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  1. Malpercio added a post in a topic What happened to Witchzards again ?   

    PvP goes two ways, chasers and baiters. There are people who right click and expect everything to be okay behind a shield... which works to a point. Then there are people who right click without a shield and expect things to be okay. If you do not know how  to read your enemies movements then obviously its back to WoW for you.
    Protip: if you gain the experience fighting other classes you can learn how to fight other classes. If youre a dolt who just looks at your class as you pvp then... do you look at your gun when you go to the gun range when you shoot? 
    Its simple, just learn the attack patterns of other classes (and world bosses this works too!) and learn how to move out of the way. The only class that has real issues now is the seemingly 100% cc ranger and the always in iframe ranged skills DK. Wizards? Witches? ezpz just wait until they unload and inbetween their attacks you just kd them and kill them. 
    If you dont know what im talking about... I got some bad news for you

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  2. Malpercio added a post in a topic Dande vs Ulti Awaken weapon   

    Then explain Kzarka's Enhancement effect: Accuracty increase... or Bhegs as well, youre just assuming that the ap enhancement is a shown one with the base ap increase
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  3. Malpercio added a post in a topic Dande vs Ulti Awaken weapon   

    quit projecting
    its a noticeable difference, which is what the original op asked
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  4. Malpercio added a post in a topic Dande vs Ulti Awaken weapon   

    If you've used a dandy you will see a difference, like with kzarka from liverto. You have two types of people:
    1.) Why would i ever get <insert item name here> (dandy, kzarka, boss gear) if the AP/DP stats are the same at +1 enhancement more?! (we call those people those who havent used the items yet)
    2.) Kzarka, Dandy, Bhegs gloves makes a huge difference! You will see it when you use it.
    It boils down to one thing... if you havent used these items in pve/pvp yet... you really dont know what youre talking about.
    -Dandy does not have accuracy. If you read under "Enhancement Effects: Increase Attack Power", it means youre getting bonus AP per enhancement that is NOT seen on the ap sheet. Note the ultimate also has this... but I guarantee you it is less than the dandy. Hence why people go for dandy.
    Look at Kzarka, Bhegs, Muskans. Each one has Enhancement Effect: AP/Acc (Kzarka), Acc (Bhegs), Evasion (Muskans) increases, unlike Giaths or Tree/Rednose. The numbers arent displayed so we do not know outside of actual testing what it really is, just that it is more than its counterpart (liverto, Grunil, Rocaba, etc).
    Those of you who say there is not much of a difference and have not used any of the "BiS" gear in question... do you really think you have a place to talk when you havent tried it yet? There is a reason why people are using the gear despite the difficulty to get it (which if you are making baller money, its really not that hard to get)
    If you have any questions on this feel free to ask me on it and I'll answer to the best of my ability on these things. I've been playing this game since release and can easily tell you there tiers of character increases based upon a few things you can impact, and some you cant.

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  5. Malpercio added a post in a topic Glowing box???   

    could be a gold chest, use a gold key
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  6. Malpercio added a post in a topic Are all of these items in the game now?   

    theyre rare drops  and ive obtained 3 of the 5 listed there while gathering mats for my blue boat gear. Theyve been in since you could get loot off those mobs
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  7. Malpercio added a post in a topic New Boss set event?   

    uhh considering preorders arent a 100% thing this is false. You set a preorder for a tri piece of boss gear and youll get it regardless. 
    In fact ive gotten my tri tree armor with 630 mil preorder and no pearls
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  8. Malpercio added a post in a topic Alchemy Pearl Costume   

    does anyone even have a +5 one? How many failstacks / attempts did it take?
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  9. Malpercio added a post in a topic reduce castle money cus this is ridiculous   

    lol looks like you really dont know how to play the game if you dont know the roles of each class in a siege. Also when my guild occupied calpheon for a week (with taxation for a new occupancy) we made 13 billion silver. If youre a loner then BDO is probably not for you, as this is a community game to get like minded players together to compete for biiiiiig damage rewards. Could you imagine how much money manup is sitting on owning valencia for over 7 weeks now? 

    P.S: get gud

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  10. Malpercio added a post in a topic DEVS: PLEASE Remove 1 of the 2 Bottlenecks so more players have access to horses   

    1.) If you breed two level 30 T8s you get a high chance at a T8 
    2.) Horse racing yields emblem boxes that have anywhere from a t6-t8 horse emblem (rng)
    3.) Bull about large guilds not with t8 horses, I filled my guild up with them as i bred them 
    4.) The real bottleneck is with T6+T6, but i got most of my t7's from T6+T5 (gender doesnt matter)
    Although it seems like T6 may be the norm, its like enhancing from duo to tri. it will take roughly about 7 breeds (on average for most players) to pop a t7. Only breed two t7s for a good chance at a t8. This is my experience with it and I've sold many horses to my guild already that are T8 in preparation for T9s, which dont require breeding
    Be patient and treat your horses with love, and their genes will show you love back
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  11. Malpercio added a post in a topic Tier 9 Horses   

    also note premium horse appearance change coupons can increase skills. if you have a t9 you should be using costumes / branding on the horse for best effects
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  12. Malpercio added a post in a topic Tier 9 Horses   

    You upgrade experience on a skill at stonetail ranch with the stable master. When its 200% you can push the horse to awaken. If it fails the exp goes back to 0% (100% if you use 100 cron stones) and you level it again. Horse stats are unaffected by failure, you will not lose horse levels nor skills / stats
    Also note: its been said its roughly 1% to awaken a horse
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  13. Malpercio added a post in a topic Severe Lag & Crashing   

    put your game on SSD, its freezing your char to load up the sprites and models of the area youre coming into. Like when you zip zap through altinova
    Velia 4
    Red Battlefield
    I'm still here, just standing and hoping it will grant me my win ;_;
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  14. Malpercio added a post in a topic Illuminati buys castle from ManUp   

    Good fight to eternidad! We had fun fighting them for a good 2 hours in that castle war. Pity haters will assume things were bought. Get gud or get out! If you want some good pvp and people to be jealous of you hit me up or Carlos and we will test your mettle! 

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  15. Malpercio added a post in a topic Can my horse still learn skills?   

    You can get the PREMIUM appearance change coupon and it gives you a chance to gain a skill per coupon
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