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  1. Aquamatey added a post in a topic Pinup-style fanart (NSFW-ish)   

    YES, I support this B)
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  2. Aquamatey added a post in a topic Problems with Legend of Florin event quest   

    About 5 hours after checking for the quest initially, the event quest "Legend of Florin" is listed with my Black Spirit quests. Not sure what the magic solution was besides just waiting and continuing to randomly check for the quest to become visible, but it's there now. And again, for the record, in my case it had nothing to do with having all quest types toggled on or enabled - all quests were already enabled when first checking, and I toggled them off and on again several times trying to figure out the problem. So anyone else having this problem, I guess it should hopefully just fix itself at some point for you too.
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  3. Aquamatey added a post in a topic Problems with Legend of Florin event quest   

    I am also unable to get the starting quest from Black Spirit. I've checked with 2 characters, I've made sure to toggle all quest types on, I've traveled to Florin to make sure I didn't need to be there first to accept the Black Spirit quest, I've logged out and back in, changed channels. Nothing has worked for me.
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  4. Aquamatey added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 12th 2017   

    I did the Black Spirit Egg quest twice and still can't get the golden egg quest to show up, I'm not sure that's related. At least not for me.
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  5. Aquamatey added a post in a topic Patch Notes - April 12th 2017   

    I'm also unable to get the golden egg event quest to show up. Took 2 characters to Florin, logged out and back in again, unchecked and checked to show all quest types, and neither Black Spirit nor Valentine NPC are giving me the event quest. 
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  6. Aquamatey added a post in a topic Cannot get beyond "Now processing” after latest patch   

    Also having similar problems, within the last couple of hours chat stopped updating properly (messages are taking 5-10 minutes to actually show up). Unfortunately before I realized anything else besides slow chat was messed up, I attempted to switch characters and am now staring at "Character will be switched shortly" screen for the last 10 minutes. Scared to force-close the game since others are reporting being unable to log back in. ;_;
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  7. Aquamatey added a post in a topic A bug with marketplace search can have major performance impact   

    This issue is still happening, with marketplace search bar related stuttering. Just now, I experienced the issue and attempted to solve it by re-opening the marketplace and closing again as usual, though I did it multiple times because I was unsure if I'd actually effectively resolved it (with continued stuttering for a few seconds). After doing this, though all extra UI had visibly closed, I couldn't interact with NPCs, and I couldn't bring up my chat text bar. I thought I was being disconnected, but it was resolved when I mashed escape on my keyboard a few times.
    It's as though the game thinks I still have UI active or open, though none is visible. Maybe it has something to do with any UI that includes a text input bar. And as far as I'm aware, this issue never existed on KR.
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  8. Aquamatey added a post in a topic Connection to the server has been lost.   

    It's been especially horrible for me the past couple of months, pretty consistently. And it definitely feels like it's worse at specific times of day. I'll be fine actively playing or AFK most of the day, but try to change characters or return from AFK after that magic hour, the game will spend 1-2 minutes trying to re-sync everything up, finally catch back up and act like things are operating smoothly, then result in a disconnect. I won't be able to log on successfully or play after that for a while.
    It's DEFINITELY not always been this bad, for me. Up until a couple months ago, I was playing the game both actively and AFK, with it running nearly 24/7 on my PC, and disconnects or desync issues were extremely rare. It's very frustrating how consistent it's become though, and I've got no idea what's causing it, or if there's anything I can do about it.
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  9. Aquamatey added a post in a topic Connection with the server has been lost.   

    Yeah, it seems to be a pretty consistent thing for me lately too. It's been pretty bad the past month, but definitely much, much worse since the merge. Used to leave the game running for days at a time, but now I'm lucky if I can stay connected for a couple hours. Especially when I start trying to change characters or move to a different channel, that just becomes impossible, and once I disconnect once, it continuously fails with repeated attempts to log back in.

    I REALLY hope this "main router replacement" listed in the maintenance reasons gives us a noticeable connection improvement. Game's pretty unplayable right now, and I regret having a Value Pack active.
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  10. Aquamatey added a post in a topic Fix blinking cursor in Launcher   

    I've made this mistake twice now, the first time in a Twitch chat of 1,000+ people, and then a few weeks later in a private message on Discord (which luckily wasn't as bad and didn't require a password change). Both times this happened, I had looked at the BDO launcher to see an active, flashing cursor in the password tab, and assumed the program was behaving that way because it had focus.
    I'd eventually learn to hold off on hitting enter until I see the password actually typed in the right place, but it'd also be nice to have the launcher not show you a flashing cursor when it's not the active window.
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  11. Aquamatey added a post in a topic Male underwear.   

    More male underwear options would be nice, I agree. By comparison to female options available, it's kind of a joke at the moment. Ninja class doesn't even get the Epheria Marine Briefs option; just the 2 very default-looking options that have been available since around launch. Meanwhile, switch to Witch underwear options and you have to scroll down to see all the options (21 total).
    Additional customization should always be a good thing, especially if it helps balance things out.
    Also in response to the multiple negative replies from one person, at the moment male underwear is only visible if you wear the Kibelius outfit and get a nice up-skirt angle, or you go into a player residence and watch your friends strip. So, if you're disgusted by the idea of seeing it, it's pretty easy to avoid.
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  12. Aquamatey added a topic in Technical Issues   

    4 Pets & Lots of Regrets
    I'm not sure this is the right place for this topic, but it's an in-game issue as far as I'm concerned, so here it is!
    I've got 4 pets, including 2 or 3 I think which were the result of "free" rewards (in quotations, because one of those was part of the conqueror's package): tier 3 hawk, tier 3 dog, tier 1 penguin, and tier 1 hawk. You might already see where this is going if you're more familiar with the pet exchange system than I was 5 minutes ago.
    Because you're only able to breed / exchange pets that are no more than 1 tier apart from each other, and of the same species (dog, hawk, penguin, cat), I have a problem. None of my current pets are eligible for exchange with each other. I have the max amount of pets you can have at one time. I haven't seen any text in game in regards to the tier requirements for breeding, only that you can only reach a max tier of 4. I also wasn't aware that there is no way to delete or remove a pet, as far as I've found. So... am I really just stuck with the 4 pets I have now?
    Alright, right after creating this thread, I learned you can actually OWN more than 4 pets, but you can only have 4 pets out at once. Problem mostly solved. Zzz
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  13. Aquamatey added a post in a topic "Birthday suit" underwear!   

    I support and add a request for dong models on our BDO Ken Dolls. Just glue the Saints Row dildo weapon + physics on the front and we're golden.

    (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) Carry on.
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  14. Aquamatey added a post in a topic New world boss idea   

    Can he eat the Velia warehouse Shai if he's left undefeated for too long? And can the entire game's population enter an unskippable cutscene of his meal, no matter where they are or what they're doing? This would be a good placeholder / reference cutscene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ye8mB6VsUHw
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  15. Aquamatey added a post in a topic Summer costumes!   

    I strongly support some summer-themed costumes, especially with the recent release of Valencia! Imagining my Warrior lounging on the dock of Ancado Inner Harbor wearing something like this https://abload.de/img/fantasy_male0gsom.png sounds like a digital summer I'd be happy with. B)
    But I personally think it'd be nice to have a couple costumes added to the cash shop that would balance things out a little bit in terms of females having a ton of costumes that reveal as much skin as possible, in comparison to males who, except for the Kibelius outfit and maybe the newer Cantusa outfit, are covered head to toe. And fantasy swimwear or some kind of summer costumes seem like the perfect opportunity to get a little more creative with what's available for both genders in the game.

    As a disclaimer footnote, I have nothing against revealing costumes for females; I'm just disappointed at the lack of options for male characters at the moment, by comparison. Especially since the character models in the game are so gorgeous.
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