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  1. Yuel added a post in a topic [NA]<Southern_Sky>   

    Guild Update for June 24
    We're all just smitten kittens here in Southern_Sky as we slowly grow in levels and members. We've had some fun on Discord...I've laughed so hard I cried a couple times. (True Story...ask Cid...damn cupboards...) The other night we just hung out in Velia together. It's always nice to see your guildies in between scrolls and grinding. I do believe we've made a promise to do that more often~ just hang out. We've also almost all of us redecorated our houses and moved to Velia. It's like our own little hometown now. Cute n.n (*ahem* or...manly...depending on who you are.) We've started talking about node wars and just what the heck that all entails and if you ask me...it's too complicated so I will leave that to our more competent members, haha.
    If you're interested in joining, talk to us! We'll answer your questions and go from there.

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  2. Yuel added a post in a topic Corrupt file when updating 1.7GB patch   

    Sorry. It worked for me.
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  3. Yuel added a post in a topic Corrupt file when updating 1.7GB patch   

    Okay guys, after submitting a ticket I got a reply from GM Huego and he said to delete the files ' version.dat ' or 'config.filecheck ' and then re-run the launcher. It worked for me.
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  4. Yuel added a post in a topic Corrupt file when updating 1.7GB patch   

    I've got nothing better to do than post a "I'm having this same problem too!" comment in this thread while I wait for the umpteenth time of attempting to patch the game. I've heard for some people it just fixes itself after so long.
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  5. Yuel added a post in a topic Please add a "Closet" option for fashion sets   

    Hmmm. I don't think so? It hasn't ever happened to me anyway and I switch back and forth between custom quick slots and just the standard ones. Though I have heard of people having that problem.
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  6. Yuel added a post in a topic The Boat Date   

    Not exactly what I was expecting.
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  7. Yuel added a post in a topic [NA]<Southern_Sky>   

    We will definitely be in touch!
    ( Okay, I really am not liking this reply-merge thing~ )
    Guild Update for May 22:

    Our little group has gained a few new members and we're all becoming fast friends. Our high-level players continue to do boss scrolls in hopes of some good loot and the rest of us just keep doing our thing; we've made some good strides in our horse breeding and the rest of our life skills just keep gaining numbers. Our gathering guild missions are definitely something I look forward to as it gives us a bit of friendly "who gets the last one!" competition. One of our latest discussions was on ways to lure young elephants into our definitely not shady wagon which is definitely not filled with candy peanuts.

    Southern_Sky is currently looking for more members to enjoy the game with. Pm one of us in-game or message us here in the forums! We look forward to answering any questions and are excited to make new friends.

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  8. Yuel added a post in a topic To The Dev's   

    I try and avoid storing things in Velia simply because I cannot stand her, lol.
    That poor giant...he really ought to just smack her.
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  9. Yuel added a post in a topic Report a Text / Localization Issue   

    (Sorry if this has been submitted already)

    The description for the title 'Hidden Among the Cultists' says, "I don't think want to improve". I'd say it's missing a word~

    And then here it should say "She told you to eat cabbage." not "He", unless that Calpheon stable master is actually a guy and just looks/sounds/acts like a woman.

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  10. Yuel added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 18th   

    I didn't even know I wanted this. I love this~
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  11. Yuel added a post in a topic Pet breeding does change the appearance?   

    I've noticed it helps to level the pets to 10 first before breeding them. Not only do they  have a higher chance to jump tiers but their appearances seemed to change more drastically than those with lower levels or only level 1.
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  12. Yuel added a post in a topic English Translation Errors Project   

    Of course~ But hey, that's awesome of you to start compiling a list like that. Kudos! Needs to be more positive/supportive players out there that are willing to help out like this. 
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  13. Yuel added a post in a topic How many pets will show up in your house?   

    That's....a lot of money right there.
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  14. Yuel added a post in a topic English Translation Errors Project   

    They've got a tech support forum for text errors already:
    Though you're right, there's still a lot of messed up grammar and spelling in the translations. They're slowly catching it though!
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  15. Yuel added a post in a topic Do we want costume exchange coupon?   

    I would love this~ Then maybe everyone wouldn't run around wearing the same thing as a million other people. The dye system can only do so much to make you look a bit different. Being able to make things into costumes would definitely add to the general aesthetic atmosphere of the game. Even better if you could use the coupon on different armors.
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