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  1. Solace added a post in a topic Sustainable path to PEN gears.   

    1st i apolagize if anything i say here as allrdy been said since i didnt reed the all post.
    Right now i think going for PEN is nearly impossible unless u are extremely lucky and even then is rly fked up. But that doesnt mean the it wont be a reasonable goal in the future since PENing gear is all about mem frags and cystal shards (assuming u wanna PEN boss gear only and couting out jewels). Right now in KR valencia is great for grind cuz there are lots more mobs then we have in our version and trash loot is more valuable (this makes mem frag farm easyer and there for making them more available). As for crystal shards i thing mostly likely there will be a patch that will make them more available and the higher ur gathering lvl the more u will get them so if u are a gatherer u only get more with time. And for last u have the cron stones, right now they are mostly useless but if we get some kind of content the makes them more available PEN could be a very reasonable goal.
    And i know that what i have said its mostly based on us getting content that makes the farm of this mats easyer, but i should remind u that most mmo's evolve in this direction.
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  2. Solace added a post in a topic BUFF VALENCIA EXP AND DROP RATE   

    not talking about that, im talking all valencia mobs for exemple basilisks number of mobs got doubled like what we got with shadow knights
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  3. Solace added a post in a topic BUFF VALENCIA EXP AND DROP RATE   

    relax, valencia is way more buffed in KR and soon we will get that patch. right now in KR valencia not only has more mobs but it also has them giving more exp, its gotten to the point where if u are 58+ and properly geared its a better grinding spot then pirates or sausans.
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  4. Solace added a post in a topic URGENT: Valencia EXP & DROPS   

    I dont know if some1 as said this allrdy or not cause i rly didnt wanted to read all the post, but valencia will be buffed money wise, corrently in KR trash loot drops can be sold for twice the money and pirates instead of droping 1 bandana/pirate drop a average of 2-3, further more i can tell u this i have 205/197/250 with no boss gear and i can go to valencia and make almost the same exp in places like nagas, fogans and crescent as i do in pirates, ofc the money in not as good but in crescents for example i are droping the best rings available.
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  5. Solace added a post in a topic Cantusa Desert, and Pila Ku Jail nodes are broken.   

    Can u tell me where tanatoz is?
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  6. Solace added a post in a topic Blue vs yellow awakening weapon stats   

    i think that blue is better because of hidden stats, there's a reason why they use it on KR instead of the  green one
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  7. Solace added a post in a topic Shard droprate broken cause of Medal-event?   

    I dont know if some one told you this allrdy or not, but i gonna say it anyway.
    Events or other content that give extra items to the loot table dont have any effect on the drop rate of allrdy existing items, let me explain. the loot drop table doesnt work as a cheese wheel where if you add another item its chance of drop will take away a chunk from the other items. Proof of this is that in every mob theres items that have 100% drop change like silver or trash loot. The way the loot table works is that it has serveral slots for items to drop there for when another item is added to the loot table he wont change the chance of the other items. A simpler way to look at this is to think of it has serveral cheese wheels, one for ea item that can drop, where ea wheel is divided between the chance to drop and not to drop.
    This loot table mechanic works on nearly every single mmorpg.
    You can take my work for it im a 4th year mechanical eng. student with extensive knowladge on mathematics and probability. 
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  8. Solace added a post in a topic Necessary Awakening Skill Points   

    besides auto atack all skill are to be prioritized.
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  9. Solace added a post in a topic Necessary Awakening Skill Points   

    you can all skill points needed here http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/9436/, but if u have less then 800 u are a bit fked, i have 1.2k so im good
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  10. Solace added a post in a topic Guard break with awakening?   

    There are many but most of them only get rly good at 58, at this lvl they get a huge boost »»check it your self http://bddatabase.net/us/skillcalc/9436/
    The main skills for that are violation of the dead, blade of darkness and grim reaper's judgement.
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  11. Solace added a post in a topic Awakenings Discusion Thread   

    You can try awakenings in gamescom, on kakao PC's. The awakenings should be coming august 31 or setember 7
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  12. Solace added a post in a topic Medal Collectors Event   

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  13. Solace added a post in a topic Medal Collectors Event   

    Do i need to keep the medals or can i use them as i get them the win the contest?
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  14. Solace added a post in a topic TheLazyPeon Drops the truth !   

    its 'youtubers' like this that kill games say shit just for the views
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  15. Solace added a post in a topic Cadry's piece-blue ring   

    thx for the help, i figured it out a while ago after my guild mate picked up one of the other pieces.
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