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  1. beppegg added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    Water + electricity... dangerous love!
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  2. beppegg added a post in a topic First nerf in todays patch?   

    It actually seems fair to me...
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  3. beppegg added a post in a topic Will you keep MMA for your wizz awakening? and which ones?   

    ah, thank you! I was looking only at awakening skills! :-P
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  4. beppegg added a post in a topic Will you keep MMA for your wizz awakening? and which ones?   

    Just a curiosity: shouldn't Witches get a second teleport? I don't find it in skill list..
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  5. beppegg added a post in a topic How Much is To Much   

    the same goes for me and my entire guild.. Opening boss bundles in upped nodes, with 5/5 luck and blessings on resulted in 0 boss pieces.
    We all play since pre-launch.
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  6. beppegg added a post in a topic You worked for your gear? Ummm No. But I did WORK for my money!   

    no, "we" don't. Because like I reached a pretty good position in my company earning it by hard work and by putting myself km the line, I'm used and actually enjoy reaching the top with my own strength. Or at least, trying and enjoying my results.
    I work more than 8 hours a day and although I'm far from being "top" tier in this game, I still have good enough gear to enjoy myself.
    For keeping the real life analogy, P2W is like giving someone in your company the possibility to just buy higher positions, jumping ahead people who's working hard for their ppromotions. I hardly believe anyone would consider that "fair" or "normal".
    Ps: if OP doesn't grasp the concept of work for a game, just substitute that word with "effort" and read his post again.
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  7. beppegg added a post in a topic 100 loyalties in 30 pearls   

    Having many happy customers is the key for maximizing profit
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  8. beppegg added a topic in General   

    100 loyalties in 30 pearls
    if you really wanted to make non-paying people enjoy cash-shop goodies, you could just have made pearls boxes buyable through loyalties. Considering a costume (2700 pearls) for three months of playtime, that leads to roughly 30 pearls a day.
    that would fulfill your desire and keep your word.. Isn't it the perfect solution?
    no need to thank me.
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  9. beppegg added a post in a topic Time to show the PVErs what indiscriminatory Pking is   

    PK is PvP, unless you PK a defenceless (AFK) player or keep on killing the same person who doesn't even fight back.
    In every games I'm all about Open World PvP - Actually, if it isn't there I don't even take in account the possibility to play that game - but if I find a person who obviously don't stand a chance I avoid repeatedly kill him... Just the first, otherwise how can I know he or she doesn't stand a chance?
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  10. beppegg added a post in a topic How do you ressurect someone?   

    You must press CTRL key (mouse mode) near the body you want to resurrect. You should see a circle, like the ine you get for partying people. Then, you can cast resurrection skill from hotbar
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  11. beppegg added a post in a topic Conqueror Pack Horse Resolution   

    I'm not a conqueror, I bought the 50€ one, but I'm deeply and truly happy with this decision. This is true customer care!
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  12. beppegg added a post in a topic What game did you leave to play BDO?   

    I too come from Aion, and actually I still play it from time to time, chitarra just for the sake of meeting the friends that I still have there.
    The game design was very well: all classes are pretty balanced, open world PvP is there but pvp fans can still do their stuff with limited (not null) risk.
    I left for the old combat mechanics, the graphic, but mainly the publisher. 
    Gameforge never more in lifetime!
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  13. beppegg added a post in a topic Do you think the cash shop is expensive?   

    I don't think that the assumptions depicted on the text are want you think they are... Assumptions in statistic are mainly about the probability distribution of the random variable under observation.
    I just did a single exam about that when I was attending university but I remember the process to be like:
    1) select a sample of the "representative" sample of the population. "representative" here have more to do with the composition of the sample rather than with its size. Example: I want to analyze data about "teenagers" and I interview boys in their school: that's not a suitable sample because I miss all those guys not in education.
    2) assume pproperties on the sample, like its probability distibution and stuff,
    3) formulate an hypothesis, like "population thinks cash shop is overpriced"
    4) analyze data and see if those confirm or reject you hypothesis, and estimate confidence ("data shows that prices are fine, and I'm certain of what I said at 95%")

    It's a process heavily used in ppharmacy: when they test a new medicine, they test it on a tiny number of patients and then extend the results to everybody.
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  14. beppegg added a post in a topic Do you think the cash shop is expensive?   

    Have you guys never heard of inferential statistics?
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  15. beppegg added a post in a topic Conqueror's Pack Horse   

    you know? I'd like to buy the horse ttraining costume, but I can't resolve myself in doing it because 25€ are a lot of money for some pixel but most of all, because I don't want to spend if this is customer service. 
    As someone told before, I've been pretty satisfied with how Daum was handling the game, I'm astonished about the current behavior.
    I left from the previous game I used to play because the company, and now I'm pretty sensible to the customer care topic
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