mean, Daum opened a whole new office for a place that has good publishers, so I wonder what will Pearl Abyss choose to do in a place where all publishers are horrible. We're probably getting that in late 2016. 
    So, is this good news or bad news, considering your region population and publishers? 
    Here's their facebook page link : https://www.facebook.com/Pearl.Abyss.Black.Desert/?fref=ts 
    Or maybe they meant that they'll open new servers for these regions, using Daum NA/EU as publishers? Since they said ''open the service to the territories that are not currently being serviced''. 
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