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  1. SensualZeduction added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Disonnect while riding horses on autopath
    I play on EU Server.
    Since a few weeks I observed this problem - the game often dcs around 30 minutes to one hour after I set my horse on autopath to lvl up.
    It seems like it gets worse every week. I tried riding it trough different locations, but the dc still comes.
    It doesnt matter if its during the day or at night, the last few days, when I autopath the horse and come back after some time, I can be sure I dced. 
    there is no problem with processing for hours or afk fishing.
    Yesterday evening I set up the horse, left the PC, came back after 45 minutes, game had dced. Set the horse back on track, when I came back around an hour later, game dced again. So I decided to give up on the horse riding for that day and set my toon up for afk fishing instead. When I checked back in 10 hours later, toon was still fishing.
    So just now I decided to do some horse training again, and guess what, didnt even took 30 minutes to dc again.
    Not only my, but guildies that do afk horse riding too got the exact same problem, minus those that are from the US and play with us on EU server, they dont get that dcs.
    Just saw a guildie that was afk horse training dismount, then dced.
    Thats the 3 things that happen before the dc:
    either there is suddenly a loadingscreen, then the toon is dismounted, standing there for a few second, then gets kicked from the game "connection with the server has been lost"
    or, the game just freezes and doesnt respond anymore
    or the kick with "the connection with the server has been lost" comes directly.
    I wouldnt made a topic if it wouldnt happen to a lot of people, asked the horse trainers on my friendlist, same problem. Are there ppl here with the same problem? It must have something to do with the autopathing system since it happens while training horses only.
    Would be nice if someone could look into that please.
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  2. SensualZeduction added a post in a topic Anyone else stuck at 48%?   

    patching, corrupt, checking, patching, corrupt, deinstalled, reinstalled, patching..you know where its heading,
    gonna leave it for now till theres a solution and play something else
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  3. SensualZeduction added a post in a topic Neu bei BDO? Hier sind die häufigsten Fragen   

    Ich habe eine Frage zu dem Tailoring Coupon aus dem Shop; wenn ich bei dem Luxury Vendor ein Craftingoutfit kaufe und das in ein Kostüm umwandle wird es dann färbbar? Hat das mal wer getestet?
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  4. SensualZeduction added a post in a topic Do Life Skill Clothes become dyable after turning them into a costume?   

    Thank you But in the description of the outfit it says I can use a tailoring coupon on it...which one is false then

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  5. SensualZeduction added a topic in New Adventurers   

    Do Life Skill Clothes become dyable after turning them into a costume?
    Question in the title; when I buy for example the Craftman Clothes from the Luxury Vendor and turn them into a Costume with the tailoring coupon, does the costume become dyable?
    Thanks for the help
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  6. SensualZeduction added a post in a topic Black Friday Hourly & Daily Sales Thread   

    same for me, internal server error, when I try a different browser I can go trough the checkout but then it says "your purchase failed please contact our support"
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  7. SensualZeduction added a post in a topic Lohnt sich der Wiedereinstieg?   

    Ob sich das Spiel für dich lohnt...hm..für mich lohnt sich ein Spiel wenn es mir Spaß macht und ich gerne meine Zeit dort verbringe.
    Du sagst ja nichtmal was es genau für dich heisst, wie sollen wir dir da einen Rat geben?
    Wenn du das sich lohnen daran misst wieviel Geld es dir bringen könnte, spiel doch EVE online oder so.
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  8. SensualZeduction added a post in a topic "Es ist gefährlich, alleine zu gehen" -Spielpass Geschenkoption   

    meiner kam irgendwann in den letzen 2 Stunden an.
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  9. SensualZeduction added a post in a topic [Wartung] Reguläre Wartung 26.10.2016 - beendet   

    Gibt wirklich wesentlich schlimmere Publisher. Allein das man hier immer eine Entschädigung kriegt finde ich top. Schaut euch zb mal TESO oder AION an, da gab es öfters nach der regulären Wartung noch eine Sonderwartung, bei TESO ging das Spiel nach einer missglückten Wartung mal 3 Tage gar nicht. Entschädigung oder eine richtige Entschuldigung gibts da nicht. Aber wenn man immer was zum jammern haben will, ja dann findet man halt was.
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  10. SensualZeduction added a post in a topic "Es ist gefährlich, alleine zu gehen" -Spielpass Geschenkoption   

    Ich habe gerade Antwort vom Support bekommen das das Problem gelöst sei und die Codes in den nächsten Stunden verschickt werden. Hoffe du bekommst deinen dann auch.
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  11. SensualZeduction added a post in a topic "Farewell to you all"   

    Farwell to you too man, sad to see you leave, you did a really good Job here, only the best to you and your future
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  12. SensualZeduction added a post in a topic "It's dangerous to go alone" - Game Pass Gifting Option   

    The Support is slow but I am sure the CMs do already as much as they can  @CM_Tytyes forwarded everything and keeps us updated.
    My new ticket was fewed 12 minutes ago, so I hope for the best, hope everyone is lucky and get their Code soon.
    I already ask here if someone Needs a Code maybe, my brother was impatient and bought the game himself so I dont really Need my Code anymore
    I just received an answer from the Support, the Problem has been solved and the keys will be send out within the next few hours, hope everyone gets their key then
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  13. SensualZeduction added a post in a topic "It's dangerous to go alone" - Game Pass Gifting Option   

    paysafecards aren't refundable so easy. Paysafe needs your bank account details a copy of your ID etc, Daum can't refund your card. Me and some others still wait for an answer from the support. 
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  14. SensualZeduction added a post in a topic "It's dangerous to go alone" - Game Pass Gifting Option   

    Thanks a lot for your help
    oh yes, thanks for that too, should have cutten it out but I'm not good with those programs^^
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  15. SensualZeduction added a post in a topic "It's dangerous to go alone" - Game Pass Gifting Option   

    Yes I got one. the Paysafecard was 10 Euros and got 1 Cent credit now. And in my account its also as successfully purchased:
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