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  1. Goony added a topic in General   

    Event random boxes...anyone gotten the top item?
    Is it just me but been playing since BETA, are the event random boxes fixed? Has anyone had a guildie get the best item from the game? We all know how DAUM mistreated entire player base on the boss gear box and everyone got Red Nose armor.... but starting to think same applies to all these random boxes. Once again bullsh*t odds and you can never get top end gear.....
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  2. Goony added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 29th   

    Talking to those who whine when something isn't perfect, or isn't released perfectly on time. I to been playing MMO's for just as long, and if you been playing since Ultimate Online you cant be a hipster or a me generation, you're to old like me.
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  3. Goony added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance March 29th   

    poor little hipsters and me generation and their expectations.... it's pretty funny. They got no idea about history of MMO's. Thanks for your entertainment on your expectations.
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  4. Goony added a post in a topic What will you do?   

    Agree on Relics, I've told guildies do them on your own, to far out to do and takes forever waiting on 3 bosses to spawn. Better off selling them and buying Pila scrolls!
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  5. Goony added a post in a topic Player-to-player trading   

    Like I said to limit abuse you tie it to guildies only, put time limit on guild, only after 90 days ( maybe 60 days with guild ) and a contribution(activity) or like 100k+(you actually got off ass and did guild missions), you want help with free gear then your ass invests into the community and help build a guild up.
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  6. Goony added a post in a topic Player-to-player trading   

    Yes, but only if you have been in a guild for 90+ days otherwise GTFO. And activity level of 250k+
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  7. Goony added a post in a topic Thermian Casual outfit, equipment tailoring coupon   

    no I figured out the whole pearl item upgrading and upgraded my Thermian to a costume. But a lot of guildies saying their crafted costumes only take up chest slot for costume not chest, shoe and helm spot
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  8. Goony added a topic in General   

    Thermian Casual outfit, equipment tailoring coupon
    So I Just made made the thermian casual for Dark Knight, bought a coupon....clicked on coupon and it disappeared and didn't upgrade it. When I click on it (blue item) it unequips all 4 pieces boss armor. Is there a bug? Am I doing something wrong?
    submitted a ticket. see if this goes any where. uhg!
    never mind some reason didn't notice coupon went into wharehouse, so I upgraded to costume. But now it replaces chest, shoes and helm of my regular costume and shaves my head bald but have hair from ears down..... My understanding was only supposed to replace chest costume slot not shoes and helm slots!
    • 6 replies
  9. Goony added a post in a topic TRI Dandelion or Ultimate TRI, best for pvp?   

    Well guess I'll level up the dandelion to TRI test it out then.
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  10. Goony added a topic in Berserker   

    TRI Dandelion or Ultimate TRI, best for pvp?
    Got my blue iron buster to golden ultimate and TRI but recently got Dandelion....
    Question is if I make the Dandelion TRI level is it really better in PVP? the blue iron buster gives + damage to humanoids and Dandelion don't but TRI dandelion is +8 more AP.
    Someone know or point me to the thread discussion? Going to assume TET version is better then TRI ultimate if I can get that.... but TRI v TRI?
    • 17 replies
  11. Goony added a topic in General   

    Dark Knight- gear?
    Will she share main hand/offhand with other classes? So potentially we can start our farm now or level gear? Thinking though if her main hand is a 2h sword there is no kzarka atm to level for her just maybe get the box and stuff into bank, potentially same with Nouver and a Dandelion box.... if only that was so simple.... Time to recoup energy for night vendor LOL.
    • 3 replies
  12. Goony added a post in a topic Monstary Leader Scroll farming.....   

    Certain mobs will drop the weekly boss scrolls, farm them enough you get plenty, least till today for me.
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  13. Goony added a topic in General   

    Monstary Leader Scroll farming.....
    Anyone else having issues of them no longer dropping starting today Sunday? Nothing has changed, S ratings, level 5 node, I used to average 1 or 2 an hour for the last 3 weeks of farming.
    Today I spent 4 and a half hours trying and got ZERO. That is not bad luck that's something messed up. Tried switching channels after rebooting my computer half way thru and nothing.
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  14. Goony added a post in a topic Exploit or not?   

    I farm them, scrolls drop about 1 or 2 an hour, sometimes less sometimes more.
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  15. Goony added a post in a topic Exploit or not?   

    So how when fishing/cooking do I get exp, combat skill points, black stone armor/weapon, silver, monastery summon scrolls? Maybe I'm fishing in wrong spot cause I only get fish to sell.
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