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  1. Flaw added a post in a topic Black Desert Online it is not a PvP game. It is a PVE game with 1-2 PvP features.   

    What are you talking about?
    It's a horse riding simulator where you can also ride midget elephants.
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  2. Flaw added a post in a topic Patch Up For Download.!   

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  3. Flaw added a post in a topic Less than 4.9% can enjoy Kamasylvia! (This game caters to Hardcore players, something needs to be done to closen the gap between new and veteran players)   

    This is exactly what they want lol, endless grind
    Next zone needs Lv. 70 and they release +25, until the game dies because it gets outdated and the majority of the people seek a new refreshing game
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  4. Flaw added a post in a topic To everyone crying about wiz/witch being op   

    He died when he fade the screen to black rofl, dk sucks wiz sucks what's the point of this lame vid anyway these kids have 500 AP
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  5. Flaw added a post in a topic Remember when it was just +15? (too much disparity in gear now)   

    Smaller potions and larger hp pot CD back then.. +15 had a way better flow.. and don't forget offensive buffs
    150 AP + proper buff stack could slice through any DP almost like butter back then, never had a ranger totally obliterate you?
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  6. Flaw added a post in a topic Ninja is better than Sorceres (ninja vs soc thread)   

    Mechanical pressure? A grab has like a 10 meter radius how is that normal.
    This game never had a pvp focused design mate. But keep living in illusions on how someone with skill and performance can outplay an opponent 'easily', the people who do this are in the 98th percentile in terms of skill maybe.. which you are not for sure, judging by the way you describe pvp in this game.
    That I don't have gear doesn't mean I am fighting idiots I fought many good people on EU just for fun, but you are right low gear pvp does not work and if someone has to take their gear off to me it will mess up their build. +16 made pvp only for nolifers and again, it doesn't require 'much' skill to be effective..
    It is not like I am denying skill is a factor lol what u on about, I am saying it is not the most crucial factor out of all factors.
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  7. Flaw added a post in a topic Ninja is better than Sorceres (ninja vs soc thread)   

    All I did was nothing and you pretty proud of beating a guy with 10 fps and hit effects turned off, which causes invisible skill and body flickering.. lol and I put first hit on you on every round lol except when you threw an invisible (remember hit effects = off) dod at me
    I agree bdo is not for me, I play 20 mins a day and it just doesn't work if you want to pvp on a decent level.
    Anyway you can shittalk all you want in a game that doesn't require any skill, yeah of course if you are so terrible like me and you cannot hit anyone yes.. that would matter.
    What I am implying is that perfecting your timing/skill (cough) does not drastically increase your win rate if both are decent
    Your analytical reading skills are beyond crap though, but of course you need to live like a hermit to remain geared in this game which requires again: no skill and all gear. 
    Cheers :)
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  8. Flaw added a post in a topic Ninja is better than Sorceres (ninja vs soc thread)   

    You spit out nice sugarcoated pieces of text, but that does not increase the believability.
    This game barely requires skill or timing, since the cc is luckbased meaning you already can have a mechanical disadvantage from the game's original flow. Someone can survive 6 failed cc rotations and still win due to skill, but the other guy can noscope him with 1 lucky cc in the first 10 secs of the 1v1.
    Trust me there is not much skill needed to perfect performance in BDO 1v1, people are winning the majority of '1v1' due to luck, not due to skill. BDO is not skillbased mate, I know you have a hard time believing this, and I do support the fact you can easily win 1v1s with a gear disadvantage, but the largest advantage you can obtain is from gear source, not skill.
    I uninstalled BDO 2 weeks ago (again) so why don't you make a video of you 1v1ing and commenting on how precise you are hitting your opponent, you are not.. BDO hitboxes are ridiculously large and mashing buttons and putting ghost pressure on your opponent is the most straightforward tactic that will lead to a victory in bdo 1v1 on a somewhat equal gear footing.
    Perfecting skill will not result in endless wins, even the most skilled players eat shit cause they just are unlucky in the 1v1... lagg is the last factor to look into if opponents have equal gear (doesn't exist in bdo due to scaling) > equal skill > who has the best ping...
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  9. Flaw added a post in a topic Ninja is better than Sorceres (ninja vs soc thread)   

    I mean, playing a class absolutely flawless will not increase your win chances drastically than playing your class average in the setting of the video he popped.
    If you think I am wrong you should start doing some more pvp and see it for yourself.
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  10. Flaw added a post in a topic Ninja is better than Sorceres (ninja vs soc thread)   

    Video is not really representative, pvp In this setting is luck-based.
    The hitboxes in this game have a large radius, even grabs so it's just hitting buttons and hoping you get a cc and then it's done at this gearlevel. BDO pvp is so fast you cannot read your opponent, you are predicting 90% of the time and if you predict right you can proceed to CC attempt and if you get good RNG and CC, gz you win.
    Although I do think ninja has a better 1v1 kit, cc chain, invisibility that is only to be countered by running or throwing a dod to the ground and with luck you hit him.
    Don't talk about skill ceilings because no class is hard to play on an effective level and get rewarded.
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  11. Flaw added a post in a topic The third most spoken language in the world, will Black Desert be in Spanish?   

    It's always funny when you say 'hi' to a Spanish speaking person, while unknowing of the fact he is a native, the first thing he/she responds in caps is:
    I think it is rather a mentality issue to avoid and not attempt to engage a conversation in a foreign language 
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  12. Flaw added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    Wizard is balanced
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  13. Flaw added a post in a topic Instanced 3 vs 3 pvp   

    Unless this is after we get a severe balance patch and put gear caps and disallow buffs on this 3v3 will never be fun.
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  14. Flaw added a post in a topic Which character makes the best waifu?   

    I wonder when this virtual tech development will create a parallel with our world and we come to realize we live in a virtual space.
    OT: Can't choose between Valk or DK
    Tamer for weabos lo
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  15. Flaw added a post in a topic Rangers so Overpopulated! Are you dev surprised? #NERF RANGERS   

    This video hasn't been posted like 573 times before.
    Ah, the future outlook for pvp in bdo, enjoy children.
    Edit: And yes ranger is a god in endgame, anyone who denies this is simply bad. Especially after the bow refinement, ranger is going to be hard fotm.
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