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  1. Zuuda added a post in a topic PK'ing is not griefing   

    I didn't say it wasn't. Did I say that? I did not. I said it was a shitty convoluted logic. This game is good for little trolls, but don't hide behind anything other than the feel good aspect of killing AFK people.
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  2. Zuuda added a post in a topic Anyone annoyed at Witch/Wizard awakening differences?   

    What differences? That shit hasn't even been out yet!!!! -----, you're protesting over something you don't even know what will be! Pre-emptive protesting, this is BDO at a next level.
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  3. Zuuda added a post in a topic PK'ing is not griefing   

    One of the most retarded and convoluted shitty logics I've read in a good long while, and mind, I've been reading BDO forums for a while so I've read a lot of shitty logics from PKers.
    Grats, playerbase keeps on declining and players keep on finding reasons to help that. Brilliant.
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  4. Zuuda added a post in a topic Why Collision must be implemented   

    A call to troll more. Oh joy, so unexpected.
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  5. Zuuda added a post in a topic Is there a way to stop leveling before forced PvP level ?   

    If a psychiatrist was to read these forums, this thread in particular, I wonder if the vocal PvP crowd wouldn't be diagnosed as being semi-psychos.
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  6. Zuuda added a post in a topic Is there a way to stop leveling before forced PvP level ?   

    That said there is no point in trying to run away from PKing. Mostly just fish in safe zones, since killing AFK fishers is the new sport for mouth breathers plying their trade for other mouth breathers who spray their spittle on their screen cheering their brethren on. Or do it on a low level alt.
    But other than that actual PKing is a non thing. This has been said over and over in this thread and if it has not convinced you, you the OP and those others who are suiciding to keep your levels down, then I don't think adding more will make you change your mind.
    I'll add this anyway. Currently 52, been PKed a few rare times, sometimes obviously for the hell of it, sometimes because I was in a guild's 'claimed' grind spot. But you know what?
    It does not matter.
    It does not matter. At all. XP is harder to get by at 51+ and even then only at 53 does it become a real grind. XP is useless! As long as you're 50 you can go anywhere in the game! Gear is what matters. I'm saying all of this to consolidate that BEING PKED DOES NOTHING! Ok, you lost 1% XP? So? Ok, you had to respawn and run back. So? One has no impact and the other is a one minute trek. If someone has it for you and does not want you to go there then press escape, character selection, server selection, change channels without having to run back to a safe place. Sometimes you may have to do this if you're doing a quest and someone, guild or person(s) refuse to share.
    But the beauty of it is that since XP does not matter and crystals do not break from PK we can say an hearty ----- you to the persons being pricks. Hell, a friend and I got PKed out of the blue by three persons who, we think, since they did not communicate, wanted their grind spot left alone so we could not quest there. We lost, badly, my friend is not geared and as a witch I'd melt in seconds from three focusing me. But you know who left? They did. After five or so minutes of us respawning and running back and stealing their mobs until they flagged and killed us (we did get them a few times, though luck more than skill) they eventually ran off. IT WAS FRICKING HILAROUS! Big bad ass wannabe hardcore PKers jumping down a cliff so we would stop chasing them and then disappearing as we continued our questing. Fifteen minutes later they were back but giving us a wide berth.
    That's the difference between someone who wants to cherish their precious XP and karma and someone who realizes XP is useless.
    Do not fall under the fearmongering that is so prevalent. Yes, some people will PK. No, you are not going to be killed non stop. You are a tree in the forest. you are not a streamer, you are not (I hope) in a PvP guild and if you're doing life skills instead of grinding in the high level areas where everyone is competing for the same spots then no one will bother with you. Even if you *are* PKed you lost a little XP, which should not matter if you were aiming to stay under 45 anyway, your armor will lose a bit of durability, but it costs peanuts to fix it, and your crystals will not break.
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  7. Zuuda added a post in a topic Is there a way to stop leveling before forced PvP level ?   

    Even PvErs no longer are on Kat's side, Weasel. She has turned to be even more toxic than the most toxic PvPer and treats the forums like her personal Facebook/Tumblr. We reached the same point of when feminists decried feminazis for undermining their fight due to their toxicity.
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  8. Zuuda added a post in a topic Some tips with elites farming?   

    Tbh I don't touch elites on my own, especially the CC immune ones like the Helm golems. The golems in particular are ranged which negates our kiting and brings out our squishyness.
    For regular melee elites first I'd say Pick max ranked Speed Spell and then quick slot fireball explosion and lightning storm. We often don't have the time to do our 1-2 combo so just casting fireball, then kiting, then using the keybind to use fireball explosion can increase the life expectancy without killing the damage. Even so we're good for AoE but as it is expected our single target damage, our DPS (actual damage per second), may not be the highest due to all the animations and the need to kite (I honestly do not notice much difference with 165 DP).
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  9. Zuuda added a post in a topic Let's make Edan a safe space again.   

    I am positive there is not one bit of lying involved in this for attentionwhoring
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  10. Zuuda added a post in a topic <Baka> Stream sniping compilation   

    Yes, you do. But bragging about it is just weird.
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  11. Zuuda added a post in a topic 100% Black Spirit Lightning --- CANCEL PLS   

    I think an easy homebrewed solution would be to hotkey Lightning, say for example as #2, and then use Autohokey so that each time we press 2 it first sends V and *then* it sends #2. The animation lock from using the buff still happens, but it is much shorter than casting the lightning ultimate.
    I rather like it because it packs a punch and CCs, but the fact it is tied to our number one damage skill means we need to keep an hawk eye on the meter or we will cast it by accident. Being able to cancel it should be incorporated in the game, but, meh, BDO is not high in QoL polish.
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  12. Zuuda added a post in a topic rigged loot game is getting boring and Daum isnt doing anything about it   

    Why don't you buy it? I wanted the witch earrings but grinding for them was dull (only did the dailies there) so I bought a couple at 7 mill a pop. Heck, I bought a couple Outlaw Rings and a Scar Necklace instead of grindgrindgrind and pray to RNGesus.
    I do the grinding and if stuff does not drop I buy it off the AH with the loot that I got.
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  13. Zuuda added a post in a topic How to win the game explained.   

  14. Zuuda added a post in a topic This is for everyone who was Pked during AFK Fishing.   

    You're new to BDO, aren't you?
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  15. Zuuda added a post in a topic My devotion to BDO officially ends upon reaching level 45   

    To add to my previous post. Today I was playing with a friend over Elric Monastery. The Black Spirit had a quest there and we were killing the dudes np. My friend is level 50 and woefully undergeared since she is has RL and I'm playing a level 51 and a half witch moderately well geared (114 AP, 147 DP).
    Suddenly, three or four guys jump on us. I can't say if it were three or four since more people were around but not flagged but at least three. We go down pretty easy since we were caught by surprise and given no warning we were intruding. To add insult to injury we were close to a node and they ran back to us as we respawned and then attacked again. This time we were a bit better warned and fought back though we died again.
    At this point they seemed happy and went back to their farming. At this point too, following my philosophy of ----- XP since it's useless and I'm not losing crystals anyway, I respawned (we were really really close not even ten seconds away) and start running after them and killing all their mobs which is infinitely easy as a witch. They flag again, we start fighting.
    We are outnumbered, outgeared and outplayed (that was both mine and my friend's first PvP in BDO) but with the node ten seconds away from the fight we respawn, run back, keep hitting them so they can't flag out. We still manage to kill a few between my AoEs and my friend grappling and forcing some to stay there and take it.
    At some point they are just surrounding the node and hitting us as soon as we respawn. Insert serious 'I don't give a ----- about XP'. Give it a bit more as their karma plummets and they turn their back on us and start running away. We keep chasing them and still kill another who offered his back to us. They jump down the cliff, my armor is almost all red, but both our karma is intact and we simply continue running around doing our quests.
    Fifteen-ish minutes they return, they give us a wide berth and both groups continue killing things.
    Funny part? Around an hour later (----- you quests to discover knowledge about mobs) we get a group who runs past and says their guild is claiming this spot and that we should leave. We just moved to another spot down from where they were and did not contest. There are a lot of places with mobs and no reason not to move if people at least warn first.
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