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  1. Nhima added a post in a topic Tamer awakening sucks at every points   

    I dont get it
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  2. Nhima added a post in a topic Tamer awakening sucks at every points   

    >.> this will teach me for not logging off the forums when I step out the office.
    P.S I play a warrior
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  3. Nhima added a post in a topic Tamer awakening sucks at every points   

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  4. Nhima added a post in a topic Honest opinion after 2 Weeks BDO (Sequel)   

    its refreshing to see this.
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  5. Nhima added a post in a topic Valkyrie or Warrior   

    Slander! Lies!
    There is only Warrior and female Pretenders!
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  6. Nhima added a post in a topic Post your Dream Outfit!   

    damn thats amazing
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  7. Nhima added a post in a topic Why The Game Lost So Many Players   

    On a serious note, if you dislike RNG, then just avoid it entirely.
    focus on trading and grinding to get monster sellibles and items, farm tokens you can trade in for black stones and force stuff to 15 repairing as you go, then just trade trade trade trade trade trade trade trade trade until you have LOTS oh moneys then just buy high end gear right from the auction house.
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  8. Nhima added a post in a topic Why The Game Lost So Many Players   


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  9. Nhima added a post in a topic Debit Cards still not being accepted?   

    money is money, if you can secure it, it is best doing so.
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  10. Nhima added a post in a topic Thanks for the box kakao   

    I got.. 21 weapon stones and 18 armor stones from my 4 boxs....... P_P 
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  11. Nhima added a post in a topic Debit Cards still not being accepted?   

    Its all about having the protection just in case it is ever needed, i.e fire alarms, insurance, first aid boxes. its better to have them and hope you dont need them, than need them, and not have them
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  12. Nhima added a post in a topic Debit Cards still not being accepted?   

    Failure to deliver of course
    Standard thing, you also have alot more support with a bank in such events, and plus banks have higher security than paypal with is just a 3ed party in the tranceaction.
    if it comes down to it, ill just get a creditcard and try that way, but well, debit cards are better for this minor kinda spending.
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  13. Nhima added a post in a topic Debit Cards still not being accepted?   

    I dont trust paypal anymore.
     PayPal offers none of the protection that real banks offer, and it isn't required to maintain any of the security, customer service or dispute resolution services that banks provide.
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  14. Nhima added a topic in General   

    Debit Cards still not being accepted?
    Hello there, If its possible,can someone please explain this situation as Im getting somewhat conflicting messages here.
    From: https://blackdesert.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/210749349-Payment-Methods
    However as last time I tried, my debit card is being declined, I have raised this in a ticket before: Ref: 80015 and Handled by GM Kaiji who at that time explained
    That was back in April, and now by looking at the site it says that you are accepting debit again. iv did the checks thats recommended:
    And so I thought I just ask here, so that your reply is searchable by other players here on the forum that may have the same problem upon returning, or curious to what the situatuion is.
    Thankyou for your Time an all the best! 
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  15. Nhima added a post in a topic Are you missing Cash Shop Items from your Account?!   

    All I know is, I still have the same amount of horses I had, even checked the other horses just in case and nope, not on there. so yeah, no idea what happened. what I found odd though, was that the 97 trash items in my horses pack was still there. 
    hopefully Ill find out what the heck is happening when my ticket is answered, still in the meean while, if this happens to anyone else, or has happened, it would be handy to know about it.
    Hello, its been over 2 days and iv not had a reply to my ticket: 207392
    can you confirm that its been recived please.
    Well.... im an idiot.... and I can admit it... I just found it.... on my other.... t5... horse..... well... glad thats solved..... ill be over there... under the rock of shame.....
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