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  1. Hihitsuo added a topic in General   

    Relic event over?
    Just finished a night of fishing without getting a single relic shard. Guild members confirmed similar experiences.
    Seems fishy.
    Edit: For the record I have a 192 slot inventory with a properly enchanted fishing rod. This should not be happening.
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  2. Hihitsuo added a post in a topic Why is the lag still so bad?   

    Internets fine, I'm not the only one complaining about it.
    Maybe I should clarify this is on Edan ?
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  3. Hihitsuo added a post in a topic Why is the lag still so bad?   

    My frame rate is a solid 60fps on high settings thank you very much, and the new water content is quite pretty, but lag is worse than ever. I'm guessing you don't pvp?
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  4. Hihitsuo added a topic in General   

    Why is the lag still so bad?
    I mean, come on Kakao.
    After all this time, after all these complaints, why on earth is the lag still getting worse and worse?
    I was gathering today, and had a solid delay between harvests, I was in RBF today and I had a solid and noticeable stuttering along with more than enough desync. All of my guildmates are complaining. Channel chat is complaining, and all this after a ridiculously long maintenance.
    How on earth is this acceptable? This is a pvp game, and pvp has become a complete joke! With all the other problems BDO has, how on earth has this remained an issue for as long as it has with no redress?
    With all the money Kakao is making, couldn't they at least pay a TINY bit of attention to the servers ?!
    • 5 replies
  5. Hihitsuo added a post in a topic Bug or not   

    Ghost step isn't an iframe anyways, so you're not losing anything.
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  6. Hihitsuo added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Cantusa Desert, and Pila Ku Jail nodes are broken.
    Despite receiving the topographical knowledge for both nodes- they refuse to unlock themselves on the map. Furthermore, node investment through the manager is also not functioning.

    • 27 replies
  7. Hihitsuo added a post in a topic Is Kunoichi have good dps ?   

    PvE Damage is top-tier, like ninja, and ranger.
    PvP Damage is incredibly poor.
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  8. Hihitsuo added a post in a topic So as stated these buffs are not applied.   

    @CM_Aethon @GM_Dew @CM_Tytyes @PM_Jouska
    I would also like some answers.
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  9. Hihitsuo added a post in a topic Not sure about Ground Thrust ...   

    I consider it essential.
    My justification for this is grapple resistance.
    When we perform our longest burst combo and use our grapple, we extend the grapple with a double jump. Unfortunately, it is all too often resisted and we end up wasting precious time jumping into the air instead. I use ground thrust to make the most of the siltation and reduce my air-time.
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  10. Hihitsuo added a post in a topic Kuno awakening mobility?   

    We get some range.
    It's one of the underpowered awakenings, but at least we get a few new tools. Like some more CC, and some actual range.
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  11. Hihitsuo added a post in a topic Anyone likes Flash Slash?   

    I've recently picked it back up again. The 100% has a niche use, while it doesn't give you a true iframe, and leaves you very vulnerable after the cast is done- it can be useful if you manage to catch someone at the very end of its radius. The super armour that you get from it can let you burst damage someone down in the right scenario. Sometimes, if the CC doesn't bug out it can set you up for a shadow stomp combo, which goes
    Kunai Throw -> Shadow Stomp -> Ghost Step -> Shadow Clone -> Ghost Greeting -> Aerial Grapple -> Double Jump -> Fox Claw -> Black Moonlight -> Tendon Cutter.
    I use it primarily against Ninjas, Kunos, Musas, Maehwa's, and Witches.
    Its useful for when an enemy is using a wind-up, or ends up behind you and block jump isn't up.
    For example, a ninja counters your block jump with his jump, then you can sometimes manage to pump your 100% Flash Slash in time, and get out of range to then get to safety with a backwards Block Jump or Ghost Step.
    In the case of Witches, it's useful to counter some of their stifle skills, while still posing just enough dmg to make them retreat.
    Even with it's niche use though, it's very disappointing that our ultimate is an optional skill, that is very buggy.
    If Kuno's were less buggy, and had another engage skill outside of Block Jump, then I would consider this skill mandatory. As it is now though, I cant say I'm super impressed.
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  12. Hihitsuo added a topic in Kunoichi   

    Block not working?
    Hello Kunos,
    I couldn't help but notice that the backwards block that we are supposed to have (automatic block when moving backwards) doesn't seem to work. Has anyone else had this problem?
    It's incredibly frustrating considering how buggy our iframes are...
    • 11 replies
  13. Hihitsuo added a post in a topic Tragic Blade?   

    No, it's useless.
    Any class fighting you at that range will have a grapple, with the exception of Musa and Maewha, both of which will either eat through your block, or run around it.
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  14. Hihitsuo added a post in a topic Condi Kuno   

    Just level up brace, and use gear that sets you above 200 WP. You should never have a problem with WP.
    As for our DoTs- well...they're ok, but in terms of awakening skills, sorc is a much more proficient DoT class. At the moment, with Boss Armor in short supply, Shadow Slash is a mandatory add-on.
    That leaves us with two add-on's remaining, one of which should be a 20% crit buff add-on. You may get either Fatal Stab, or Anklecutter for this.
    Ankle Cutter, already has a 100% crit chance, so I feel that Fatal Stab is better for this, it also has the stronger DoT add on. However Ankle Cutter is a better AoE, and has some other debuff effects, including (if I remember correctly) a 10% movement speed reduction. I used to use Anklecutter, simply for the ease in keeping up, however after experimenting with Fatal Stab, I feel it is the better option, at least for pvp. If you manage to make use of the +30 hp/hit add on proficiently on Anklecutter, then you may drop Shadow Slash, and take this instead.
    The third one is best served as a utility add-on. The strongest choices here are +atk speed, and +defense. I prefer +defense, and use the add-on on Black Moonlight for +20 def.
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  15. Hihitsuo added a post in a topic Skill Add-on?   

    I use
    Shadow Slash: 10 HP per hit/10% Down Smash
    Ninjutsu: Black Moonlight: 56 Posion Damage per 3/18/ +20 Defense for 10 seconds
    Fatal Stab: 45 Pain Damage per 3/12/ +20% Crit for 9 seconds
    Once I get full boss armor, I'll probably switch Shadow Slash out for Tendon Cutter, and just equip an HP recovery gem into my weapon.
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