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  1. Krushem added a post in a topic Need some gear advice   

    Thanks everyone by the way for the advice on the Liverto - snagged a DUO for around 115 Mil which I didn't think was too bad and geeze oh man it was quite a noticeable upgrade, so thanks again for the guidance!
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  2. Krushem added a post in a topic Need some gear advice   

    Awesome thanks - yeah I think I'm going to buy an already upped Liverto when I get home and try to get that green buster to TRI for now, I almost bought a DUO Blue Buster, but didn't because it wasn't that much of an upgrade and doesn't have many more stats added to it other than about 5 AP, not sure it would be worth the 155 Mil.
    Edit: How many FS for TRI? 30-35?
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  3. Krushem added a post in a topic Need some gear advice   

    Thanks for the responses.. the help is very much appreciated. 
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  4. Krushem added a post in a topic Need some gear advice   

    I had no idea that Awakened uses half of your main hand.. this helps out quite a bit with my decision making.. thank you so very much.
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  5. Krushem added a post in a topic Need some gear advice   

    Thanks for this - mathematically Jarretts gives me roughly 5 more AP (with the +Attack bonus) than anything I've gotten so far. My AP is 121 (128 I believe with hidden AP from Grunil and Jarrett) Awaken AP 123 (130 with hidden). How much will a Liverto help? I find myself mostly grinding in Awakened form.. not arguing your advice, but wanting to buy the most bang for my buck. My DP is at roughly 223
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  6. Krushem added a topic in Berserker   

    Need some gear advice
    Going to hopefully have around 300M to spend today (if marketplace treats me right). Currently using PRI Yuria main wep, DUO Rough Buster Awakened, PRI Saiyer Offhand.. All my other gear is DUO Grunil, DUO Shulz Belt, Jarrett Neck and Rings, PRI Blue Coral Earring and Jarrett Earring. What do the pros in the forums recommend I upgrade first and mostly? 
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  7. Krushem added a topic in Classes   

    Pirate/Swashbuckler Class
    Dark Knight is... ehhhhhhhh.. it's literally a Warrisorcress, not too much thought behind the design of this class in my opinion (Based on the current classes). I feel like a Swashbuckler class would have been a better fit with almost some sort of a Ghost Pirate awakening from Cutlasses to a Blunderbuss. Or maybe this just sounds amazing to me. Either way, not digging the Dark Knight recycled class mash-up, but to each their own.
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  8. Krushem added a topic in General   

    nVidia Control Panel Settings 1060
    Hey all - just bought an MSI OC'd 1060 GTX and looking to see if anyone that has a similar card that wouldn't mind sharing their control panel settings/in game settings? I'm used to having to run the game on Medium so after installing this and being able to play on Very High I'm kind of a newb when it comes to tweaking the higher settings as opposed to being a pro with lower settings to make the game run smooth. Any direction would be great, other than Google.
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  9. Krushem added a post in a topic Massive FPS drops after merge patch   

    I will try this when I get home - thanks for the feedback! - Did you uninstall drivers as well or just the Experience? 
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  10. Krushem added a post in a topic Massive FPS drops after merge patch   

    I am experiencing the same - extremely long load times when game first starts, and spaced out stuttered every now and then. Before this patch everything was flawless. Not sure what the hell but this is awful. Any solutions?
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  11. Krushem added a post in a topic Terrible   

    Can someone who is logged into the game or know about the attendance rewards tell me if since I'm missing the first day will I not be able to claim the last day reward?
    Edit: Nvm saw it runs to the 11th of Jan.
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  12. Krushem added a post in a topic Terrible   

    Always have, and tried different ccompatibility modes, I literally turned my PC on, ran launcher like I normally do and inherited a gigantic mess.
    Doesn't really matter at this point, I just needed to rant. I love BDO but damn, this sucked. Hoping I can have an extra day for the last day attendance reward as well.
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  13. Krushem added a post in a topic Terrible   

    Thanks, yeah attempted that. PC continued to restart and BDO launcher was the only application to queue a restart so, again thanks. Also do I really need to Google a fix for a game I paid for to patch properly? Lol?
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  14. Krushem added a topic in General   

    I don't normally complain about anything whatsoever about this game, but the implementation of this patch was, from a technical standpoint the worst I have ever seen. My PC, which was just built, loop restarted whenever I attempted to run the BDO launcher and repair the corrupted files. Moreover, to fix this issue I needed to uninstall the game and am in the process of re-downloading and installing which should take around 6 hours. Which at this point I am hoping fixes it, but I guess we'll find out. I've missed day one of the attendance rewards already because of this and work during the day so playing tonight is pretty much shot. Really not sure how all of this could have happened and the way it happened, but I'm pretty disappointed.
    • 9 replies
  15. Krushem added a post in a topic Payment issues   

    I'll try when I get home thanks. I was able to use my phone browser yesterday fine, wonder why this would be the issue.
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