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  1. Kelai added a post in a topic Confirmed Kuno and Ninja THE WEAKEST!!   

    I agree that ninja nad kuno (i play ninja) are underperfoming and the outcome of this is shown on a graph.
    I dont want to whiteknight here but one think shall be mentioned. Hight skill cap classes are the hardest ones to balace because player skill cant be measured. I hope PA knows that even small reckelss buffs would make Ninja and Kuno extremely OP and this is the main reason of those class balance delay. I hope  they will find a way to fix some annoying aspects of Ninja and at the same time they wont make it easy to play....
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  2. Kelai added a post in a topic Post your NINJA PHOTOS!   

    here we go:P

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  3. Kelai added a post in a topic Dillema - if ninja or musa   

    Dont get me wrong but with such activity you will never be a top player. Same goes for me.
    So... if you cant be a top one is it so important how end-game efficient musa of ninja is?
    Play your way and have fun Pick what you like.
    P.S. Im my opinion musa is much more boring;p (got musa 56, wiz 57, sorc 56 and ninja 59:)
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  4. Kelai added a post in a topic KR Patch note 29 march 2017   

    "PvP defense efficiency of all characters has been increased"
    Im really very curious how this change will affect pvp
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  5. Kelai added a post in a topic So... Dandelion Weapon   

    Dont give up mate!
    I was considerating myself unlucky sitting on 70+ auras without dande and then BOOM.. I bought tri dande, and dropped 2 boxes... just dont hype too much over dandelion it will come sooner or later.
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  6. Kelai added a post in a topic How is the Ninja Awakening?   

    Well if I were to make some changes in ninja akw (which are really needed in my opionion) it would go like this:
    - much shorter animation of stance swiching (between normal and transitioning one)
    - sura choas spree with full super armor and much much much shorter animation and dmg lock on target after receiving 1st hit (atm this skill is total garbage in pvp and very weak in pve)
    - serpent with full super armor
    - much shorter animation on sudden decapitation when used in transitioning stance
    - murderous intent being able to switch to awk mode when used from quickslot
    - at least 50% longer ghost step distance
    Change to consider:
    - switching to transitioning stance can cancel animations of chaos spree and katana shower
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  7. Kelai added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 8th   

    Gavi regan for ninja?:)
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  8. Kelai added a post in a topic Rumors regarding 2nd awakening   

    Well i dont think we need 2nd awk. I wish PA could make transition less troublesome, or add some new skills for non-awk and awk skill tree or.... let us choose 2-3 skill from non-awk that could be used in awk mode.... Or let us specialize in 2-3 skills makeing it much more powerfull (some skill customization and preference driven skill-sets) - that would be great;p
    For example:
    - i would choose shadow slash to make it useable in awk mode
    - i would specialize in chaos spree to make its animation and cooldown 50% shorter than it is now
    - i would add "swich to awk mode" effect to murdeous intend...
    - etc...
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  9. Kelai added a post in a topic Awakening durability bug ?   

    Same here ;/ im burning 100 durability (dandel awk wep) and 98 dura of kutum shuriken in about 1h and 10 min. Both are branded... Acutally im farming basilisks and I must say that its quite troublesome.
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  10. Kelai added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 28th   

    The respawn time has been decreased for the world boss Karanda.
    I'm dreaming ?... no ... I mean YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
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  11. Kelai added a post in a topic PvE sustain & evasion passive   

    Sometimes its also better to sacrifice some dmg and shorten a combo > sidestep> cast katana shower for hp regen >repeat combo.
    I also think that finishing combo with Corrupt Sword as a continuation of Seamless isnt best in all cases because you can easyly get interrupted while Corrupt.
    I usually use Seamless just after vacum animation starts. This way we have frontal block all the time unlil seamless animation ends (proper positioning is required).
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  12. Kelai added a post in a topic Buff Suggestions?   

    1) while awk weapon is on using Blade spin Blade shall NOT triget its 100% version
    2) we need double jump in awk mode
    3) let us unlearn Ghost Greeting compleatly and if its done make using Murderous Intent automaticaly switching to awk mode...
    4) turn a/d + LMB attack into sth similar to shadow slash (mobility wise) or just give us awakening version of shadow slash (i loved that skill)
    Some wp cost reduction on awk skills would be nice. Or at least give us wp regen add-ons
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  13. Kelai added a post in a topic Ninja Awakening Combos & Tips   

    damn it would be really nice if for example Murderous Intent could have such function .... oh well looks like im back to training;p
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  14. Kelai added a post in a topic Ninja Awakening Combos & Tips   

    Guys do ou know ANY awakening ability that would work as a weapon swap. Something like rushing crow in sorcs that swiches from shortsword to AWK just by using the skill. Im a lil sick of using C even when i know its quite fast when done while other skill animation.
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  15. Kelai added a post in a topic Is Ninja/Kuno awakening on Dec. 7?   

    Its so nice that we will finally  get out awk
    Unfortunetly i dont have dandy box yet (33 auras so far, and last 10 karandas dropped 2 auras... only 10g bars and stones....)
    The worst thing is that im working in a time gaps of usual karanda spawns...
    Oh well im afraid that for me its time to r...pe Night Vendor ...
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