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Tristam Ward

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  1. Tristam Ward added a post in a topic Griefing sausan spot for a week by this retarded guys   

    You are griefing them by killing them so many times just leave them alone and kill some mobs sheesh
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  2. Tristam Ward added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Constant Crashing in Velia
    I am constantly crashing in velia.  Most of the time this is around the storage manager area but other places in town also.  Doesnt matter what character im on.  Also when i head to other areas of the game the crashes almost entirely dissappear.
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  3. Tristam Ward added a post in a topic QoL Suggestions/Misc   

    Just wanted to let you know why you cant just click a recipe and cook.  The reason is that virtually all recipes have a very large amount of variable ingredients.  For fish recipes the number of variables is in the hundreds for veggies and grains just a few but with fish and veggies and grains in some recipes the number of combinations is very high.  The game would have no idea which combinations you wanted to use and a guessing algorithm would cause lag for sure.
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  4. Tristam Ward added a post in a topic Q&A with Daum Games!   

    [Question] What effects are there from investing energy in City Nodes?
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  5. Tristam Ward added a post in a topic Farming is unfairly punished   

    Thank you for the Reply CM Jouska.
    And as for the fact that some seeds expire.  I can see how that would cause them to need to not stack but that seems something to change in light of the fact that the whole system is crazy regarding space for it.  I think it should be re-examined.  Hopefully some input by a CM will cause them to rethink things. Of course I'm not holding my breath but its worth an attempt.
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  6. Tristam Ward added a post in a topic Account Banned?!   

    If you follow the rules you dont get banned. If you break them you do. Simple as that
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  7. Tristam Ward added a post in a topic The forum spam. Is there anything you can do against it?   

    Its not dumb at all most games forums are paid users only you dont see this crap there.  Non-Game Buyers should be read only not post.
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  8. Tristam Ward added a post in a topic Why was the pvp unlock changed from 49 to 45 in EU/NA?   

    Yay learning to love being ganked.
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  9. Tristam Ward added a post in a topic Farming is unfairly punished   

    Yeah would be nice if the CM's would answer why the stacking is turned off for seeds.
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  10. Tristam Ward added a post in a topic Farming is unfairly punished   

    That would be incredible but I would believe something like that when I see it.
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  11. Tristam Ward added a post in a topic Farming is unfairly punished   

    You could harvest every kind of tree and ore in the game and not use anywhere near the pack space that farming uses.  I have gotten extra pack space but no matter how much you get it isnt anywhere near enough.  You are constantly deleting tons of seeds just to make room for the next batch that comes in.  Its all entirely ridiculous.  If you have bred up to special varieties of 12 different plants and you want enough seeds on hand to plant 20 plants of each kind which is only 2 large fences you would have to set aside 240 slot of space.  That is in addition to all the space you need for other things.  You still have not given me a reason why plant seeds need to not be stackable.
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  12. Tristam Ward added a topic in General   

    Farming is unfairly punished
    If a player harvests trees, the materials stack.  If you harvest ore the materials stack.  No matter what you gather in the world the items stack.
    So, why is it that when i harvest seeds from farming every single seed has to take an individual slot.  If I harvest one of my ten slot fences planted with 10 crops I end up with 20-25 seeds all of which are individual.  Then on top of that I get the the "extra" farming items. Managing 10 10spot fences is a giant pain of rotate the pack space. Delete tons of seeds there just isnt enough space.
    Who in their right mind thought that it was a good idea for every seed to be individual. Is there some point to this?
    • 46 replies
  13. Tristam Ward added a post in a topic Anyone seen patch notes?   

    New patch notes are up now
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  14. Tristam Ward added a post in a topic GM_ I'm missing items!   

    Just you. I got all of them showing in my account
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  15. Tristam Ward added a post in a topic Which server is the NA PvP server?   

    UNO is where the real men will be
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