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  1. CrazyEsP added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    Yep more or less is the idea . in my case on crits. More information about this could be awesome .
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  2. CrazyEsP added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    Definitely that doesent happen with maehwa . and  i know vids from sinister , i read both forums just in case cause sometimes ( or more ) you can find good stuff to apply to one class from the other .
    But no , hit for the maewha for know just with RCE 2x goes fine so thinking about building basilisk instead of tree belt , and the ofhand .......
    Well sometimes is usefull but from my experience only agains full evasion builds its an option for now.... but i shouldnt take it as a priority for an offhand
    Kutum and evasion for me its a must have , and the ap and acc ... situation matters.
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  3. CrazyEsP added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    My black horn warrior bow is usefull ( for me ) against evasion builts,  i think that offhand is for running full ap monkey and the amount of accuracy of the ofhand ""should"" be enought.
    Runing TRI RCE 2x the damage is good but agains people less geared than you tha damage go down ( dont know why ). So if you find a rock the black bow is your friend ( not agains manshas).
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  4. CrazyEsP added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    First of all i didnt say ""sell your offhand "". I said that i sold mine cause is the worst offhand  ingame.
    I say that its a shit , not the same thing , and if you wanna test?:  buy one,  use to stack fails for tet and if goes to tet you have the perfect chance to try it out .
    Sorry for not saving my results . Was a test for me not for sharing but since a post show up of these. I said what i tested .
    Attacks that i used ? awakenings combos  like Petal drill+moonrise+frost pillars+ flow to : evasion ,non evasion and mansha config ( ap ) target.
    Dindt remember exact value  values of hp ,but with WH was wipe result and nouver dont.
    If you dont like it  cause you have a shinny tet or tri nouver ? good for you its fine, i respect that you spend you resources on that offhand and you dont want to change you mind cause a random guy says that the other one its better  but, for real you have a better option. 
    Its the same story with crystal , ap crystals, acuraccy one . you can try and try forever ,and all depends on your overall gear config.
    Off course is on some circumstances , my ap offhand is the less used in my inventory , Kutum for pve , acc or ap for single duels ( depend on the target ) and for massive pvp ultimate white horn warrior bow ( and this one its mandatory or a must have to anyone) i keep deleting people with 200 Ap and the additional evasion its another lvl of playing maehwa.
    Second , as the first post of this topic states 
    I agree with that idea. even more , i could say that numbers in this game doesent matters and the true thing is in the hidden stats.
    For example:
    One of the most cheated ninjas in EU
    And thats it, this game doesent provide all the info as intended so you have to test stuff by your own , so i spend the money for it( 1 .7 bill) and if they doesent change the offhand stats( like igonre resist instead of 10 % resist for all i could think about it ) for me nouver offhand its a perfect tool to make your house more fancy. ! .
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  5. CrazyEsP added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    I did my test having both .
    I no longer have a nouver to saw you the diference .
    For me was evident so i insta sold the nouver. Try it by yourself a tet white horn its 300 mill and if you dont like it you can just sold it easily.
    I dont like to just trust blindlly videos so i test it my self enchanting it or buying the item. and thats why i have lot of offhands.
    Acc, evasion ap kutum. all of them have a situation to be used and for me tet white horn bow for nodes or just duel do the same thing  than a nouver, cheaper to enchant or to be bought.
    Thats my point, could be better or not for you set but for me with 2 x TRI RCE its better that option by large.
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  6. CrazyEsP added a post in a topic RIP rest in peace (Offtopic)   

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  7. CrazyEsP added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    Im telling you again , I had both offhands and tested both , nouver is a S H I T
    With that AP diference the white horn with + crit crystal develop more damage , you can belive or not .

    Dont know in Usa , in EU its out of stock.
    If not , buy one at tet and test it yourself ( thats how i figure it out ) , the only usefull thing with nouver is taking the AP screenshot ( and done).
    I dont know why a supposed Boss piece could be that bad , but for now the roll move like that.
    Hope it helps and im done in this post !
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  8. CrazyEsP added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    you are taking into acount ap from crystals , i dont (i use those  place those on evasion offhand and kutum)  and i have an aditional crit damage crystal on my ap offhand ,  tested and i develop more damage
    The only ideal fuction to use a nouver is to take the picture of ap ( and over)
    thats it.
    even with less ap do the same job 
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  9. CrazyEsP added a post in a topic White Horn Bow vs Nouver   

    White Horn Warrior Bow its a good option for evasion offhand obtaining more evasion amount as tet rosar but with 1 crystal gap ( instead of 2 ).
    I use it for RB or nodewars and its a very good option if you have 200+ AP with evasion offhand .
    Hope it helps
    All my ofhands btw so i test so much these things , had nouver at tri but sold them , TET white horn bow  do the same work and its cheaper.. 

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  10. CrazyEsP added a post in a topic What crystals are you running for node wars   

    for nodes i usually main eva offhand and switch depend on situation to acc or ap one ( but i dont usually swap to  ap off)
    Since awakening release is kind of useless to use resist gems ( just the ignore resist ones)
    But thats my point of view. 
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  11. CrazyEsP added a post in a topic 5 Minutes of PvP | Maehwa L60 221/263   

    Funny start !
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  12. CrazyEsP added a post in a topic Maehwa (Lethal Skills) PvP "Legends of the Arena" Part 2 @1440p   

    We have a zerg on "EU" with that gear ( and this is an old version of months ago  dont know what is he running at the moment )
    Look at this RB ( ap builds nightmare)
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  13. CrazyEsP added a post in a topic Maehwa (Lethal Skills) PvP "Legends of the Arena" Part 2 @1440p   

    ahhhhh money rules then.
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  14. CrazyEsP added a post in a topic Keep playing Maehwa pre-awakened after 56?   

    you welcome but like Angwar said 
    you should try musa and you dont need to change any gear ( just the awakening).
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  15. CrazyEsP added a post in a topic Keep playing Maehwa pre-awakened after 56?   

    The blade is  used to cc , buff or debuff your enemy , dash cancel etc so .......
    Im sorry but i dont think that is a viable option if you dont like the awakening since its your main tool to develop damage.
    We talked about this point in other post so in resume  the maewha start to shine at lvl 59 before that lvl you can barelly do something usefull .
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