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  1. Kyrielle_Atrinati added a post in a topic Hate speech   

    No such thing as hate speech.  Hate speech is only speech that upsets and offends you.  You are thus the one in control of your responses.  Stop running to mommy and daddy to make the big bad bullies go away by punishing everyone else.  Yes, report them to CMs.  That's fine.  But don't go demanding they punish the many because of the few.
    Here's a little life lesson:  Trolls/bullies thrive on reactions to their antics.  The more you react, the more they'll annoy the ever-living heck out of you.  This is why we are telling you to ignore them.  Trolls like attention, deny them attention and they'll fight a little harder for a while, then go somewhere else.  Of course, IRL there's also the option of punching said bully in the face, which works from time to time.
    Now, if someone were doxing you, physically threatening/harming you, stalking you, or destroying your property, we have a different problem.  This is harassment at the very least; a felony at the very worst.  In that instance, we absolutely have your back in going to the authorities, and you should go to the authorities.
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  2. Kyrielle_Atrinati added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Invisible Fish - No Loot Window
    So, I'm out on the Magoria Sea, and sometimes when I fish, I do not get a loot window on a successful catch.  This only happens from time to time, and not for every fish.  Is there maybe a bugged fish that breaks the loot window?
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  3. Kyrielle_Atrinati added a post in a topic The top 2% has more wealth in BDO than the bottom 98%   

    Curse those 2%'ers!  WE MUST OCCUPY HEIDEL SQUARE!  Who's with me! >:O
    This is just the beginning!  Our sitting around chatting shall eliminate the 2%.  #OccupyHeidel
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  4. Kyrielle_Atrinati added a post in a topic Youve reached the number of tasks?   

    Divide the number of tasks for that item by 27, then assign that many tasks to each worker.
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  5. Kyrielle_Atrinati added a post in a topic BDO Datamined DP stats - Just show us AP, DP, Evasion and ACC on char sheet   

    So...I guess I'll just respond to the title of the thread.
    Daum & PA, can you guys just please show all of our f-ing stats in our character sheet?!
    I just don't get why you wouldn't.  Also, why don't AP and DP update when using buffs from crystals, skills, food, etc.  Seriously, just show complete stats on the sheet so we can accurately see what our capabilities are at any time.
    It's not rocket surgery, people.  Every game does it.
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  6. Kyrielle_Atrinati added a post in a topic I like fishing but......Im a new player Huge problem tho..Could use help..   

    My recommendations:
    Buy your steel and flax.Make sure you have 10 skilled or higher workers available (or more, but 10 seems to be working out well for me).  You can have them split between cities if you wish, just make sure you have mats in each city's warehouse.As soon as you have the workers, have them start working on the flax and steel.Do your daily every day.WHILE you're doing your daily, go log pine trees, or log any tree and buy some or all of the pine plywood.  Personally, I'm logging for pine since I should have all the pine I need by the time I have enough logs.Between logging sessions, process your results.Alternatively, you could buy the raw mats for steel and flax, and process those yourself to level your processing.  It's a good idea to have prof 5 or higher in processing, since that will cause plywood & timber squares to proc when you're making planks/scantlings.
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  7. Kyrielle_Atrinati added a post in a topic Sailboat cosmetic parts?   

    Thank you for pointing that out!  I was wondering why there was just that one item being sold by the NPC but none of the others.
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  8. Kyrielle_Atrinati added a post in a topic Fix Roleplay chat so i don't have to block a million people every day!   

    Word.  I am so puzzled by this trend.  What's with these (most likely) boys and their incessant homo-eroticism?
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  9. Kyrielle_Atrinati added a post in a topic I think its the fact the game has no loading screens that is the cause for the fps   

    It's lack of optimization.
    With open world games, the engine only loads X number of cells around you at a time (hence pop-ins), and purges the other cells as you pass out of them.  Lag (dropped FPS), then, would be due to specific objects loaded in those cells.  If meshes and textures aren't optimized, then you face lag when multiple unoptimized meshes and textures are loaded at once.  This is why you see lag in Heidel, Calpheon, or areas with lots of players around, but don't see any lag when on the ocean (as very, very few objects are loaded).
    We may also be seeing issues with memory leaks, which would also cause slow-downs.  But I suspect the issue is due to graphics more than memory leaks.
    The solution, then, is to optimize meshes and textures to reduce FPS drops (lowering polygon counts, using textures from higher resolutions compressed down to lower resolutions--to preserve detail and sharpness, using parallax textures to make up for the lower resolution, improving the way the engine renders objects, particles, reflections, SSAO, and anti-aliasing).
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  10. Kyrielle_Atrinati added a post in a topic Do you use workers to make plywood?   

    Depends on the size of the project.  For larger projects, I would process the plywood yourself.  Set your character to process while you go do some RL stuff.  I usually do big processing overnight while I sleep.  The reason is simple.  When you process yourself, you level up your processing skill.  As you level up the skill, you make MORE pieces than the recipe calls for.  For example, at Professional 7, I get 2-4 pieces of plywood per 10 planks instead of just 1.  This saves resources and actually speeds up your project.
    For smaller projects, I'd say use workers.  You don't need as many materials, and you can produce them while you're playing the game.
    Or you could do both.
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  11. Kyrielle_Atrinati added a post in a topic Where to level horses WITHOUT stopping?   

    I tend to go from Heidel to Ahto Farm.  If you really wanted to avoid traffic, you could probably do Ahto Farm to Splashing Point.
    Calpheon is a baaad place to AFK do anything.  Too many poorly optimized objects.
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  12. Kyrielle_Atrinati added a post in a topic Teleport points or fast travel?   

    Nah, no thanks.  I'll take airships, though.  Those were cool in ArcheAge.  However, given how fast horses can be, that would be more of a novelty than anything else.  I'm pretty sure my T6 could outrun an airship (that'd be a fun race!).
    And while it takes "forever" to get to Margoria, I know that once they open up that continent, it won't be so annoying.  Right now, there's just that one port.  If there was a whole continent, then more people would go as there would be more content.  But I don't expect that for another...year?  Two?
    Anyway, instant teleportation just wouldn't work with the systems in place.
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  13. Kyrielle_Atrinati added a post in a topic Epheria Sail Boat   

    I didn't see one, but I'll have to look again.  I only saw the guild ship one.
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  14. Kyrielle_Atrinati added a post in a topic Topic Closed, *please remove*   

    When you're building anything large, like a ship or a wagon, you build it in parts.  Each giant stack of ingredients is a project in and of itself.
    For example, the sailboat requires:
    20 designs
    300 flax fabric
    600 steel
    800 square timbers
    1500 pine plywood
    I can have 10 workers working on any number of items, including the same item.  As the ship is built, I can go to the west side of the big rock tower in Epheria and see parts of it being built (which is really cool.  Right now I only have the boat's framing).  As such, I don't have to have ALL of the mats available all at once.  Right now, I only have the steel and flax fabric, so I have 10 workers working on each of those items while I gather logs and designs.
    If I happen to finish all of those mats and I'm still not ready, I can leave it there until I am ready.
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  15. Kyrielle_Atrinati added a post in a topic New Quest line blocked by p2w aspect   

    You can make shoes that give you the extra 30s that the costume does.  Go look for "underwater breathing" crystals on the market, and put them on fortuna shoes or something of that nature.
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