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  1. ghetto_star added a post in a topic Berserker Pearl Refund   

    ----- yes! im so glad i re'rolled my class in the Musa instead of the piece of shit class "berserker" what a waste of money! if only i knew how weak and broken this class was, so yea i'd like to refund it for my Musa in Pearls would be great. 
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  2. ghetto_star added a topic in General   

    holy shit Daum you'v said it "we'er listening to community" blah blah but you do jack shit. we all complained about the god damn Ghille suit! In IN A BUY 2 PLAY GAME!! yes that's right a buy to play game...and for those that didn't complain are the the ones happy being completely hidden in a game.. using it as an advantage!
    okay so lets talk about flares... if im grinding on mobs lets say catfish or shrine knights and -----er with ghille suit shows up from behind or whatever. IT TAKES 2-3 seconds to cast a flare by the time u do! your half less HP also god help you if its a wizard with High AP just 2 shots you?!? AND DON'T even get me started on THE WIZARD/RANGER MOUNTED COMBAT AKA BROKEN COMBAT!
    Now, iv put about 70 USD after I pre order'd the $100 pack and i refuse to buy that shitstorm suit iv bought 2 sets of outfits for tamer and Giant  and bunch of other stuff defeat's the whole idea of looking different in the game? like i don't understand you guys ? if you want to money from people buying outfits WHY WOULD ANYONE BUY ANY OUTFIT OTHER THEN THE GHILLE SUIT? basically why would people buy an outfit that makes you look different or an outfit that makes you hard to see? they'er not going to buy any outfit other then "one" ghille suit. GG Daum great way to start ruining a good game.
    now here's what other people think about this suit  the one under is my favorite.
    ""I really do not understand the people who defend this and argue it does not give an advantage. A lot of PvP players are spending real money to get that item (and surely not because of the looks). This is the hardest evidence you can get that this item gives an advantage. How small or big is not the issue, but having an advantage behind a paywall is THE definition of P2W.""
    "I just got myself a ghille after doing some guild pvp. It's crazy how much of a difference it makes. I'm playing wizard and before the ghillie suit i was target #1 as i obviously should be. Enemy berserker charges me every time the fight starts, the others try to finish me off. After a few respawns i put on the ghillie and holy shit does it do wonders. Hiding the name gives tons of advantage before the enemy engages, they can't say "kill <PoorWizard>" from a distance now because they have no clue who the ----- of the 30 ent people is Mr PoorWizard. Seeing key targets before starting a fight is god damn invaluable and it's stupid that you can hide it by paying real money. If there ever comes a mod or some shit like that which bypasses this shit then i'll use it without ever looking back, ghillie is stupid and should either be removed or made avaible to all by crafting, marketplace or whatever, just not behind a -----ing 30 dollar/euro paywall."
    ""yeah definitely overpowered. I was just questing while passing about 6 people of the enemy guild. They didn't notice me at all. Revenge wasn't possible since they could not see that I was the guy going after them a couple times.""
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  3. ghetto_star added a post in a topic FPS ISSUES IN 3440x1440 GTX 980ti   

    im using full screen windowed
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  4. ghetto_star added a post in a topic FPS ISSUES IN 3440x1440 GTX 980ti   

    oh, never thought of it that way.lol so im guessing that might be it. 
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  5. ghetto_star added a post in a topic Need some Aussies!!   

    that's going to be ME  im starting a guild as soon as i get in the game i got $100 package which is ( $140 for us Aussies ) 
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  6. ghetto_star added a post in a topic FPS ISSUES IN 3440x1440 GTX 980ti   

    yea all my drivers are up to date. but my system was/is running automatic V-sync i will disable it and see if it changes anything in the mean time do i need to upgrade any thing like my CPU or is it just fine?
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  7. ghetto_star added a post in a topic FPS ISSUES IN 3440x1440 GTX 980ti   

    yea iv tried that and got like an extra of 15fps But still i saw people playing with high-end mode and still getting 60FPS (same graphics card as mine) and i'm talking about world wide not in the cities 
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  8. ghetto_star added a topic in Off-Topic   

    FPS ISSUES IN 3440x1440 GTX 980ti
    Hey everyone just wanted to ask/ know what was wrong with my FPS in the CBT2. I have a ultra wide monitor and so i was playing on 3440x1440 ultra settings but i was getting around  25-37 FPS while questing which is weird? because iv seen people getting 60FPS (in 1440p ultra settings) locked on youtube with around ( 980ti ) the same graphics card as mine?Just to add i was playing on Windowed full screen. I'll listen down my system specs. 
    i7-3770 non K
    EVGA GTX 980TI classified
    16Gig DDR3 ram
    windows 10
    screen resolution :  3440x1440
    do i need to upgrade my CPU or something because i have no clue =\
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