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  1. Strates added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    People still pay attention to this guy?  really?  Sub par striker fighting people in KR that didn't even care about fighting him, most didn't even fight...  This doesn't show striker at all... it's a good class, but for now far from OP, unless you have trouble getting around a frontal block during pvp...
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  2. Strates added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    This is pretty much what the video was.  Ignore watching.  Overall you were about as potato as the people who didn't fight back.8
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  3. Strates added a post in a topic $1 = 'S' rank   

    You're saying no one will relog twice to get the knowledge, but everyone did.  That's how everyone got the knowledge, because it's an outright waste of loyalty to buy those scrolls.  I mean sure, I wouldn't care if they added it, but I somehow doubt they'll spend the design time on that, as it'd need to be an item that'll have to get hooked up to the database of monsters (minus world bosses probably) and apply to you.8
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  4. Strates added a post in a topic $1 = 'S' rank   

    You know... you can reset knowledge on mobs in calpheon, without using loyalty scrolls... for a bit of energy...  
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  5. Strates added a post in a topic New Striker class gets a devastating grapple move   

    So do ninjas and kunos... Still see how they're not exactly the most useful outside 1v1.  It all does fall down to the last of what I said, they can have as many cool cancels and chains as they want, but if their chain is 6 moves long, doing exactly the same thing other classes do in 2-3 moves...
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  6. Strates added a post in a topic New Striker class gets a devastating grapple move   

    Ummm, all that info, is not a good thing in relation to pvp.
    A grab that attacks multiple times, although may look nice, is not a good thing, as it locks you in place and gives more time for people to get on you.  Hey, you're on that wizard in the back line, wait 3 seconds before you can start using your main attacks.
    Also the flow of the skills sounds nice, but if it's hitting the same as ninja v2 or kuno v2, all it is is a class that'll die just as easily in anything but 1v1, as if it takes you 6 moves to do damage, no matter how cool you may look, it's just not effective when a lot of classes can do the same in 2-3.
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  7. Strates added a post in a topic Coming back ...olvia servers be like   

    I know plenty of casual players who have alts... and a lvl 60 with gear at this point.  Getting lvl 60 isn't hard, it's about setting realistic goals.  People just don't try because they see the 3% an hour level rate, even though getting 1 level in a month is fine.  MOBA mentality where if you can't get max level in a couple days it's over.
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  8. Strates added a post in a topic New player information - Guide   

    While I agree with you in part and will probably be breaking the guide up into 2 pieces, one for sub lvl 55 and one for 56+, I would like to point out that playing BDO for a month is still a new player.  I agree with most of your points though.  The thing is with 100-120 AP you can still grind Mediah in a group without dying.  But I appreciate the critique, I'll rework it into the two separate pieces, because I would agree I skipped over the complete starter gear and went for step 2 after that gear.
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  9. Strates added a post in a topic New player information - Guide   

    Well, the exp difference was roughly 15-20% when I tested this.  Both toons were at 230 AP.  So it depends.  Most people will care about getting money while leveling so they'll ignore that part.
    Good idea, I'll go through and edit this part.
    Yeah, I put the guide together rather quickly for what it should've been.  Wanted to get something out there because a lot of new players have very similar questions.
    With how much there is to know if you want to set yourself up, 3 pages may not be possible, I'll see which sections I can drop.  That's also why you can auto scroll to sections.
    Depending.  I helped a new guy set up his afk stuff and he had tri zaka and tri blue awakening in 3 weeks... But I can see how I should have a starting gear and next steps possibly.
    Now this is an interesting idea... maybe I should split things up more like this.
    The other reply to this wasn't worth a response.
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  10. Strates added a post in a topic Any one with a 7700k or 6700k and 1080ti   

    Actually I hadn't tried OCing the 7700k to 5ghz, so I didn't know that.  This would put it above the 6700k, though the average gamer won't OC all the way up to 5ghz, but your point remains valid.
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  11. Strates added a post in a topic New player information - Guide   

    Hmmm, some things...
    I should add Helms as a third option, I agree with this one.
    So as for Valencia areas, most new players will avoid them due to the desert.  I did tell people to take a breather around 52-55 to get their gear up, but I should add a difficulty rating, I think that would be useful.
    Now as for going out of the way of world bosses, this is a debate, as some people ignore them for a long time, so this is more of where your priorities lie.  I should add a section on world bosses though.
    This is dependent on gear and class.  I will add a note that you will gain less SP in a party.
    Even in PvE Zaka weapon damage is much higher than Liverto, so it's all relative.  You can get the money for both a TRI zaka and TRI blue awakening in about 2-4 weeks, which isn't too bad.
    Test this yourself.  In my personal PvP build I don't run Bhegs.  Bhegs offer a good accuracy bonus, but far from a must.  Zaka is a 100% necessity if you want to hit anything in PvP.  I've ran quite a few tests on this across most classes (I've never played Tamer or Sorc) and each time there was no comparison between the two.
    Once again arguable.  Some classes are very accuracy starved so they end up seeing higher numbers with an accuracy offhand.  It comes down to if you focus on sheet changes or others, but for grinding more AP is never bad.
    This is once again a debate on what you want to do.  There is a lot of cheap jewelry out there to get that'll work.  Personally I never bothered with red coral rings because the defense was laughable and in most places you can avoid getting hit almost 100% of the time on any class if you target the ranged mobs first.  I should generalize the jewelry section to point people towards budget jewels though.
    Already added a section on enchanting.
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  12. Strates added a post in a topic New player information - Guide   

    Good opinions.  I'll probably update the gearing section.  I do consider accessories a very late upgrade personally for people starting out as it can become a money sink, even a small one, for much smaller AP upgrades than getting your own weapon.  I'll probably also add a section on boss scrolls, but I appreciate the feedback.
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  13. Strates added a topic in Guides   

    For new players and old.
    I made a post in General to give this more visibility, but I made a guide for newer players to take a look through, which can also be useful for older players as well.  Please take a look through and send me any messages about possible changes, additions, etc., or post them here.  Most importantly if you find that it could be useful, please spread it around as much as possible as this'll really help everyone catch up and enjoy the game more.
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  14. Strates added a post in a topic Any one with a 7700k or 6700k and 1080ti   

    A 7700k actually performs worse than a 6700k on most gaming tests.  Remember that with MMOs you need high Ghz over more cores as MMOs need to be optimized for lower end computers as well, so most will not use most of your cores.  My advice is go with a 6700k boosted to 4.4GHz.  I do that with a 1080 and rarely fall below 50 anywhere (except world bosses).
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  15. Strates added a topic in General   

    New player information - Guide
    For those who haven't noticed, the information for this game is scattered all over the place.  Some of it is hard to find, while other information is inaccurate and can give players the completely wrong idea in what they should be doing.  In that regard I've made a V1 of a guide which anyone can view, with links to various calculators.  My only request is that everyone tries to help and spread it around to as much of the population as possible as the forum usually swallows these kinds of things in favor of other topics.  This guide is more focused on new players, but I think a large chunk of the community could take something away from it.
     - please note, some of the topics in the guide and definitions are controversial as they are my opinion, please focus on actual content and quality, and I'd appreciate hearing any critiques as well as sections people would like to see added.
     - also parts of the guide are not in depth comprehensive guides, but things you should look at for yourself on the overall scope of BDO with useful links.  Take a read through.
    Thank you, and I'd appreciate hearing any feedback, whether in pm or here.  Please spread this so newer players have information accessible to them.  
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