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  1. Sumpf added a post in a topic Golden fishing spot in Velia (FIX THIS ASAP PLEASE !!!)   

    so an AFK activity is actually more profitable than playing the game? smells like bad game design.
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  2. Sumpf added a post in a topic Grinding and Enhancement for PvP   

    Well I'm okay with the grind it takes. Achieving high level should be special and rewarding. I don't like the power curve however, it's too extreme. I really don't want an equalized competitive game. But with 1-2 levels lower  there should still be a fair chance to beat the higher character. Right now it is very discouraging to keep playing or start playing as a new player when you have almost no chance to catch up to a meaningful level.
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  3. Sumpf added a post in a topic Treant Suits   

    yep. And then we will still have people who insist this won't give any advantage. E.g. like 10% more pvp damage...come on...just l2p
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  4. Sumpf added a post in a topic End game PVP balance?   

    - we have awakening CC patch without awakening wapons, this changes balance severely. Valk 100-0 Combo does not work as easily anymore.
    - we have longer cooldown and less strength of pots which affects rangers the most (they are the most mana hungry class in game). Also they are extremely gear dependent, +15 will not make them op (yet).
    - Valk awakening weapon skills have not been released. How do you deduct they are going to be the strongest? you simply make up things out of thin air.
    - Tamer has newest buffs from Korea and we are still limited to +15 where Heilang is still useful. Might end up quite strongly.
    Stop presenting random speculation as hard facts, our version is quite different from any other one.
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  5. Sumpf added a post in a topic What is the enchantment success rate after +7?   

    I hate these enchantment systems so much. I didn't like it in Tera, I don't like it here. I don't feel rewarded for getting better gear, I just feel punished for trying to get it.
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  6. Sumpf added a post in a topic Weekly Maintenance   

    I don't think that's the case. Maintenance is done during normal work hours, for EU this often happens to be at night if NA employees do it. Not sure who is doing what here but I'm pretty sure almost no publisher will pay night shifts (if it's even easily possible with all the regulations) for the convenience of a few hundred players once a week.
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  7. Sumpf added a post in a topic [VIDEO] Ranger PvP Encounter   

    I liked the first part, I think you did really well. The second part just showed me how retarded Ghillie suit is. You basically walked into a group of grinding people who had no idea you were outlaws and could wait until they were positioned perfectly for you to AoE them down.
    Also +1 for not playing with max zoom out - so annoying in most pvp vids where you can't see anything.
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  8. Sumpf added a post in a topic The "I spent too much on dye" thread! Show Your Armor Dye Jobs!   

    god I want to play Sorc just for their awesome looks and costumes. Best Waifu hnng...
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  9. Sumpf added a post in a topic No trade will stop gold sellers... Yeah, right.   

    Only way they could be legit is by using stolen Credit Cards or pearl store hacks. Either way you risk losing the purchased items, maybe even get banned.
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  10. Sumpf added a post in a topic Ghillie PSA: Flare can not be crafted in our version of the game.   

    even if it has a counter via flares it is a stupid item that imbalances pvp. Ever seen a teleport spamming Sorc with very small character heigth and Ghillie suit? Impossible to keep track.
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  11. Sumpf added a post in a topic Add longed cds on potions   

    Only if they rework resource management of classes. I don't like having to spam potions (and carry them around ugh) but without them my ranger would be completely useless.
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  12. Sumpf added a post in a topic Ghillie... HORRIBLE   

    Impossible to take pvp in this game serious like this, but a lot of players already paid for their advantage and if they would change it they would be pissed off so nothing is going to change -> p2w pvp at least.
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  13. Sumpf added a post in a topic Is ranger fun?   

    Ranger is not as easy as it appears at the beginning. It seems to involve a lot of animation canceling. If that's your thing it can be fun. Personally I don't really like that mechanic and unfortunately now realizer rather late that I like other classes better although they might be weaker.
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  14. Sumpf added a post in a topic Is it worth it to change classes?   

    the thing about rerolling in a grind game is it's such a chore. I'm unhappy with my ranger, all this animation canceling, camera adjusting and boring gameplay annoy me. Buth starting the grind again? ughh..
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  15. Sumpf added a post in a topic Ghillie... HORRIBLE   

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